Open Contract United Title Hardcore Flaming Tables match

Madroxcide |vs| Phoenix

*The camera fades in to Madroxcide sitting in a black chair relaxed with a diet Pepsi. He sits and watches Phoenix make a retarded ass out of himself.  Madroxcide's face has the look of confusion on it. He sits and ponders why Phoenix even came to a house show. He made no point and looked like a retarded ass trying to explain his bird like reflex. At that moment the locker room door opens and in walks Mark Cummings.  Cummings walk up to Madroxcide's chair and grabs him a pop from the cooler.

Cummings: What you watching?

Madroxcide: The newest Phoenix interview.

Cummings: You looked confused?

Madroxcide: I am. See I was trying to make a point be giving up the killa name, but it flew over his head. Then the whole racing thing just buzzed in one ear and out the other. It's like this man doesn't really listen to what I have to say. He acts like a total asshole with no brain. I mean there are many like that in the DWA, but he seems to be playing with a set of uno cards in a game of rummy.

* Cummings opens the can and takes a drink. He spits it out in disgust. He looks at the label to see it as diet pop.

Cummings: Ah, man. I was about to say, this beer has gone bad, but this is pop. Diet Pop no less.

Madroxcide: Yeah I know. Steph has made me change to pop. She thinks my drinking habit has hurt my career, not to mention my $78,000 Challenger.

Cummings: Oh yeah. You crashed it during the triple threat match a couple weeks ago.

Madroxcide: It was actually over a month ago, and the insurance still has yet to pay for it. So how did the press conference go?

Cummings: Ok. The fans seem to be ramped this time around. By the way bro. You're next.

*Madroxcide rises out of the chair and looks at Cummings with a look of disgust.

Madroxcide: I swear, You'll be the death of me.

*Madroxcide walks out of the room and down the hall as the camera fades to commercial.

-Scene 2-

*The camera are everywhere from different sports networks and local television networks. Madroxcide walks into the room and sits on the right side of the room. He pulls the mic to a comfortable level. As he waits for a question, He takes a drink of water out of his bottle that is sitting in front of him.

Stacy Horne: Madroxcide Killa will now answer any questions the press may have at this time. Please keep it to one question. This session will last for 10mins.

MTV Reporter: Madroxcide, Phoenix said some very outrageous things about this Sunday match against you, Do you have a reply to his rantings?

Madroxcide: Well, it's a good question. But I will have to decline on replying to his worthless rants and threats. I am not one to just come out with a reply to try and turn the tables. I like to come out and be a little original. I like to give the fans a real show. I mean there would be no need for me to come out and reply when I can come out and make a fool out of him without twisting his words.

MTV Reporter: So you are saying that Phoenix just twist your words and is unoriginal?

Madroxcide: Um. Yeah that's what I am saying. I don't have to lower my self to his level to make a point.

FX NEWS: Madroxcide, Is it true you have a drinking problem?

Madroxcide: Why would you say that?

FX NEWS: Well, We have seen you come out drunk a couple times and just a month back you destroyed your car while driving under the influences of alcohol.

Madroxcide: Well, Yeah I did have too much those days, but I don't have a problem. This week I am focused and ready to destroy what little ego Phoenix may have. I mean that man keeps saying that he's going to put me through the tables, but I have never seen this man get extreme. I have come out twice to see what this puke has, and both times he has proven to me he isn't worthy of a title. Any title.

WGN CHICAGO: What do you have to say about him making fun of your truck racing career?

Madroxcide: I have already told you I have no comment or reply on Phoenix's rants yesterday. The man just can't get the concept that it's all about hard work and pride. I really think that will be Phoenix's down fall. He's ego has gotten the best of him. He thinks he's at the top of his game, when he really isn't. He doesn't take the time to put in the hard work. He doesn't have pride. All he has now is a name - The former DWA United Title holder. I really don't think that is something I can pride myself on.

CBS NEWS: Is there any chance of seeing you interfere with Aurora snows and Jonny cages match Sunday?

Madroxcide: I don't see the need to. I don't care who gets the title. As long as they keep it nice and clean for me to come and pick up soon.

NBC LATE NIGHT: You seem a bit cocky that you will win Sunday.

Madroxcide: I don't mean to come across as cocky, I am just that confidant that I will walk out the winner. My history has proven that I am one of the best when it comes to extreme matches such as this.

Legends Championship Wrestling: Madroxcide, We got wind that there's a law suite involving you and Just Darryl. Is the allegations true?

Madroxcide: Oh yes, I remember. The whole respect the announcers thing. My contract allows me to be rough with any employees or superstars of the DWA. The law suite will be dropped, unless JD wants to go and find a different Employer. You know maybe Phoenix will be willing to respect a pee-on like him and give him a job. In any case, I was doing my job.


Madroxcide: Jason! so they let you back into the WWE?

RAW THE MAGAZINE: Yeah they did, but anyways. Today we don't see you with your nWa X division title. Are you no longer going to be called the X rated superstar?

Madroxcide: No. I will still call myself The X Rated Superstar. I just decided I needed to put the belt back into the trophy room. I mean, its not going to be easy to carry 3 belts down to the ring.

RAW THE MAGAZINE: Three belts?

Madroxcide: Well, there's the X division belt, the DWA United belt, and the DWA tag titles.

Stacy Horne: Time as expired. We will take one more question before moving on.

WRESTLERS WEEKLY: Madroxcide! Do you have any last words before Phoenix takes you apart?

Madroxcide: He may take me apart. He might even get lucky and put me through a table. But when it finally comes down to it, I will walk out the winner. I will powerbomb, piledrive, ddt, neck breaker and give you the even flow through the tables. Then I'm going to pin you for the 1..2..3.. They will raise my arm in victory. Whatever shell of a man I may be at the end of the match, I will still be more of a man then you'll ever be. Phoenix, bring what you got, cuz your going to need it.

*Madroxcide gets out of his seat and walks to the door. As he leaves he passes Jonny Cage. He looks deep into Jonny's eyes and taps on the tag belt. He utters the words, "sooner then you think" as he walks out.

-End Scene-