Rule #1: * ORIGINAL wrestlers only. We will not accept any applications with the names of real wrestlers from now on. Original means just that, from the works of your own imagination. And please keep it somewhat real. Handlers of Kevin Nash, Raven, and Vampiro have been banned from the site.

Rule #2: * Please do not use the RP board to vent your anger. If you have a complaint or a problem that needs to be addressed, then please send all complaints and issues to

Rule #3: * Once accepted into WCW, you will be required to post at least 1 roles play per week. Faliure to post 1 RP a week could cause your contract to come under review by the WCW staff and you will be released.

Rule #4: * There is a 5 roleplay limit for each weekly show, you may post more than 5 times for storyline purposes but anything over 5 will not count towards judging your match. Monthly Pay Per Views will have a 2 post minimum. All post deadlines are At 5:00pm the day before the event.

Rule #5: *All matches will be decided honestly and fairly. Matches are judged by storyline, run ins (if applicable), spelling, content (the more you talk about your opponent, the better your chances of winning), and descriptiveness (please try and place yourself in your characters shoes and describe things the best you can). All final decisions will come from Past Superstar and Madroxcide Killa, and the GM at the time.

Rule #6: *Tag Team Matches, BOTH members of a tag team match must RP to be considered for any win. If you RP and your partner doesn't, your not going to win that match, however we usually try to come up with an idea to spare the one guy who did post.

Rule #7: * Please try to post accordingly for your match and in a timley manner. If at all possible DO NOT wait till the end of the week to post. It is not fair to your opponent who has been busting his rear end trying to come up with things, while you sit in the background waiting to make your move. If management decides you waited to long to post (ex..throwing four posts up the last two days) without a good excuse, chances are you could loose your match. ALL of MANAGEMENT'S decesions are FINIAL!!!

Rule #8: *Please use the WCW Commentators and Interviewers in your roleplays.

Rule #9: *Please do NOT use the likeness and/or attack of another handler's character in your post without the permission of that handler. You MUST obtain permission from the handler of the character you would like to use whether via email, or email. Failure to follow this rule will result in the forfeit of said post or maybe the match.