Open Contract United Title Hardcore Flaming Tables match

Madroxcide Killa |vs| Phoenix


*The scene opens with the numbers of 330 showing on a door at the East Lansing, Marriot hotel. Door swings open and out steps the extremely sun burned Madroxcide Killa. He's wearing a black and red Kasey Kahne football jersey with a pair of blue jeans and his oakley sunglasses. He throws a black leather duffle bag over his shoulder as he closes the door behind him. He walks through the halls to the nearest elevator.  As he presses the down button a kid at the pop machine looks up to see him. The kid walks up to him and smiles. Madroxcide nods his head and smiles back.

Kid: Hey, I know you. Your that one guy from DWA. Your that Madroxcide killa.

Madroxcide: Yeah, I am. Big Fan?

Kid: Not really. I usually watch it for Billy Harris. He's a riot. Especially with last weeks clown thing.

Madroxcide: Yeah that was pretty funny. Sources say that he finally got the smile off that clown.

Kid: So, what brings you to Michigan?

Madroxcide: I'm going to drive the #4 UAW-Dodge Truck for the Conway freights 200.

Kid: Wow! Your a racer too?! That means your William Roberts. Your my favorite driver of the Craftsman Truck Series. I had no idea you raced. I'm going to that race later today. Can I get your Autograph?

Madroxcide: No problem kid. It's good to see I have a fan in something. Do you want it on your shirt?

*The kid nods his head as he is now start struck. Madroxcide puts down his bag and opens it to retrieve a black marker. He signs it William A. Roberts. The kids grin seems to be contagious as Madroxcide smile seems to grow.

Madroxcide: Well, I have to go. Qualifying starts in 2 hours.

Kid: Good Luck.

Madroxcide: Thanks Kid!

*Madroxcide presses the down button again and waits for the doors to open. He grabs his bag and throws it over his shoulder. The doors open and he walks in the elevator. As he presses the main floor button Madroxcide looks out the glass behind him to see a man watching his every move. The door opens and Madroxcide's cell phone begins to ring.

Madroxcide: Hello?

?????: William. I see you.

Madroxcide: What do you want?

?????: The same thing you want! GOLD! Meet me down in the parking garage. I'm by the section with the lights out.

*Madroxcide ends the call. He goes to the front desk to check out. He then walks back to the elevator to go to the parking garage. As he exits the elevator he notice that the lights are out over in the northwestern area. He slowly walks into the darkness. Knowing his history of getting jumped in the DWA, Madroxcide pulls out a small light out of his pocket and looks around. The lights to a Hummer in the distance turn on. A voice from the shadows calls out to Madroxcide.

?????: Cage and Harris have no competition for those belts and you seem to need someone to watch your back this Sunday.

Madroxcide: I want to win, but I don't want to cheat. And I agree. Cage and Harris need someone to lighten that load off them. I wouldn't mind take those belts.

?????: Taking? No, We will win them. After your race tonight, Go to DWA's House show. There you will know who I am and so will the world.

* The Hummer starts up and starts to drive out of the garage. Madroxcide turns around and heads towards his 1979  Camero. He pops the trunk and throws his bag in it. Madroxcide closes the trunk and drives off to the track as the camera fades to black.


*Madroxcide watches as fellow Michigan native Johnny Benson take the checkered flag. followed by Mark Martin then himself. Madroxcide is excited to get at lease a top 3 finish in his home state. He pulls in and congratulates Johnny on his win. He then notices a Hummer pull away from his Camero sitting in the parking lot. Madroxcide jumps the pit wall and runs to his car. He notices a Canadian flag draped on his car. Madroxcide looks around to see if he can still see the Hummer that just drove off.

Madroxcide: Who in the hell are you?

*Madroxcide pulls the flag off his car and walks back to garage area to change. The camera fades to black.


*Hours pass as we now join the DWA house show in progress. Madroxcide watches as Morbius Tassius makes a complete ass out himself. He waits for Morbius to leave then gives the thumbs up to the sound man. The lights black out and a red strobe light begins to flash in the entrance as Jumpsteady's Mad Mad World begins to play. Out steps Madroxcide wearing a #4 black and red dodge racing football jersey with a pair of blue jeans. He walks to the ring and high fives everyone on the way. He enters the ring and the lights return to normal. The fans start chanting his name.

Madroxcide: Thank you. Thank you. It's nice to be here. Wow. I wasn't expecting such a welcome. Finally The X rated Superstar has come back to New York. Alright, Well lets get things started. I first wanna talk about XxX - live Sunday June 28th only on pay per view. See the big match was to be me against that puke, Eric. But the gods said open up and set his ass on fire. Yeah they got rid of him. So now they have me wrestling the ex-chump - I mean ex-champ Phoenix. See Phoenix, this match is a match I love. A tables match. See there is a reason why I was the three time Midwest X division champion. I Poured my blood, my sweat, my tears into winning that belt. I had to put people through tables, ladders and chairs. There is a reason I am the X rated superstar. I will do anything and everything to win. Even if I have to break your neck in 14 different places, I will walk out the winner. I will have my chance for that belt. Phoenix, I have seen you put people on trial, I have seen you use that corny catch phrase. I will set you on fire. You know something Phoenix, this time you'll have the chance to do like you say. But that's if I don't light you up like a cigarette first. Don't play with fire little bird, you'll wind up getting burned.

*FireWorks go off all over the stage. Then "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge starts to play. The Truth makes his entrance and pumps up the crowd as he walks to the ring he climbs the stairs and jumps up on a turnbuckle. He does his signature slap on the chest then both hands raised high in the air. He then gets off and looks at Madroxcide. Madroxcide shocked, turns and winds up to hit Cummings.

Cummings: Wooh! Slow down big fella. See you have yourself a little dilemma. You have all the fire power, but nothing backing it up. Even more then that, you have no one watching your back. That's why I am offering my service.

Madroxcide: And your services would be?

Cummings: A tag team partner. Now I know what your thinking. Your thinking, how can I trust a guy that calls himself the bad man? and what's in it for him? I know. My own mother thought the same damn thing when I popped out of her.

Madroxcide: Get to the point!

Cummings: My point is, with you and me together - we will become an unstoppable force. We'll be able to take Harris and Cage down.

Madroxcide: Together huh? Well, let me let you in on a little history. I don't play well with others. In my past I have screwed my partners out of titles, turned on them, and had them fired. I dunno about you, but that's one track record I wouldn't trust.

Cummings: Fool, Don't you think I know that. I know your history. I also know that you were one of the greatest tag partners in the world. Face it bro! You never did well as a single wrestler. You are a tag wrestler. So what do you say? Are you in and ready to take those belts from 3T, or are you out and want to never touch gold again?

Madroxcide: When you put it like that! I'm in.

*Madroxcide and Cummings celebrate in their new found partnership.

Madroxcide: Phoenix, this means you gotta watch your back even more this sunday. Now that the Seribral Assassins are her to kick your ass.

*camera fades to black as DWA goes to a commercial.