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Height: 6'3" Weight: 252 lbs. Signature Maneuver: Scorpion Death Lock Shrouded in mystery, Sting has loomed on the fringe of the WCW vs. nWo battle lines. For two years, draped in black and wielding a baseball bat, he created a dark aura that had everyone on their heels, intimidated by his silence. Now Sting is silent no more. In a move that shook the foundations of professional wrestling, Sting turned his back on WCW and joined the "red" nWo faction led by Kevin Nash and Lex Luger. This native of Venice Beach, California had been the "franchise" superstar of WCW since the promotion started. As a major fan-favorite, Sting has been honored on numerous occasions as "Wrestler of the Year." Matching his immense popularity are many ring championships. Prestigious victories against A-list opponents have garnered three WCW World Heavyweight Titles, WCW U.S. championships and WCW Tag Team belts in addition to inaugural wins in WCW BattleBowl and the European Cup Championship. This former collegiate basketball player has carved out two highly successful Main Event Fitness Centers in Atlanta with good friend and co-owner Lex Luger. In his spare time he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and off-road jeeps and playing golf. Sting fans also enjoyed his role on the TV series "Thunder in Paradise," and he has even starred in his first feature film, "The Real Reason," which was released on pay-per-view in 1998. Perhaps the greatest testimonies to Sting's popularity are requests from the Make-A-Wish and Starlight Foundation organizations granting wishes to critically ill children. Dangerous and ready to do battle, Sting has Wolfpac fans hoping that he will continue to lead the fight against WCW and the nWo. Thank you for coming to my Stinger web page.