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Ethics Midterm

Name: Ernesto Rodriguez

Username: Quattrofury

Number of posts completed and exact dates: Post 1 7/7/04, Post 2 7/12/04, Post 3 7/12/04, Post 4 7/13/04

Did you complete the Field Trip report? When?

Did you complete any extra credit so far? Yes, two optional posts so far.


Question 1: Nietzsche
Question 2: Epictetus and Spinoza
Question 3: Karl Marx
Question 4: Aquinas and Aristotle
Question 5: Augustine and Sartre
Question 6: Kant and Kierkegaard
Question 7: Mill and Epicurus
Question 8: David Hume
Question 09: Atheism vs. Theism
Question 10: Favorite Philosopher