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Characters of The Verge

Angel Cortez

Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Short Jet Black

Pictures of Angel Cortez

Appearance: Angel Cortez is a naturally beautiful woman, which most people can't tell because she always dresses in bulky, unrevealing combat armor. She usually has short (about eight inches) black hair that flows to the bottom of her chin. She will never be found without a concealed weapon of some sort (usually a fatal one). She will only wear make up when she is going out on the town.

Personality:Angel Cortez is a trained professional, preferring to "hunt" alone. She does not care about anyone else or anything, unless it will suit her purpose. She is cold, calculating, and always thinking of ways to make her life a little easier. She despises men, especially ones who try to hit on her. And she is very vindictive, slighting her often means uncomfortable pain for the person who does that, but it may not happen right away, because she is, after all, very patient and has a remarkable memory.

Creed:Its survival of the fittest, and I plan to come out on top.


Angel Cortez is from the Union of Sol, growing up in the French village of Peruiguine. Her father left her mother when she was pregnant, so Angel never had a true father. She had an Uncle Bill that would come and visit, and who eventually got her off the planet shortly after her mother died of a heart condition. She worked with her uncle for several years, who was a pilot for a trading organization, often doing illegal import and export runs for some extra money.

It was on one of these runs that their ship was caught by some blockades, uncle Bill being taken off to jail, and Angel managed to convince her captors that she was kidnapped. They let her go but kept a close eye on her. Now she had no job, so she started stealing and pick pocketing to survive. But, unfortunately, one of her victims had noticed her attempt and thwarted her. But taking pitty upon her, the man, decided he would "help" her out. He pointed her in the direction of a well known street gang who after a few tests of loyalty, accepted her and began training her to steal.

A few more years past and Angel had grown to become a beautiful seductress, who made her way to near the top of the gang. She and some gang members went to rob a jewelery store, and after getting by the security alarms, moved in to take as much as they could grab. Suddenly, shots rang out, and all of the gang members were dead, Angel suffering a wound to the shoulder. The unseen assassin moved in and started finishing what the gang had started, but on his way out, Angel managed to plead with him to take her with him. He did.

The mans name was FreeJack, a mercenary for hire, and he took care of Angel, training her the arts of the assassin: stealth, intelligence, and timing. They became good friends and over time even more. Then one day, Angel waited for the return of FreeJack, but he never came back. What happened to him was a mystery. Feeling rejected, she took off and began living off what she had stole with FreeJack. She wanted to go exploring and did just that, backpack around several planets for several years.

On her last journey, she came across an expedition into alien ruins, where she found and ancient, alien device some people were guarding. She killed them and took the device, not knowing that she had just stole from a group of people who call themselves the "Ancientists". She hid the device and fled, as too many people started looking for her.

It was at this time she joined a mercenary group for a little while, and then decided to join the concord for "a better life". Also, possibly to avoid the religious fanatics chasing her every where.

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