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Wacky Wazooo Balooba Bone Jam Wingy Ding Ho Down Extreme! This is the index, you are the spandex, we are the windex!
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The Great Larva Page I named this page! - Kirin

Shin-Boy's AX99 Page

Kirin's Super Cool AX' 99/3000 GT/Final Fantasy VIII Page

here is a cow:

  '   '
  O O  ---------
  \_/           |    MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
     |          |
      I  I  I  I

And I am a cowboy.

Please refrain from feeding the cows. They may get too excited and eat you. Thank you. - Kirin

How do you smell today? Good? Good! (This comment is reserved for Larva). - Kirin

Is that a Dhalsim coming out of your crotch? Gee, I must be bored. Why it's 3 in the morning! - Kirin

What the heck is happening now... I don't know but i'm hungry. Where's that cow... - Kirin

Isn't Final Fantasy VIII cool? Yes it is. Why am I even putting this stuff here? - Kirin

Rinoa is cool! Seifer is cool! They should be togther! Bad Squall, I stab at thee! *stab* *stab* - Kirin

Dang it was hot out today. Good thing I had my egg baster(?) and chicken grater. Ah... - Kirin

On to more important things. Like cheese. And wine. - Kirin

I will keep adding nonsensical comments to this plain page for as long as I want - Kirin

Dorothy? Where are you? I can no longer see up your flowery skirt! - Kirin

Oh the pain! Stuck in the eye with a pickle! Ow! It stings! Ahh... - Kirin

Come clean your room right now Bongo! I will not have the guests stepping in your pools of urine! - Kirin

Don't you hate it when you get cut off by a 3000 GT and loose your internet connection? - Kirin

Woo!  My turn to talk, baby! - Shin-Boy

Zell Dincht is the coolest guy ever!  Oh so cool!  - Shin-Boy

Eat my children, destroy my cheese, but you can never ZELL!!!! - Shin-Boy

Umm...Irvine Kinneas is cool too!  He is me, and me is he! - Shin-Boy

Lalalala! - Shin-Boy

Man, I stayed up till 5 in the morning. Practically fell out of my chair into a pool of cheddar. - Kirin

Damn Angelfire and their adding that add crap. Can't they tell it smells really bad? - Kirin

No way i'm going to grab that! I'm not into that kind of stuff. Though you might ask Zell over there... - Kirin

Zell is mine!!!!  He's mine!!! - Shin-Boy

Home, home on the range, where the golbins and chocobo play... - Shin-Boy

Where seldom is read, a discouraging text box... - Shin-Boy

And the polygonal-sky is not cloudy all day! - Shin-Boy

Kiss me, kiss me rotten! - Shin-Boy

Visit my web page! Shin-Boy

  Oh yeah, since Kirin ain't putting up any Zell pictures, here's one!
  Ain't he cool?!  But he's mine!! - Shin-Boy

This is entirely uncalled for! I will not stand for this! So I shall sit down. - Kirin

Oh I see, is that the way it is? Well then this is what you get! - Kirin

Woo! Rinoa, Seifer, and "Chest-Action" Edea! Beat that Mr.! You can have your freaky Zell! Nobody else does! - Kirin

Well well, this is how it's gonna be, eh?  Well, here's another Zell!!! - Shin-Boy

I would add an Irvine, too, but Mr. Kefka-kun face might get more spoiled than he wants to. - Shin-Boy

Oh! Oh! No you did not just do that! Yeah...well this is what you get! - Kirin

And now that you are doing this, I do hate Zell! He is a queer! You make a perfect couple! - Kirin

And that's not all! Take more of this! - Kirin

Yes, Zell is my boyfriend!!!  How mean of you to deface his picture! - Shin-Boy

Well, lucky for you, I won't stoop to that level. - Shin-Boy

Instead, here's another super-cool character! - Shin-Boy

Sure, she's from the last FF, but she's still super-neato-keen! - Shin-Boy

Of course, I mustn't forget about my dear Zell, eating a steak. - Shin-Boy

Ha ha, Zell is your boyfriend! That's so freakn' gay! Just like Zell! - Kirin

And that's not a steak! Looks like a dirty sock! Ha ha, your gay boyfriend eats dirty socks! - Kirin

Who's stooping! There was no stooping involved in the "X"ing of the queer Zell! You stoop when you poop! - Kirin

How dare you bring a non-FF8 character into...whatever this is! Hah, she's dead because the cool Sephiroth stabbed her in the back! Wee hee! - Kirin

Hah, Sephiroth is so much cooler than Aerith! And I will forget your "steak" eating Zell and put me! - Kirin

Since Zell is my boyfriend, of course he'd be gay! (or bi, or whatever...yeah)  A durg!  - Shin-Boy

And that's not a dirty sock, it's a clean sock! - Shin-Boy

There is indeed stooping in the X-ing of my dear Zell!  You stoop when you pee! - Shin-Boy

Oh yeah?  Well your "cooler" Sephiroth's sword is broken!  it has no tip! - Shin-Boy

And here's another Zell for good measure...drawn by me!  Ha, top that! - Shin-Boy

And again, I'd put me, but I don't wanna spoil Mr. Tonberry!  Darn you Tonberry!!!! - Shin-Boy

What the Jake?! - Shin-Boy

Well then if there was stooping, I was pissing on your Zell! Hah! Take that to your grave gay boy! - Kirin

Yeah well your Aerith is stuck in a white box! And has no arms! And nothing below her chest! Why? Because Sephiroth cut her sorry self in half! - Kirin

And here's another SEIFER for good measure...drawn by me! Even though it is REALLY bad, it still beats the crap out of your queer Zell because Seifer is just that much cooler! - Kirin

What the Jake indeed! Another one of your gay orgy buddies! Always trying to climb up your shorts! - Kirin

And here is Zell getting some head from one of his gay stick buddies! Wa ha ha! He looks pretty happy to me... - Kirin

Due to the graphic nature of the preceeding picture, it will not be posted here. However, if you would really like to see it, please leave a request for me and I will see what I can do. - Kirin

Aaaa!  The meanness continues!  Your evil Sephiroth and his slaughtering of my dear Aerith Gainsborough... - Shin-Boy

Now I will cry. - Shin-Boy

Jake isn't one of my lovers!  It was you who was trying to hook us up!  Of course, it didn't work out...since he died when Dhalsim burst out of him. - Shin-Boy

Admit it!  You're not showing the picture because it doesn't exist!! - Shin-Boy

Zell & I have never taken pictures while we were...yeah... - Shin-Boy

Unless you were peeking with your telescope and cannon! - Shin-Boy

stick buddy...Hmm...I'm skinny enough for that part... - Shin-Boy

Here's another Zell for good measure!  In a new outfit, to boot! - Shin-Boy

He's so sexy!! - Shin-Boy

And here's another Aerith as well!  How's this for slow loading?! - Shin-Boy

Hah! I did have the picture. And there it is! I thought i'd be nice and not put it up but nooo, you went and made really gay comments and put up that huge picture of Aerith! So hah! And here it is again! Just for you! Maybe that is you! - Kirin

Wa ha ha! That's what you get! And what the hell is that first picture? You as Crying Gofer Boy?!?! - Kirin

Yeah, that's right! He slaughtered your Aerith! And don't you forget it! Just so you don't, here is another picture of the super cool Sephiroth! - Kirin

And just who gave me that cannon and and telescope that doesn't need a LOS? - Kirin

Take more of this while you're at it! - Kirin