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Hey y'all!  This is Shin-Boy, also known as Van on Vacation!  Yeah, I cosplayed as Van from Tenkuu no Escaflowne for Anime Expo 1999, but now I'm on vacation!  My hair's different, and I dress like a surfer!  Cowabunga! [seriously, my hair is really like that, and that's one of my real outfits ^_^;]   AX99 was a really exciting and memorable experience for me, and here's my take on it, in photo fashion...

Note: To anyone who's been on the 'net for a while, this is completely obvious.  To you newbies, you can click on the smaller image to see a larger version.

Once upon a time, there were two people who entered the karaoke contest.  They twisted and sang their hearts out, singing and dancing to Successful Mission from Saber Marionette J.  Unfortunately, their wonderful efforts were for naught, as they didn't even pass the qualifying round.  IT WAS RIGGED I TELL YA!  RIGGED!  IT'S ALL A SHAM!  WEEKS OF PRACTICING THREE SONGS, AND NOTHING!!!  Not that I'm bitter or angry or anything...

After watching the karaoke contest, Van & Merle took a shortcut through the forest to get to the dealer's room.  The woods were thick, but they trudged on.  Of course, they were brave, and didn't fear anything, not even the Blair Witch...or shaky camera work that makes you sick...or a boring movie.  Soon, however, they became lost, and called out for help to anyone who could hear them.


Unfortunately, it may have been smarter to be quiet, because their screaming attracted the attention of Larva from Vampire Princess Miyu.  Hiding cleverly behind a fern-thingy, Larva watched Van and Merle wander through the woods, waiting for the perfect time to strike.  Suddenly, he found his chance.  He leapt into a clearing, challenging Van and Merle to a fight.

Van sent Merle to find some help, and prepared to do battle with Larva.  This was the first time he had ever seen Larva, but he knew deep inside that this was no force to be reckoned with.   He slowly pulled out his sword, which was half as long as his scabbard [hey, I had to do some improvising to get a correct-length scabbard by gluing two together.  It looked pretty good], and fought Larva in an exciting battle.  Meanwhile, Merle was running through the woods, calling for help.


Deep within the woods, Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII was wandering around, taking in the scenery.  Suddenly, she heard the frantic cries of Merle, and started to run in the direction of the pleas for help.   She was a sweet young lady who would help anyone in need, seizing the chance to rescue the frantic cat-girl from whatever ailed her.  Why wasn't Squall the one doing the rescuing?  He was in Korea, on business...A DURG! [that's Navy talk for "obviously!"]

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