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Alternity: Science Fiction Role Playing Game 
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Dietterlich Industries
Availability: Military
Cost: $2750
Mass: 10 kg
Length: 85 cm
Payload: Electrical Arc
Accuracy: -1
Actions: 2
Mode: F
Type/Firepower: En/G
Damage: d8+1s/d8w/d6+3w
Range: 20/40/100
Hide: -
Clip/charge Size: 12 shots
Clip/charge Cost: $250
Skill: Modern Ranged Weapons - Rifle

The Blue Bolt has an unusual feature not found on many arc guns - a wireless taser setting. When it's activated, the gun's laser marker measures the target's surface resistance and calculates an appropriate stun charge. In taser mode, the Blue Bolt inflicts d8+1s/2d6s/2d6+2s for an Ordinary, Good, or Amazing success on the attack skill check. Switching from taser mode to normal operation requires an action.

Blue Bolt Arc Gun


This weapon is one of the most under-rated guns I have ever seen. Let's take alook at what I like about this weapon. First of all, it has an accuracy bonus (-1 step) which makes a big difference to new characters with a low rifle skill. Second, it does Good damage, which means it upgrades the damage ever times it hits, doing on average d8w, not too shabby. Next, the taser setting makes this gun perfect for those "capture the bad guy" missions where your not suppose to hurt him (too badly anyways). I just love rolling 2d6 for damage, and that is what is going to be rolled on average in the taser setting for stun damage. Lastly, this weapon makes a perfect signature weapon for re-occuring NPC arch-nemesis because you do not want to give a player killer weapon to a guy who shows up every second adventure and another player dies. Just imagine what this weapon looks like in battle, lightning streaking from your manical evil genious NPC, and it does enough damage to drop PC's but not enough to put them at death's door every time. All in all, I give this weapon a 8 and 1/2 on my scale of cool weapons.
--Webmaster Cool LMJ

This page has been designed and copyrighted by Cool LMJ @ 2000, Alternity is a licensed product of TSR which is a copyright of Wizards of the Coast and any attempt at duplication will not be viewed kindly upon. You can check up on their copyright policys at their site.
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