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The Big List of Resources on
Indian/South Asian Documentary Films

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Khayal Darpan:  a film by Yousuf Saeed Films by Yousuf Saeed, a Delhi-based filmmaker: Khayal Darpan ; Basant ; The Train to Heaven

More links: Delhi Film Archives, Ektara, Grey Zone Film Club of Delhi, Campaign Against Censorship in films

History :

The Hindustan Film Company : Brief history of this company that produced films like Raja Harishchandra, and to which Dada Saheb Phalke was connected.

History of Indian Cinema : A brief overview, containing photos.

History of Indian Cinema : Brief introduction from abclonline.

History of Indian Cinema : This brief essay features in many sites.

Indian Cinema : Article on the history of the industry (from Digital HT).

Milestones in Tamil Cinema : Part of the Tamil Cinema site.

The Silent Era of Indian Movies : An overview from "The Films of INDIA."

The Talkies : An overview from "The Films of INDIA."

New Indian Cinema : An interesting essay by Swapan Kumar Ghosh at

The Old Famous Films from India : Synopsis of many famous films.

History of Bollywood : Classic essay that can be found on many sites.

Silent Film Actresses of India : Photos of some old actresses.

Film Journalism in India : An overview from "The Films of INDIA."

Films Reviews / Synopsis' :                                               Top of this page

Kumbharwada, Bombay : A documentary film about life in a potters' colony in Dharavi, Bombay, directed by Rajul Mehta, an Indian staying in the US.

In the Name of God : Anand Patwardhan's film in San Francisco State University's catalogue.

Duvidha (In two minds) : A Hindi film directed by Mani Kaul (at

Indian Entry at 1998 Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany : Documentary film "A Season Outside" by Amar Kanwar screened and aclaimed at the prestigious event.

Father, Son and the Holy War : Film by Anand Patwardhan listed at the Human Rights Watch International Films Festival.

We Are Not Your Monkeys : Film by Anand Patwardhan listed at the Human Rights Watch International Films Festival.

Fly Ash over India : Environmental video documentary directed by Siobhan Wall.

Thin Air : A documentary film by Ashim Ahluwalia, about the lives of three magicians against the backdrop of contemporary Bombay, India.

No Laughing Matter : A documentary by Tony Sehgal from Bombay about the spread of laughing clubs in the city.

Bugaboo : A 16mm colour feature film in English, questioning the worth of the achievements of Indian professionals in Silicon Valley. Directed by Sujit Saraf.

Fishers of Men : Documentary by Ranjan Kamath & Padmavathi Rao, trying to understand how christians and Adivasis (tribals) in the Chotanagpur area of Bihar/Madhya Pradesh co-exist within a secular Indian fabric, despite the divergent religious, cultural and social perceptions.

Nusrat has Left the Building... But When? : A "docudreama" by Farjad Nabi, on the metamorphic career of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the famous sufi qawwali singer from Pakistan.

Madhumati : Synopsis of this classic Hindi film by Bimal Roy. (1958)

Cradled in a Civilization, Bonded by History : A documentary film on the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), produced by Indian media person Javed Naqvi.

The Servant's Shirt (Naukar ki kameez) : A film by Mani Kaul (Participation in 28th Rotterdam Film Fest.). Also see a review of this film by Madan Gopal Singh at

Miss India Georgia : A documentary film about Indian American teenagers and cultural assimilation. Directed by Daniel Friedman & Sharon Grimberg.

India x 2 : Essay on Satyajit Ray's The Music Room, and Ritwik Ghatak's Ajantrik. Written by Donato Totaro.

Aparajito (The Unvanquished) : Synopsis of the film by Satyajit Ray.

Islam and Feminism : A film directed by Nighat Said Khan, examining the inequities in Pakistan's Islamic law, which does not distinguish among rape, adultery, and "fornication."

Acting Our Age : A film by Gurinder Chadha, about the residents of a South Asian home for the elderly in Britain. Gurinder Chadha was the director of "Bhaji on the Beach." (Rental/sale catalogue of Third World Newsreel).

Cornerstore Blues : A film by Kaizad Gustad (Rental/sale catalogue of Third World Newsreel).

I'm British But... : A film by Gurinder Chadha (Rental/sale catalogue of Third World Newsreel).

Jareena, Portrait Of a Hijda : By Prem Kalliat, this video offers a profile of a transsexual and her community in the Indian city of Bangalore.

Leaving Bakul Bagan : by Sandeep Ray, this moving documentary follows the filmmaker's cousin's imminent departure from India to pursue studies in the U.S.

Ma/Baap : By Siraj Jhaveri, this award-winning film chronicles the relationship between the filmmaker's Muslim father and Hindu mother.

Mr. Ahmad : By Terrance Grace. Actor Naseeruddin Shah stars in this poignant drama of an Indian ex-patriate living in a small American town.

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow : A film by Manjira Datta about the effects of the highly touted Green Revolution in India. (Bullfrog Films).

Taxi-vala/ Auto-biography : A documentary video by Vivek Renjen Bald, exploring a complex range of issues within New York's growing South Asian communities.

Tibetans In Exile : A 5 part documentary series on Tibetan exiles in India. Contains video clips.

Father, Son and Holy War : A film by Anand Patwardhan, about communal violence and male dominence in India. (Also in Dutch).

Tibetan film bags top award : Film "The Spirit Doesn't Come Anymore" by Tsering Rhitar awarded at the Film South Asia, Kathmandu Festival.

Film Reviews from Women's Studies Database : Reviews from a feminist perspective.

Anthropologist's award-winning film chronicles Indian village life : Seed and Earth, a 36-minute award-winning documentary by Lina Fruzzetti and Akos Ostor, chronicles everyday life in the village of Janta in West Bengal, India.

Democracy In Crisis : A video by Manjira Datta for SOUTH programme (from the First Run/Icarus catalogue).

Film Lists / catalogues :                                               Top of this page

Indian Films & Videos in the Library of Congress : Collection in the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division of the library. Contains 99 feature films and 100 short films.

Anand Patwardhan's films : a list from

Indian Award Winners at International Festivals 1988-1997 : A list at the

Bombay - Our City : A Film by Anand Patwardhan, available for sale at First Run/Icarus Films.

Indian films at the 7th International Student Film Festival, Israel : Two films from FTII, Pune.

Indian Feature Films - National Library of Australia : Catalogue from their Screen Studies Collection; divided into Mainstream Hindi Cinema and 'Art' Cinema.

Satyajit Ray's Apu Trilogy : Films available through mail order.

SOUTH - Films and videos by third world filmmakers : Series produced by South Productions & Channel 4 Televison UK.

UCSC Media Center Film Catalog : Lists some films in Bengali and Hindi apart from many world languages.

Outtakes 1: Pakistan's Independence : Archival film clips of Karachi from the Universal Newsreel. Includes clips on Jinnah.

South Asia Feature Films and Documentaries : Videos available at Clemons Library, University of Virginia.

Four films from Indian Subcontinent : Screening of Indian films at Creighton University's Department of Communication Studies.

Indian Video Collection at Clemons Library, University of Virginia : collection of about 2000 Indian feature films and television programs available on video.

Asian, Pacific, & South Asian American Video Media Resources Center : Catalogue of this center from University of California Barkeley.

India - A 1958 film by Roberto Rossellini : A screening at the Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival.

Films from Pakistan : A list from Arab Films Distribution.

Some films of Satyajit Ray : at

Filmfare Critics' Awards - Best Documentaries : List of best Indian documentaries from 1966 to 1996.

Clemons Library Indian Film Collection : A list containing a variety of films.

Filmmakers / Other Personalities :                                             Top of this page

Anand Patwardhan : Biodata of the Indian filmmaker (from AID Infocenter Personalities).

Anand Patwardhan : Text by and about the filmmaker. (Azadi website : Institute of International Visual Arts)

Composers for films in India : List from Presently contains information on Shubha Mudgal.

Dadasaheb Phalke & Indian Cinema : Historical essay from

Sabu Cyril : Information on this film professional from Mumbai, India.

In the Spotlight Again - Essay about Govind Nihalani : from the magazine Filmfare.

Interview with Shyam Benegal : Conducted by Garhwal at the Doon Film festival – 1999.

Mrinal Sen : Filmography from The Internet Movie Database Ltd.

Om Puri : Biography and filmography of the actor.

Govind Nihalani pays tribute to Mahasweta Devi : Article from Rediff On the Net.

Shashwati Talukdar : Filmography and biography of this young Indian filmmaker based in U.S.

Shyam Benegal : Information from Bengalonthe

Interview with Shyam Benegal : From Rediff On the Net. Talks about his latest film Samar.

The Parallel Cinema of Shyam Benegal : Short article by Sunil Khushalani (at India Star).

Gulzar on morals, values and film-making : Article from Rediff on the Net. Talks about his film Hu Tu Tu, Tabu and Snil Shetty.

Educational Institutions / Academic Studies:                                     Top of this page

Asian Academy of Film & Television : Privately owned institution situated at NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh.

Film and Television Institute of India, Pune : Not an official site, but contains some information on this premier institution.

FTII Batchmates list : Old students of Film & Television Institute of India at

Film Schools in the World, India : List presently features FTII, Pune.

Satyajit Ray Institute - No Lights, No Camera, No Action : Article from India Today magazine about the student unrest, corruption and nepotism in the new institution.

Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia : Information on this institution of research and training in electronic media and developmental communication, from Jamia Millia University, New Delhi.

International Liaison Centre of Schools of Cinema and Television: An organization of the world's leading schools of film and television. FTII, Pune is affliated to CILECT.

RML Page of Film Schools : Exhaustive listing of film schools all over the world.

Cinema and Culture in India: Course of study by Chandak Sengoopta at Johns Hopkins University.

Introduction to South Asian Cinema - Nation, Culture, and Gender in Popular Cinema : A course conducted by Ruhi Grover at University of Virginia - Spring 1998.

Women and South Asian Cinema : Course of study conducted by Laura Parsons, at University of Virginia - Spring 1996.

Inheritors of the Dream : Essay by Lavina Melwani, on Tanuja Desai's film "The Test" about the people of South Asian origin in the West.

Other Related Groups / Societies :                                             Top of this page

Ajoka : Voluntary organisation based in Pakistan, working in the field of theatre and electronic media, providing high quality entertainment with a social purpose.

Asian Cinema Studies Society : Information on Fifth Biennial Conference: August 20-23, 1997, Hong Kong.

Chennai Film Society :

Children's Film Society, India : Organisation providing wholesome entertainment for children through film and television, with the objective of broadening their horizon. Contains information about its forthcoming festival - the Golden Elephant.

Doordarshan : Official site of India's national TV network.

Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI) : Extensive listing of film societies all over India. Also suggests on how to form a Film Society in your area.Other interesting information and links. Also available here.

MGR Film City - Chennai

Pakistan Film Distributors : A list from

Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts : Contains information about their multimedia and film projects.

National Film Development Corporation Ltd. (NFDC) : Central agency promoting quality cinema in India.

Pakistan Educational Network : Non-profit organization aiming to "increase access to education for the disadvantaged populations of Pakistan and to improve the quality of education for all."

PTV Live : Official site of Pakistan Television Corporation Limited. Features online live telecast, archives and history.

Radio Naya Andaz : Pakistani radio station.

Kerala State Chalachitra Academy : Information on the first society of this kind in India, that sponsers film festivals, film societies and other activities.

Malayalam Cine Technician's Association : Introduction to this society in Kerala.

Radio Pakistan : Official site.

South Asian Film & Video Association (SAFVA) : Organization based in US. Contains a list of members.

South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) : Established March 1994 in New York. Contains extensive resources and a stylebook for covering South Asia & the South Asian diaspora.

NAATA Distribution: Largest source of Asian Pacific American film and video for educational and broadcast use worldwide. Contains some films based on Indian/South Asian subjects.

Private Production Companies :                                               Top of this page

Aesthetics : Multimedia company from Pakistan.

Independent Broadcasting Associates - India : List of films produced by this company.

Film Republic : An independent production company based in Bombay, India.

Pygmy Mammoth Productions : Independent production company of filmmaker Tony C. Sehgal, based in California, US.

RKO Films Pvt. Limited - Independent production company of Ranjan Kamath & Padmavathi Rao, based in Bangalore. Lists their upcoming films "The Die Is Caste" and "Volt Farce".

Third World Newsreel : One of the oldest alternative media arts organizations in the United States. Distributes almost 300 films and videos from the African, Asian, Latino, Palestinian, and Native American diasporas.

Toonz Animation India : A private animation production studio based in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Films Services India : Production company catering to the requirements of foreign film makers wanting to shoot in India and Nepal.

Wilderness Films India : Video production and media group based in New Delhi, India.

Y media :Film/video production company based in New Delhi.

Web Resources / Presentations :                                               Top of this page

Sawnet Movie Page - South Asian Women's Cinema : Exhaustive listing and introduction to women filmmakers and films on women's/gender issues from India / South Asia.

Cinema Magazines : List of online magazines on Indian cinema (from

Cinema Express Tamil : Information specific to Tamil cinema. Requires Tamil font download for much of the site. : Details about Tamil film industry from 1931 onwards. Needs Tamil font download.

Indian film industry : Some basic information on the industry.

India : Resource for Tamil cinema. Contains history, landmarks and information on Tamil filmmakers. : "Online world of news, film, art, music and literature - facilitating global unity through communication, understanding and diversity". Contains sections on India, Pakistan and many other countries.

Kilima page on Pakistan : Lists many media resources including films, filmmakers, newspapers and radio stations.'s Documentary Film Source : Contains some selected films from around the world including India and Pakistan. Also several interesting links on film industry world wide.

Freespeech Internat Television : Audio/video webcasting site created entirely by its members who believe that "democratic media can and will change society for the better." Many controversial films can be watched here.

New Film Releases: lists new Hindi films, including recently released and forthcoming attractions. Updated every Friday.

AZADI (freedom) website : A text and image installation exploring the creative responses to Partition and Indian Independence, one of the most significant events of the 20th century. Features artists/writer like Manto, Faiz, Satish Gujral, Ritwik Ghatak and many more.

South Asian Film & Video Resources : Listing from SARAI - Columbia University.

Indian Movie Index : Exhaustive listing of Indian popular cinema sites.

Lollywood : Guide to Pakistani film industry. (Lollywood = Lahore)

Satellite & Cable TV : India's magazine for cable TV industry.

News / Reports :                                                 Top of this page

Pak govt halts funds for Jinnah film : Report from Rediff On the Net.

BBC to film Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children' in Sri Lanka : A report from "the Island".

Events / Festivals :

Film Festivals - India : A list from Claddagh Films, Ireland.

First film screened in India to be shown at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai : Report from Indian Express about the screening of Lumiere Brothers' Cinematographe in Mumbai.

Indian films stand out at London Festival - Train to Pakistan : Article from "India in New York".

International Film Festival of Kerala : Annual festival held at Cochin, Kerala. Accepts entries only on 35mm.

Mumbai’s own Film Fete : Film festival organized by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI).

National Film Awards (India), 1997 : A list.

5th Calcutta Film Festival : Official site. Festival to be held 10th to 17th November, 1999.

The City in Indian Cinema, 1947-77 : Notice about a lecture with film clips, by Narendra Panjwani, Indo-American Community Lecturer and Visiting Professor, Film Studies.

MIFF'98 : Report from India Today about Mumbai's short film festival.

Books & Bibliography :                                               Top of this page books on "India cinema" : List of over 20 books. Keeps changing according to availability. books on Indian cinema : Over 12 books to buy on-line.

Books on Films : Catalogue from Lists many books on Indian cinema.

Indian Cinema: A Visual Voyage : Review of this book published by the National Film Development Corporation, India.

Bibliography on Indian Film : A list from, mostly available from Amazon.

Ritwik Ghatak :                                                 Top of this page

Ritwik Ghatak : Text by and about the filmmaker. (Azadi website : Institute of International Visual Arts)

Ritwik Ghatak : Site containing biographical sketch, filmography, views and opinions, apart from resources on Ritwik Ghatak.

Instruments of Analysis : Ritwik Ghatak's films on show in New York. (

Recollections of Bengal and a Single Vision : Text on Ritwik Ghatak (from

Ritwik Ghatak : Essay by Jacob Levich.

Ritwik Ghatak : Information in Italian.

Ritwik Ghatak : Text from

Ritwik Ghatak : Text in Bangla (from

Satyajit Ray :                                               Top of this page

Satyajit Ray - Special feature : From Indian Express.

Satyajit Ray 1921-1992 : Feature from Contains some related links.

Satyajit Ray : A presentation by Maanvi Media. Exhaustive introduction to the master and his films.

Satyajit Ray - A photofeature : from ReVue photography magazine (photos by Denis Darzacq).

Satyajit Ray - Film and Study Collection : Presentation by Richard Wohlfeiler at the University of California.

This list being maintained by Yousuf Saeed (please report broken links as we haven't updated since long)

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