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Underground Independent Wrestling


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Match 1: El Capitan v. Jason

For those of you who saw Jason dominate in AGGRESSION (UIW002) and tear apart Adam in The Inaugural (UIW001) , he gets his ass kicked by El Capitan in this one.  El Capitan's long, punishing body and head scissors worked Jason over and over again.  Toward the end of the match as El Capitan lost some energy and strength, Jason made a comeback but to no avail.  

By far this video exhibits THE LONGEST HOLDS EVER on a UIW tape.  The hold of choice: the scissors (body and head).

Match 2: The Rematch in the weight room - Rene v. Adam

This match is 1000 times better than their first meeting.  Adam wrestles with tenacity and determination.  His application of holds was tremendous in comparison to his debut.  But Adam's new arsenal still had to face the incredibly strong Rene who used punches to the gut, ribs and back to antagonize Adam as he was held in numerous scissors holds and full nelsons and headlocks.  But this match featured the head scissors as the new hold of choice for Rene, who used it with antagonistic intensity.  These holds too are the LONGEST found on any UIW tape.  Punishment at its best!

More pictures soon at Submission Wrestling For Teens

Length of tape: 60 minutes

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