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Ethics Final Exam

Name: Ernesto Rodriguez

Username: quattrofury

How many posts did you complete in total for the whole semester? 11

List all the visits you made: The Museum of Tolerance. For the Research project I researched the issue of international humanitarian intervention, I used 10-12 sources but only listed a few

Please list what "grade" you received on your midterm: A "strong C"

What reading did you complete in this course? Not as much as I should have liked. The intensity of a six week class limited how in-depth I could read each philosopher. But I did read all the philosophers in Great Traditions, the exerpts of Nietzsche's work, parts of Gandhi's book (which I intend to finish), Singer's book, and the articles on cloning.

Out of all the reading that you were assigned what reading would you recommend for future ethics classes? Gandhi's book in its entirety, as well as Singer's book. As examples of responsible philosophy vs. reckless philosophy.

Did you complete any extra credit this semester? Yes, two optional posts.

Question 1: The Ethics of Gandhi
Question 2: Gandhi vs. Singer
Question 3: Gandhi vs. Nietzsche
Question 4: Singer vs. The Neural Surfer (Lane)
Question 5: Moral Rights
Question 6: Singer on Abortion
Question 7: Singer on Euthanasia
Question 8: Singer on Poverty
Question 9: Ethics of Cloning
Question 10: Impact on Life and Thought