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***UPDATE***8-9-2001*** New Counter in the testing phase. This one tells me where you people are coming from.

***UPDATE***7-2-2001*** I've added a Cuda Bio.

***UPDATE***5-25-2001*** In response to the popularity this site has suddenly recieved, I'm preparing to make some big updates over the next weeks-months, so get ready for some battldome-goodness.

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Why BattleDome isn't that good anymore-

Here, are several reasons why BattleDome, and i hate to say this, kinda sucks now, broken doen into several points...

I may make T-Money sounds from the 6th day.

Welcome to the offical unoffical BattleDome webpage, a site dedicated to one of the greatest shows of all time, BattleDome.

To get an idea of what BattleDome is, think of it as American Gladiators with professional wrestlers. Contestants go to the BattleDome dome and compete for $1000 and a BattleDome Ring. Meanwhile the Warriors compete for the BattleDome belt, which is given based on preformance and popularity. The actual competition takes place on a series of 4 events per show, where the contestants try to beat the Warriors.

The various sections will be listed below as they are up.