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The Turks' Anime Expo 1999 Page!
Four different pages...four different views of AX99...

... coming soon... our AX2K peiji! =D
coming soon... in the middle of July...

The Great Larva Page I named this page! - Kirin

-- p.s. This is the only page which is still being updated! Last updated... err.. 3-22-00... why? Cause sd/turksexpo2 got erased... so Hichan had to re-upload all the stuff =( -- anyways Hichan finally fixed up almost all the broken pics =D

Shin-Boy's AX99 Page

Kirin's Super Cool AX' 99/3000 GT/Final Fantasy VIII Page - 07/27/01 - Note to whoever still looks at this thing: my page has been updated. Actually, it's been replaced with a different one. The old one can still be viewed here.

Toma's Semi-existent AX99 Page That Has Nothing To Do With Expo...Yet.

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since August 26, 1999!

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