Open Contract United Title Hardcore Flaming Tables match

Madroxcide Killa |vs| Phoenix

*Madroxcide is sitting at his desk in his office. He waits for Just Darryl to enter and start the interview. Madroxicde paces the room. The red light begins to blink on the camera.

Just Darryl: I am here with the self proclaimed X Rated Superstar, Madroxcide Killa.

Madroxcide: Please Madroxcide only. People seem to get the idea that the killa must mean I am a killer when in fact it was to be play on words. Since Phoenix couldn't catch on, I thought I'd make it easier for the bird brain.

Just Darryl: Ok. And I need to know that? Anyways, You have a match this Sunday with the former DWA United Title hold, Phoenix. Can I get your thoughts on the match?

Madroxcide: Indeed, Darryl. Maybe I am miss understanding something, or maybe I have to knock my intelligence to a 1st grader to understand Phoenix. See I brought up the fact that I drive trucks, Yes I do. It is one of the most difficult things in the world to do. You are driving at high speeds within inches of another person driving the same speed. An inch in either direction can make or brake you. Your pulling off G's that most people will never experience. So it is a major achievement, but you wouldn't know anything about that? As for making fun of my fans, your just jealous. You have already been to the top of DWA and still had no fans that respect you. Your not around for autographs because you know you're nothing. You don't have any fans to sign autographs for. Not even your own momma had the time to see her little boy rise to the top. Such a sad picture. Now look at you, on a down ward spiral to the bottom. I didn't have to come to the top to get you. Oh no. You fell right to me. See it was my plan all along to trim those wings of yours. I knew that if I couldn't get the title in my hands, then you shouldn't be holding it anymore. See Bird boy, that's why I got myself a teammate. I know what goes around, comes around. And I defiantly needed someone to watch my back Sunday while I'm beating your retarded ass to a bloody stump. As for "going through the man name Madroxcide Killa", I dunno which man you are talking about. The thing you have to go through is a beast. A trained killing machine.

Just Darryl: I sense some hostility between the two.

Madroxcide: Shut your lip. Your here to hold the mic and look like your actually doing something  that might be important. Phoenix, Sunday - you don't have to worry about Mark getting all up into your pussy ass kool-aid. Oh no. Phoenix, only a pussy like you would need someone to help fight your battles. I have been there week after week to make you realize one thing, You are not untouchable. And I dunno who you have fooled, the thought of you being champion is like spreading cancer through out the DWA. Giving you a chance to "walk away" with a title shot is like letting Eric back into the DWA. It's just not something that I can allow. Now you can say you know hardcore, you know extreme, that your not playing with fire you're making it- but the truth is Phoenix, you don't shit about extreme. I was there. I am at the top of extreme. I am the definition of extreme. I am the machine that death is afraid of. Oh no, don't let me forget to bring up a point. I attacked first. I was the one hungry enough to go and take what is rightfully mine. I was the one who came out this week with guns a blazing. I am the one who came out to the arena in front of a packed house and gave a wonderful speech about me sticking this size 16 boot up your worthless ass. Where were you? Lurking in the dark? Oh no, that's not Phoenix's style. The Phoenix style is to wait so he can have his writers come up with some original material after I have been out there busting my ass.

Just Darryl: Um.. Madroxcide. We are out of time.

*Madroxcide Pulls out a bat and walks towards Just Darryl.

Madroxcide: This interview is over when I say it is. Phoenix, you need to understand one thing. I have yet to use a past wrestlers famous phrase tonight. That is how focused I am. How determined I am. I will win. I may have been blindsided by my past achievements.but come Sunday I will put you through that damn table. Not once, not twice but three times if I must. And as for your playtime being my nightmare, the only nightmares you give me is the one with you jack hammering Mickey Mouse with a lawn dart in the doo doo hole while Garth brooks gives birth to something the resembles a cheddar cheese log with Santa clause tummy tum. You better hope hell is enough to take me down. Because when I am done with you Phoenix, the only think you'll have left is the smell of burnt turkey.

*Madroxcide slams the bat into the camera breaking it. The views at home see static and then a black screen.