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      The following is a bibliography of resources concerning the history of Tajikistan. Included are both Books and Journal/Academic Articles. Not included in this section are Internet resources. If you want a thorough listing of Internet Resources concerning Tajikistan then please go to the following link::

      Also, a listing of recent news articles concerning Tajikistan is available at:

      If you are interested in purchasing English, Russian, and Tajik language books published in Tajikistan check out the Middle EurAsian Books website:

      For bibliographic information concerning Afghanistan go to the Afghan-Politics website at:

      For a bibliography of newspapers, magazines and publications from Afghanistan since 1875 go to the following website:

      For a bibliography of music related sources concerning Central Asia go to the following website:

      For a bibliography of sources concerning Islam and economics go to the following site:

      One historical note should be made about the inclusion of Bukhara in the "Books" section of this bibliography. The reason why Bukhara has been included is that before Tajikistan was created by the Soviets in 1924 the area constituting Tajikistan was a part of the Khanate of Bukhara.

      Also, some sources about Afghanistan have been included. The reason for this is that the works concern communities with close relations to Tajikistan. The books by Shalinsky and Barfield concern refugee groups that fled from Tajikistan and sources about the Afghan Pamiri nationalities have been included because of their close relationship with Pamiri groups in Tajikistan.

      Of course no bibliography is ever complete as new items are constantly being published. This bibliography is also limited by language in that only English language sources are listed below, excluding a large number of Russian and Tajik language sources. If you think an item should be added to this page please feel free to contact me.

        Books: Pre-Soviet History  

      Barfield, Thomas J.. The Central Asian Arabs of Afghanistan: Pastoral Nomadism in Transition [Book covers refugees who fled the Bukharan Khanate during the 19th Century revolt]. University of Texas Press, Austin 1981

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        Books: Soviet & Post-Soviet History  
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      (available at: )

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      (available at:"
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        Journal and Academic Articles  

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