Triple Threat Match
Madroxcide vs. Firefly vs. Chuck Lee

It has been a hard month to over come. The surgery has taken the x rated superstar off the roster for too long. Many believe he would never come back. The doctors told him he should never wrestle again. Trying out as a commentator did work. He couldn't help but get back into that ring and show Mr. Styles how to do it right. Nothing could keep him from coming back. Nothing!

The scene opens with shots of the Sin City. The city of lady luck. The camera shows the sky line and then zooms quickly into a black camero driving down the Boulevard. The car weaves in and out of traffic. switching gears as if the car was part of the fast and the furious movies. The camera pans around the car going from the front bumper to the back. Then it comes up the trunk lid into the cockpit of the car. The camera zooms in on Madroxcide. He shifts the gears as he takes a corner to pull into a parking garage. The car does a power side and squeals it wheels. Smoke pours out of the wheel wales, as Madroxcide makes the car power side up the ramp to the top of the roof. The car reaches speeds of 110mph as he slides the car into a parking spot next to a Hummer. Madroxcide shuts down the car and opens the doors in a Lamborghini style. He steps out as the door of the Hummer is opened and Mark Cummings steps out. Madroxcide hits the car alarm button.

Mark: Man why do you always have to drive like an asshole?

Madroxcide: That wasn't driving like an asshole, that was precision driving.

Mark: Spoken like a true asshole. Ha. Ha. Come on, lets check out the scene if you know what I mean.

The scene fades out as both men fade into the shadows of the garage.

|scene two|

The scene opens up to both men walking into the local bar at the casino. The take a seat as Madroxcide orders a six pack of Canadian. The bartender complies and opens up two bottles.

Mark: Damn dude, I thought you quit drinking!

Madroxcide: I did, but this is a reason to be celebrating. We have a new night, a new place for deception and I am going to be the opening event. woooh.

Mark looks at Madroxcide with a puzzled look as Madroxcide chugs down some his beer.

Mark: So?

Madroxcide looks at Mark with a smart ass grin. He takes another drink then sets his beer on the bar.

Madroxcide: So it means a new start in a way. I get to finally come back and partake in a sport that I love and I get to do it with a great friend like you.

Madroxcide picks up his beer and tilts it towards Mark as if to say cheers. Mark complies by picking up his bottle and tapping the neck. The bottles "cling" when they touch. Madroxcide throws his beer back and slams the bottle on the bar.

Mark: It's just too bad we don't have a tag match.

Madroxcide: I know what you mean, but I really don't trust myself to have a tag match. This condition with the Juggla can cost us a championship. I don't want that. I want to be 100% ready to take them on.

Madroxcide cracks open another beer and begins to drink.

Mark: There is one thing I want to know. Where the fuck where you during Hellborn. I could have used some back up to keep Cage from getting into the match. I know that you where there.

Madroxcide spits a little of the beer he was just drinking on to the bar as if to be caught off gaurd.

Madroxcide: What? You're nuts. I was at home watching it on the tube dude.

Mark: The whole world saw you bro! you where running around in a god damn dress. For fuck sake man, you have a fucking blister right there on your neck from the c4 explosion.

Madroxcide grabs his neck where a bandage covers a burn mark that is Three inches in diameter.

Madroxcide: Man, I don't know what you're talking about. I was at home and this burn is from the fake bake at home. One of the tubes ended up laying on my neck and burned me. No big deal.

Mark Takes a drink and shakes his head as if he understood, but knew that Madroxcide was full of shit.

Madroxcide: Besides, you'll have another chance to take a title from Harris soon enough.  I mean what could be better then Seribal Assassins, DWA World Tag Team Champions.

Madroxcide drinks to his statement. Just then a noise comes from the entrance of the bar. Madroxcide and Cummings looks  to see Harris coming in with a big brown box.

Madroxcide: Speaking of the trailer trash.

Harris spots the two superstars at the bar and begin to walk towards them. He walks up and slams a box down.

Harris: You really shouldn't leave your trash laying around my house!

Madroxcide: Well a how do you do to you too!

Mark: What the fuck are you talking about Harris?

Harris: This!

Harris pulls out a shirt that says "THE X RATED SUPERSTAR, MADROXCIDE".

Harris: I found these laying around my farm.

Madroxcide: God damn. Again with my shirts. What's the big fucking joke that I ain't getting?

Mark: Besides the fact that we can't even give these things away. Nothing!

Both Harris and Cummings chuckles.

Madroxcide: So what do you want me to do with them?

Harris: Burn them or something, just tell your dickhead of a partner to stay away.

Madroxcide: I'm sorry, he does whatever he wants. I don't have a short leash on him like you have on Cage!

Mark: What do you guys use that for? sexual activities.

Cummings makes a jerking off signal with his hand and begins to laugh at Harris. Harris grabs Cummings brew and looks him in the eye as he chugs the beer down. Both men do a stair down before they are interrupted by security.

Security: Boys! I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You are disturbing everyone else's good time.

Cummings and Madroxcide pay for their drinks and walk away leaving Harris with a box of shirts.

|Scene Three|

Several hours has past since the meeting in the bar. A call earlier on Madroxcide cell phone was from Tommy Siretta reminding Madroxcide that it is in his contract  to show to this Wednesday nights House show. Madroxcide waits behind the curtain for the production team to hit his music. The music begins to play. Jumpsteady's Mad Mad world begins to blear over the p.a. system. Madroxcide steps out from behind the Curtin into a cloud of blue sparked pyro. It drenches him as if to come from the heavens. The cheers from the crowd make the home coming a hell of a lot better for deception. Madroxcide jumps into the ring and pulls out a microphone as the sparks stop and the music fades out. Madroxcide looks all around him as he sees thousands of people surrounding the ring. A he cracks a smile before he begins to speak.

Madroxcide: Wow. Wooh! What a welcome. I guess everything is better in Vegas. I wasn't expecting to see so many people here but my god, you are all here. I want to thank everyone who has supported my recover over the last month, it was a hard road to cross but I have crossed it.

But like every good thing, it has it's end. That's right. That's cuz this next Wednesday night right here in this very ring on A&E, The X rated superstar comes back to take on some new blood. now I usually come out here with my bag of tricks or with words of wisdom, but not today. no I decided to cut the noobs a break. I mean you can't expect someone with the name of firefly to come out here and actually put on a good performance now do you. I don't think so. I mean he sounds like someone who was sitting in the dorm room listening to wqrx 104.9 and got the idea to name himself after a damn breaking Benjamin song. Don't get me wrong. I love the song too, but not enough to jump around like an asshole thinking I am a god to wrestling.

and then we have this guy by the name of Chuck Lee. Chuck Lee sounds like this guy was watching hours upon hours of spike tv's crappy ass Bruce Lee and chuck Norris marathon. For god's sake man, turn the tv off. go out side and play a game of football or go fishing. Stop wasting your life on worthless hours of crappy programming hoping one day its going to help your life in some insignificant way.

Now I don't know what the hell management was thinking when they made these matches. I mean putting me against  two pieces of shit like Firefly and Chuck Lee. I guess they thought I needed a warm up match before I get ready for my title shot. Or maybe then just need some one to show these two losers the ropes in DWA. I mean this can be the only explanations for the piss poor match set up. For fuck sakes, this is Vegas, this is Deception. What better place to cause destruction, mayhem, havoc and chaos then right here in Sin City.

We have already taken the City that never sleeps by storm. We kicked ass so well that Mtv couldn't hold us back anymore. We now come here to Vegas to show the world that the DWA is a force you don't want to get caught up in.

Now I know you are all thinking, Madroxcide - What about the two wrestlers on Wednesday. Isn't that a start. And I can see where you are coming from on that. I mean my match being the opening match. It has to be the greatest way to start Deception. So this is what I am going to do for everyone. I am going to come down to this ring in style. I'm going to wait on those two bitches to make their way to the ring, if they even have the testicular fortitude to step in the ring with me. Then I am going to beat their ass bloody. There's going to be so much blood in this ring that they might have to switch us over to HBO. See boys, You're not stepping in the ring with some chuckle head like Cory Psalter or Ronnie Styles. No you're stepping into the ring with the master of pain. the saltine of  blood, the fucker of your mothers, the x rated superstar MADROXCIDE! And there are no if's and's or but's about. You boy's will learn the meaning of PAIN!

Madroxcide throws the microphone to the ground and begins to walk out of the ring. The fans chant his name as he leaves the arena.