Triple Threat Match
Madroxcide vs. Firefly vs. Chuck Lee

An Alcoholic drink can encourage the wildest oats of any beast, yet it is often consider the drink of the god. The sweet nectar of life is for filled by  blissful drinking. It can often make or break a deal. Who knew something simple could cause happiness, pain, regret, and deception.

After a long night out Madroxcide returned to his room. After not even being asleep for 20 minutes, a call wakes him from his drunken slumber. With a bottle of jim bean still logged in his hands he grabs the phone to answer.

Madroxcide: Hello. What the fuck do you want?

Tommy: Wake you drunken ass out of bed. I got a bone to pick with you.

Madroxcide lifts his head enough to see the alarm clock lying on the table across the room. He notices that he's only been asleep for a short time.

Madroxcide: I just laid down.

Tommy: Tell me something I didn't know!

Madroxcide hops out of bed to the floor. a thud noise fills the room as his body hits the floor. He tries to sit up right without knocking the phone off the night stand. with a stern voice, Madroxcide is confused with Tommy's statement.

Madroxcide: WHAT?

Tommy: Trust me boy, I've gotten reports on you causing trouble for the police and a local cirus.

Madroxcide: You're making no sense at all.

Tommy's voice becomes more stern and aggravated at Madroxcide's answer.

Tommy: You're telling me you don't know what the hell I am talking about? Well does punching a clown mean anything to you?

Madroxcide chuckles at the thought.

Tommy: I don't think this is a laughing matter. Do you know you where arrested for knocking some circus clown out?

Madroxcide: I did? Shit! I don't remember that. Hell out of all the people to knock a clown out, I would think it would have been Billy Harris. When did I do this? And Where?

Tommy: Last night, and where doesn't matter since you've been band from ever going back to that Casino again. Now this is what I want you to do. I want your ass to sober up and meet me at Choppers Dodge.

Madroxcide: Choppers, Oh shit I had to be there to do a commercial. FUCK!

Tommy: That, and I want your ass to make a statement about last nights little miss hap. There is no way in hell you're fucking over the DWA with your immature behavior. So drink some Coffee and get your ass over there.

Madroxcide: Yes Boss!

Madroxcide slams the phone against the wall. He then gets up and heads to take a cold shower with hope his will help sober his ass up.

|Scene Two|

Madroxcide walks up to the counter at the hotel to do today's check out. As he approaches the desk he notices a swarm of reporters waiting for him in the lobby. He walks up to the counters and rings the bell. The conseaire comes to the desk and looks at him with a smile. The happy female looks deep into his eyes.

Conseaire: Hello Mr. Roberts. How was your night?

Madroxcide: Good. I guess. Hey what's with all the reporters?

Conseaire: They are waiting for you. Speculation got around about you beating the snot out of some clown at cirrus cirrus.

Madroxcide: OH GOHD! Do you have a back door?

Conseaire: Actually Mr. Roberts, The Car Chopper sent a car for you. It's waiting for you in the parking garage. you can take the VIP hallway to get there.

Madroxcide: Thank you.

Madroxcide enters the door and begins to walk down the hall. He follows the signs that say which way to the garage. He walks through the door that is labeled just that. As he walks through he sees a 2007 stretched 300 C waiting for him. He smiles with a big grin as the driver opens his door for Madroxcide.

Madroxcide: Shit! I should drink more often.

|Scene Three|

It took approximately forty-five minutes to cross town to get to the dealership. Madroxcide steps out of the car to see a sea of Chryslers, Dodges, and jeeps. Madroxcide smiles at the site of cars. Cars has always brought him joy. Even still today he races on the Nascar circuit when ever he has the time. He turns to the building to notice Chopper coming out to shake his hand. Near by Tommy is talking to the blue Genie about maybe getting him to show for the opening night of Deception. Madroxcide meets with Chopper half way to shake.

Chopper: Didn't think you where going to make it bro. Good to see you.

Madroxcide: Yeah, I kinda forgot and was out all night. Me and Mark was out picking up chicks.

Chopper: That's not what I heard!

Madroxcide: Yeah, well I aint too sure that really happen, but I gotta do what I gotta do. So when do you want to do this commercial.

Chopper: Give me about an hour to set up and get everyone pumped.

Chopper walks away from Madroxcide. At that moment Tommy walks up to Madroxcide. He still looks like hell from the brutal match against Pain.

Madroxcide: What up Boss? You look like hell.

Tommy: Oh a whole lot of drama I didn't want to deal with. We go live in 10 minutes. I want you to get up there and do what is necessary to clean up this mess.

Madroxcide: Ight. No big wooop.

Madroxcide walks over to where press has been waiting. He steps up to the podium and looks at everyone that is there to get the big scoop.

Madroxcide: Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming. Um. Well it seems last night during my celebration of Deceptions new night and channel, I got a little inebriated. I guess something where said and I ended up looking like Mel Gibson. So I would like to take this time and apologize for my ignorance and my Inebriated state. I never intended to hurt anyone. Does anyone have questions?

Fox News: I do. After your match Wednesday, Will you be checking into rehab?

Madroxcide: Um. No! I do not have a drinking problem. As I said, I was celebrating and it got out of hand. Next.

MSNBC: There is rumors that Chuck Lee and Firefly isn't going to show. You're take on that?

Madroxcide: Well, I cannot blame the two men for not showing their faces. See like I have said before, I am not a noob just starting out. I have a bit of experience behind me, I pretty much called these rookies bluffs the first day they stepped through the DWA office doors. These guy are nothing more then fakes and wanna be's. They come in with lame ass names then hope to get respect ASAP. It aint going to Happen.

These guys have proven to me that I am a force like no other here in the DWA. They can't even find the time to pull their balls out of the top drawer and face me man to man. Now I have to go out there Wednesday and beat the ever loving shit out of their pie eating asses.

It's going to be a sad day for those two boys. Hell I got money that they don't even get into the ring. It wouldn't be the first time in my career to win by default. I have won twice do to pukes like them who didn't have the balls to show. In any case, this is going to be an easy win. I have been out for far to long to lose another match. Not to mention a match against a obsessed spike TV fan and a insect prince.

I can promise you this, opening night at deception is going to be a blast. I am going to open with a great match. Anyways, I am done here. I have to shoot my commercial with chopper. So I will see you all on Wednesday.

Madroxcide walks away and begins to enter the building. The Camera begins to fade to black has it follows him up the stairs to Choppers office.