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The Wilkinsons-General Information

Here is some general information about the Wilkinsons from what I have gleaned here and there. :)

Before Steve, Amanda, and Tyler released the hit single, "26 Cents," into the world to all of us country fans, they were living in Belleville, Ontario, where Steve worked as a carpenter. Here they entertained family and friends by singing around the kitchen table. They were even jokingly threatened that if they wouldn't bring their guitars, they'd have to do the dishes.

Amanda was six or seven when she began singing with her father, and this is when she saw that her singing made people happy. Steve and the kids were encouraged by locals to pursue their dream...and look where it got them today?

The mother to Amanda and Tyler, wife to Steve, is named Chris. She does all of the organizing. Despite her beautiful voice, the mother of three (the third is an 8 year old, Kiaya) has a huge case of stage fright. She is kept busy with homeschooling, organizing, etc., though.

One thing that makes the Wilkinsons so appealing to crowds today, is that the group is made up of family members. It is so unusual these days to see three family members singing together in a group. And they are doing something that they love to do. I just hope that they continue to do it for a long long time! :)


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Much of my information came from a recent article in "Country Weekly," a country music magazine. The author of this particular article, "For the Wilkinsons, success is relative," was Danny Proctor, and the editor of the magazine is Cliff Barr. This webpage in no way threatens their copyright to the material they included in their article. I extend credit to them for help in this section of my Un-Official Wilkinsons Website.

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