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Where ever two or more are gathered in His Name, there is Love.

Click on the blue names to see that persons web page.

Please pray for Stella. She is going through some pretty hard times right now. She has found a lump in her breast and is about to lose her house due to financial reasons. A friend of hers has asked for prayers.

Please pray for Ashley. She has brain cancer and is in need of our prayers.

Please pray for Wendy who has brain cancer.

Please pray for Greta a 35 year old woman with lung cancer.

Please pray for Lindsey. She is a 3 year old downs syndrom child who has leukemia. Please keep both Lindsey and her parents in your prayers.

Please pray for Devon Walls , a 5 year old with brain cancer. Please pray for healing.

Please pray for Anne Janine Elguezabal, an 8 year old little girl from Florida who has leukemia.

Please pray for 9 month old Lydia Murray who needs a liver transplant.1-14

Please pray for Malorie. She is a 10 month oldlittle girl who has eye cancer.

Please pray for Katie, a 8 year old little girl with cancer. Check out her web page.

Please pray for Matt, a 12 year old boy who was badly burned. He has a big fight ahead of him.

Please pray for Lil Matt, he is also a burn victum like the pervious Matt, but much younger. UPDATE:Lil Matt's father has been charged with setting Matt on fire to get back at his wife. Please pray for Matt and his Mother. JUNE UPDATE: Matt is home!! He still need our prayers as he still has a lot of healing to do. See pictures inside.

Please Pray for Kye Weedon in Australia. Kye is a 13 year old young man who had a diving accident and is now paralized. He is hospitalized and in need of our prayers.

Please pray for Sam a six year old with cancer. Sam is waiting for a bone-marrow transplant.

Please pray for JD, a 46 year old man with prostate cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes.UPDATE: 4-4-98 JD's cancer has now spread to his lungs. I just learned he served our county for many years and that he has a heart of gold. Please continue praying for him.

Please pray for Daniel a 12 year old boy with a seemingly undiagnosible disease.

Please pray for AM ANDA BUNDY, a 6 year old girl from Greensburg, Pennsylvania who had cancerous tumors removed. Keep Her parents in your prayers too!

Please pray for 11 year old Jessica who has a rare chemo-resisant cancer in her left leg.

Please pray for 5 year old Kelsey. She has a cancerous brain tumor and is not doing very well.

Please pray for JOANwho has advanced lung cancer and is undergoing experimental treatment. Joan has a wonderful web site about Angels. If you would like to visit her site go H ere.

Please pray for Boca in Jerusalem. He is a young father of 2 who has been diagnosed with matastsising lung cancer.

Carolyne has asked for prayers for her dear friend. Lynn has cancer and just found out that it has spread to her lungs and brain. She has been given 6-8 months to live. Lynn and her husband are raising their young grandchild. Please pray for a miracle.

Please pray for 13 year old Natalie. She has been fighting a rare form of kidney cancer for the last two years and is not doing very well.

Please pray for Robert Middleton.He was burned over 99% of his body on his 8th birthday when another child poured gasoline over him and lit him on fire.

Please pray for year old Baby Jessica. She is battleing cancer.Her mom has made a web site for her, please visit!

Please pray for 14 year old Dana. She has had a large cancerous tumor removed and could use prayers for her recovery.

Please pray for 8 year old Sierra Tyler. She was badly burned from a fire works accident on the 4th of July.

Please pray for little Carleigh. She is a unborn baby due in November. Carleigh has been diagnosed with severe abnormalites and really needs prayers. Visit her web page for her story.

If you know someone in need of prayers, for any reason, and you would like prayers for them, Email me and I will add your prayer request word for word to this page. I am sorry I don't have the capibility for you to type it in on a form but I don't know how to do that. Please keep these dear people in your prayers. SummerStorm


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