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Philosophy 12: Ethics

Ernesto Rodriguez . Mt. San Antonio College . Summer 2004 . Andrea Diem

Extra Credit Posts

Extra Credit Post 1
Extra Credit Post 2


Post 1: Aristotle and Happiness
Post 2: Epicurus and Epictetus
Post 3: Sartre and Kierkegaard
Post 4: Augustine and Aquinas
Post 5: Spinoza
Post 6: Right versus Wrong
Post 7: Hobbes vs. Mill vs. Marx
Post 8: Nietzsche
Post 9: Nietzsche - Packet
Post 10: Singer, Lane, Vegetarianism and Utilitarianism
Post 11: Singer on Abortion, Euthanasia, and Poverty

Midterm, Field Trip, Research Report, and Final Exam

Field Trip Report: Museum of Tolerance
Research Report: Humanitarian Intervention
Final Exam