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India, Pakistan,
Make Love, Not War

Dear Reader,
Please join our crusade against hatred and war between India and Pakistan, between Hindus and Muslims. Let us try to forget the past and spread the message of love and peace around. Each of us can contribute for this cause in various ways. You may start by clicking the following links to see what various organizations are doing for this cause. Plus, you can follow the suggestions given at the bottom of this page to make your own contribution.

Sites about Peace / Cultural Harmony in South Asia

What each of us can do to contribute to harmony between India / Pakistan

Please read these suggestions. You may copy this text and send it to as many people as you can. You can also send in your own suggestions/comments regarding this cause.


There are many other gestures you can make for reducing tension between the two countries /communities.

  • The first effort should be to see within yourself whether you have any innate bias/hatred for the people of the other country/ community, and try to reduce it by asking yourself why do you have such tendencies?
  • Have discussions and debates between friends and family members on issues of communalism and faith, and instead of letting people shrug off these issues with inborn biases, try to change their minds towards fair judgements about everything including history, religion etc.
  • Make greeting cards, desktop themes and posters etc. containing messages of peace, friendship and disarmament etc. and send them to friends and people from your neighbouring country with messages of love.
  • We (at this website) would also welcome such materials as greeting cards, posters and other graphics that carry messages of peace. All the messages and materials recieved will be put up on this website along with your name for free use by visitors.


While you are in cyberspace (or in the real world) please take a vow that you will not take part in the following activities :

  • Creating or running webites that carry material that could hurt any individual, community or religious group.
  • Posting hateful messages against persons of a particular community or nationality in message-boards, chat-rooms or other interactive platforms.
  • Sending chain-letters or e-mails that instigate/hurt the feelings of a particular community.
  • Unnecessarily boasting or flaunting the nationalism/patriotism for your country at the cost of hurting someone else.
  • Asking/challanging someone to prove his/her patriotism for the country by making any kind of demands, or blackmailing.
  • Suppressing someone's right to know or the right to express on the internet (or otherwise), such as blocking someone's access to a particular website, or blocking / tapping someone's e-mails.
  • Any other activity based on religious/political bias that could lead to an unpleasant/uncomfortable situation for someone.

Please send in your comments / contributions to this e-mail.

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