Single Match
Rocky Hernandez Jr. |vs| Madroxcide Killa

- Madroxcide awakens in the locker room shower. He wakes to find black and white paint dripping off his face to the drain. He shakes his head as he tries to rise to his feet.  He is disoriented. He slips and stumbles a couple times before returning to his feet. He looks into the mirror to see running face paint. He grabs a rag and wipes his face. He then hears the locker room door open. Madroxcide grabs a towel and wraps it around his waste. Madroxcide walks out to see Billy "BaddDawg" Harris going throw all the lockers. He's carrying with him three cans of what seems to be the remains of a six pack of beer.

Madroxcide: What the hell are you doing?

Harris: What do you think I'm doing? I'm looking for that damn clown!

Madroxcide: Clown. There's now clowns in here. And what's your problem with clowns.

Harris: One of the main problems with clowns is, besides looking funny and dress up like Rocky Hernandez, they do things that frighten or embarrass you. Then they go around honk things at you. They make loud and annoying balloon-smearing sounds. And you, as a child, get nothing but something they say one day will create character.

- Madroxcide chuckles like the Juggla at Harris. Harris starts to stair at Madroxcide's face. Harris begins to walk towards Madroxcide. Each step he tilts his head to focus on a spot. A white spot on Madroxcide's nose. Harris stairs into Madroxcide's eyes. Harris starts to get nose to nose with Madroxcide.

Harris: Maybe you should remember to remove all of your make clown. I'm going to wipe the rest of that smile off your face.

Madroxcide: Wooh! Hold up there boy. It's not what you think.

Harris: Ok! Then fill me in, CLOWN!

Madroxcide: It's foundation. It's not face paint.

Harris: Foundation. Ok Mr. Girly Man. If you see that damn clown. You send him in my direction. Damn Clown.

Madroxcide: Why don't you go bother Rocky Hernandez? He seem weird enough to run around in clown face paint.

Harris: You Better watch yourself. Prick!

- Harris shoves Madroxcide and pops open another beer. Then Harris turns around to leave.

Harris: Cuz I'll be watching you.

- Harris opens the door. He sees a bunch of circus clowns walking down the hall way. He points his can of beer at them and starts to yell down the hall.

Harris: Hey! Wipe that smile off your face clown.

- Harris starts run down the hallway after the clowns. Madroxcide regains his footing. He watch's as Harris grabs a clown by his hair and turn the corner.

Madroxcide: Crazy Mother fucker.


- The camera starts to pan the arena. Mad Mad world begins to play of the pa. The lights dim to a dark blue. Madroxcide steps out from behind the curtain. The boos poor from the crowd. Madroxcide looks confused about the fans response. He walks down to the ring and starts to climb the stairs.  Abby walks up to Madroxcide and hands him a mic. He finishes climbing into the ring. He looks to make sure the mic is on. The lights return to normal and the music stops to pay. He puts the mic up to his mouth.

Madroxcide: Hey Yo! What the hell with you damn people. Fickle as all get out. One moment your cheering for me. Now your booing at me. Wow. I almost feel as bad as that wastiod - Rocky Hernandez. Yeah! You all know who I'm talking about. "Mr. Wonderful." You know the guy who comes out here and thinks that everyone is scared of facing him in this squared circle. Well, I'm not scared. I mean his ugly face haunts me at night but that is about as far a fear goes with me. This guy comes out here flaunting his stuff like he owns the place. What a joke! This man is nothing more then a 5 cent whore that is down on his luck. The only way he can work on his back is if someone's pinning him. Which brings me to a point. A point that I am going to make perfectly clear. And that point is, you can't win. Seriously Rocky. You are past your prime. I think I remember you calling me an old man. Well, I might be older then you, but I defiantly have a lot more life left in my wrestling career. You passed up your career when you left the DWA to go play pocket pool with your buddy Pat. I came to DWA for one reason. And that's to hand out ass beatings. Yes, It's true that I haven't won a match. And I know that when all you fucking puke bags remind me every fucking match. But I still hand out a ass beating every match every time. This match will be no different. Wait. I take that back. It will be different. Unlike for the past 5 matches I've lost, I will win this one. Yes, that's it. I'll hand out a beating of a life time and finally take my win. You can go into your fancy talk and call me babe. Which by the way, I don't swing that way. The truth is, I am the alpha male. I am the big fish. I am on the top of the food chain. Yeah that's right. I am better then you. I am better then you in every way. I'm a better wrestler. I'm a better athlete. I am a better kisser - Trust me. Your girlfriend said that. And I am defiantly better at whipping out a can of whoopass. I have watched you for the last two weeks get easy wins. And I thought to myself. How can this be. How can a nobody for shitsville get two victories right away? Then I realize it, You're not a wrestler. Your some punk bitch who comes in here and fights dirty.

- Madroxcide shakes his head and paces to the left.

Madroxcide: I have been trying to figure out for two whole weeks. Wow. I can't believe I wasted my time and energy on a meat bag like you. Monday, It's going to come down to Me vs. you. And when I walk out the winner, I'm going to look back at your lifeless body and laugh. I'm going to laugh at the fact that you actually thought I would back down from this match. Laugh at the fact that you thought you actually had a fighting chance. Laugh at the fact that you got your ass kick by the X rated superstar. Yes. It will be loads of fun tearing you apart, making you face your own fear. I think this will be the best match ever. This will be the first match in DWA history where some dies. That amigo, is you. I'll make sure to send flowers to your boyfriend and comfort your girlfriend in those hard times. I'll give her all the TLC she has been missing all her life. I'll make sure well dedicate next week show to your pussy ass. We'll all come out here with RH armbands, act like we're crying, and watch a video on your short- worthless career. Yes. That's going to be one for the books. You'll go down in history as the dip shit who was murdered by Madroxcide.

- Madroxcide chuckles a bit and then paces back to the right.

Madroxcide: You know. I even have your eulogy right here.

- Madroxcide pulls out a piece of paper and starts to read.

Madroxcide: He lies a man with so little to live for. Rocky Hernandez Jr. Well I wouldn't call him a man. I'd call him a prepubescent boy who had this nasty peach fuzz growing his lips. He wanted to take on a powerful wrestler such as I. He ranted and talked about his greatness. Yet no seems to remember him. He came out here night after night trying to put up a fight. Well, I wouldn't call it a fight. More like a slapping contest. He tried with all his might to take what was rightfully mine. There for he paid the ultimate price. It wasn't really the ultimate price. It was only worth a dollar fifty, but still it was his life no less. And for this we like to take a moment to pay tribute to Rocky Hernandez Jr. Wait! Never mind. The production team thinks it's a waste of time and money to make a video about a man who got no where in life. I know that I have been keeping you all from more important things. Like your baseball games, your weddings, giving your boyfriend head. But we must take this time to try and come up with something good this man has done in his time with the DWA.

- Madroxcide pauses. He waits for some one to speak up. He looks at his watch several times. Then he continues on.

Madroxcide: Wow. What a waste of forty-five seconds. Well. I shouldn't keep you all waiting any longer. There will be punch and pie out in the lobby. Thank you all for coming I guess.

- Madroxcide folds the paper back up and puts it in his pocket. He wipes away the tear rolling down his face.

Madroxcide: I'm sorry. I told my self I wouldn't do this.

- Madroxcide starts to chuckle.

Madroxcide: Sorry couldn't hold it in for long. I think I made my point. I will destroy the career of Rocky Hernandez. See, Monday - It's on. Rocky you better go down to rent-a-center and see if you can barrow a few good moves for a reasonable price. You're going to need them to survive me.

- Mad mad world starts up again as Madroxcide starts to climb out the ring. The camera fades to comercial.