"Papa," by Daughter Ruth


Papa and Mama truly loved the Lord,
They sang the "Doxology" in the old Model T Ford.
 Arriving home at midnight from the Lutheran Fellowship League meetings,
  Cows were waiting to be milked with a warm mooing greeting.
   Papa NEVER complained about the weather,
   And his attitude was, "It's going to get better!"
   Each morning Papa came in from the barn and would say,
   "It's beautiful in Chicago today."
   When spiritual situations at home or in Bryant weren't good as a whole,
   Papa took courage on the way to the pasture singing, "It is well with my soul!"
    Papa and Mama had family devotion in the mornings,
    And Jesus Christ was whom they were truly adorning!
    It melted my heart to hear Papa pleadingly pray
    For Old Mexico (so dear to his heart) day by day.
  Papa was strict with all nine kids, BUT in the right way,
  So in later life while growing up, we didn't have to pay  
  With acts of sin that could drive us from God
  As we traveled from earth to heaven on the So. Dakota, American, and Brazilian sod.


A moment of delight, with Denver the dog getting his slice of watermelon from Papa!

Papa and Mama in Old Mexico:

South America drew Ruth's sister Cora and husband and whole family as lifetime missionaries to Brazil and Columbia:

Please continue with the tributes to Papa and Mama Stadem and the memories of Plain View, the Prairie Farm.  Nine children were raised on it and took away a million golden memories!

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