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Twilightes Twinkling Tower of Torture

Enter, my children, into the murky depths of Twilightes Twinkling Tower of Torture.....but beware!

This lovely little box of betrayal will show me exactly how many victims I have acquired......


Yes! Torture abounds here in the hellish halls of Twilightes Twinkling Tower of Terror. Screams of terror, filling the cold night air...,the sounds of chains dragging the floor... Yes, I will torture you with so many goodies that you will never have time to delve in to them all......

Devillish Decorum

My ultimate goal is to be able to offer all sorts of luscious items such as pillows, paintings, curtains,and other items that may interest followers of the dark, that are made by myself or are offered up on the many links provided. Vampires, goths, creepy crawlers beware, I will seep into your souls and extract your dreams of glittering palaces of luxury and I will weave your dreams of devillish decorum into a wonderfully stark reality. Just imagine your sparkling dreams coming to life! Writhe with anticipation and enjoy my links in the Temptress .I am going to be working on my site for awhile. You should also go to The Widows Web to learn about some finery that you yourself can make. This is for all of you conniving creatures that just can't wait for something to become available, you must do it yourself!

The Bewitching

So fiends, watch this place and marvel at what is to come for you in the future, for in the late hours of the night I shall be hunched laboriously over my work in order to bring to you the finest assortment of dark items available. Now go into the night and dream of foul enchantments to come and if any lovely idea pops into any of your malicious, scheming, pulsating brains, please do not hesitate to make contact with me so that I can possibly bring even more things to life in my grimy little laboratory and send them slinking into your oh so haunting homes. You may make contact with me via e-mail at:twilighte@hotmail.comPlease send any thoughts on my virgin site, anything that you yourselves would like to see being made available to you in the future, anything you don't want to see here, feelings of love and gratitude and anything you'd like to send my way. I will try to answer as much e-mail as possible and I welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions. Now, off into the night you go........

The Empty Room

Darkest Dominions

The Temptress

The Widows Web

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