He just a fool! Name: Terry Crews
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 245
Catch Phrase: Damn fool-ass nobody
Vehichle: A "Tricked-out Chevy Suburban"
Entourage: His "Posse", all wear black suits, sunglasses. There is 1 fat one and 2-3 thin ones.
Attire: Enrty: Sunglasses, expensive suits, gold rings, and a large gold "$" sign on his neck. Playing: Black trunks, black helmet (when worn).
Background Information: Played in the National Football Leugue, 1991-1995 as a linebacker for the Rams and Redskins, among others.

Attribute Ratings (0-5):

Intelligence: 5
Talent: 5
Event Variety: 3
Sportsmanship: 3
Overall Rank: 1
  • Events he participates in include: Rollercage of Fire, Takedown, Battlewheel, G-Force.
  • The smartest warrior for three reasons:
    Once ran a moderatly successful bookie bussiness.
    Once faked a fight with the posse, they left to join the Commander, trapped him in the "BattleDome Hot Tub", keeping him from participating in Interceptor and bumping T-Money to the top of the board, where the rejoined.
    Used Bobbi Haven to become Warrior champion by making her his manager, temporarily changing his image to nice buisiness suits, gold-framed glasses, a large gold "BH" and replacing the posse with the Dahm triplits.
  • Was very unhappy with the Dahm Triplets helping ability.