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From a book called <I>The Outline of the world today</I> . " <B>The British Empire is only three hundred years old, but it has already outrun all the records of history. The Roman Empire never reached one-seventh, the Arab , Mongolian, Spanish and Chinese never more than one-third, even the Empire of the Tsars did not amount to much more than one-half the British Empire, which covers a quarter of the land of the <I>Globe</I>. It is three times greater than Europe, twice as great as South America, a hundred times greater than the United Kingdom.<br> And it has been growing all the time , most of all since the <U>loss</U> of those <I>plantations</I> now known as the United States </b> " . <I>From the Book THE OUTLINE OF THE WORLD TODAY (1932)- edited by Sir Harry Johnson, & Dr. L. Haden Guest.</I><BR><A HREF="http://www.pbs.org/empires" TITLE="Look at the various Empires in History" TARGET="_blank"></A> Click here to read about the other Empires. </p> <p>Notice it says that the Empire expanded with great force <I>after</I> the <U>loss</U> of the United States ( plantations!! :) ). The entire credit went to the greatness of the people who constituted the Empire and not to the acquistion of a massive obedient, unquestioning and awestruck Labour force known as India, acquired within a period of 75 years, through subterfuge and conspiracy disguised smartly by Elizabethan Elegance. The US was lost in 1776 and the gradual encroachment into India started in 1757 by Robert Clive. Clive made Machiavelli look like an innocent todler :). His "victory" largely through underhand means gave a strong impetus to the pace of acquistion. </P><P>The fear of the Deities called the British was instilled by events like this Durbar. The veneer after 1857 was Empire and Government. The soul was always trade, skewed to benefit the colonials. </P><P>And yes the Empire went like a punctured ballon after Indian freedom. Last year (2003) a well read media fed Engineering college student wanted to know what was <B>Great </b> Britain. He was aware of Britain but "Great Britain" he was not so sure. "Great" of course in the mind of an older generation stood for the vastness of the Empire. The "Sun never set" remember - no one does! :). </P><br><a href=" durbar39.html"><b>N E X T </b></a> --> <a href="durbar\durbar34.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan34.jpg" border="1" title="The Royal Throne, perhaps made in Kashmir" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar39.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan39.jpg" border="1" title="King George V and Queen Mary leaving Buckingham Palace for India on November 11th, 1911. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar38.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan38.jpg" border="1" title="HMS Medina 12,500 Tons. A P & O liner which was put on duty as a Royal Yatch. It returned in the 2nd week of January. It was just a little over 2 months later that the TITANIC sank. The TITANIC was over 40,000 tons." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar37.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan37.jpg" border="1" title="HMS Medina escorted by gunships" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar04.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan04.jpg" border="1" title="On board the Medina: The Queen and the Duke of Teck." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar36.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan36.jpg" border="1" title="Landing at Bombay at the point where the GATEWAY OF INDIA was later made." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar00.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan00.jpg" border="1" title="King George V" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar01.html" target="Durbardisp" ><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan01.jpg" border="1" title="Queen Mary" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar02.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan02.jpg" border="1" title="Lord Hardinge" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar03.html" target="Durbardisp"> <img src="durbar\index\tn_scan03.jpg" border="1" title="Lady Hardinge" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar09.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan09.jpg" border="1" title="The arrival scene at Apollo Bunder" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar35.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan35.jpg" border="1" title="Sir P M Mehta and King George V" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar10.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan10.jpg" border="1" title="King George V reading out his reply to the welcome address by Sir P.M. Mehta at Apollo Bunder ." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar05.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan05.jpg" border="1" title="Sir Geoge Sydenham Clarke , Governor of Bombay" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar25.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan25.jpg" border="1" title="The Sundry arches constructed in their honour. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar06.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan06.jpg" border="1" title="The Saracenic Arch and the Parsi Arch. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar07.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan07.jpg" border="1" title="The Cotton Arch on the Royal Route" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar11.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan11.jpg" border="1" title="The procession passing the Muncipality Buildings" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar12.html" target="Durbardisp"><img href="durbar\durbar12.html" src="durbar\index\tn_scan12.jpg" border="1" title="The Maharajah of Kolhapur, the Rajahs and Maharajahs were around in full force right upto Independence." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar13.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan13.jpg" border="1" title="The Parsi Arch" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar14.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan14.jpg" border="1" title="The Rajabhai Tower at Bombay lit up with electric lights to welcome the Royal couple" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar15.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan15.jpg" border="1" title="The Nizam of Hyderabad" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar17.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan17.jpg" border="1" title="His Highness The Gaekwar of Baroda" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar18.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan18.jpg" border="1" title="The Trumpeteers." ></a> <!-- <a href="durbar\durbar19.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan19.jpg" border="1" title="The Royal Saloon which brought them to Delhi from Bombay." ></a> --> <a href="durbar\durbar33.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan33.jpg" border="1" title="The Royal Saloon in which the couple travelled to Delhi From Bombay. Possibly now a part of The Palace on Wheels " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar20.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan20.jpg" border="1" title="The Royal walk from the carriage on their arrival at Salimgarh Fort." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar21.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan21.jpg" border="1" title="The Welcome at Salimgarh Fort. Old Delhi Railway station was not considered fit to stage a Royal welcome." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar22.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan22.jpg" border="1" title="King George V leaving Dilli Gate." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar23.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan23.jpg" border="1" title="Queen Mary Leaving Dilli Gate" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar24.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan24.jpg" border="1" title="The Mail-Clad escorts of the King and Queen. Mail dates back to medieval times. Gave protection from spears and arrows. Not sure if Indian Armour included this. It was always a few steps behind Europan developments." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar32.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan32.jpg" border="1" title="The Nawab of Rampur. Rampur is near Meerut . The Nawab even had his own Railway. The Bogey's with their coat of Arms still stand in the Private Railway station in a decrepit condition. The station is a haven for Gypsies. This was certainly a well maintained town until the privy purses were abolished." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar31.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan31.jpg" border="1" title="The Rani of Bhopal. One of the many who paid homage to the KING EMPEROR at the durbar. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar28.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan28.jpg" border="1" title="The Maharajah Scindia of Gwalior. There were many Rajahs Maharajahs still around up to Independence. Their main connection to the British Government of India was payment of an amount. I have no idea what the Crown and previously The EAST INDIA COMPANY provided in return apart from posting a resident. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar29.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan29.jpg" border="1" title="The Maharajah of Jaipur. They could rule according to their own sweet will. The dungeons in Jaipur are known to have many skeletons of people who may have incurred the wrath of the ruler." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar27.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan27.jpg" border="1" title="The Arrival of the Royal Couple at the Durbar" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar16.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan16.jpg" border="1" title="The Arrival of the Nizam of Hyderabad at the Durbar" ></a> <h3>The White City</h3> <a href="durbar\bawari25.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_bawari25.jpg" border="1" title="The White city which came up where the current Kingsway camp is. Maiden's Hotel was completely booked by one Maharajah and created a great shortage of accomodation. Hotel Cecil was booked by the Durbar Committee." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar47.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan47.jpg" border="1" title="The map of Delhi at that time (1911)." ></a> <h4>The Coronation Durbar of 12th of December 1911</h4> <a href="durbar\coronation25.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan08.jpg" border="1" title="The Coronation Durbar. King George V announced his coronation which took place earlier in June.Gave out awards to people who came from all over the Empire. Accepted Gifts and Homage from Indian Maharajahs. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar46.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan46.jpg" border="1" title="The robes they wore at the Durbar. The WEALTH OF THE NATIONS would be the more suitable description. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar30.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan30.jpg" border="1" title="The Royal Hunt - only a few tigers. A Practice continued until the 1960s. The Duke of Edinburugh also indulged in the sport during a 1960s Royal visit. He is/was chief of the World Wild Life Fund. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar42.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan42.jpg" border="1" title="Calcutta all lit up." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar44.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan44.jpg" border="1" title="At the races in Calcutta. " ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar45.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan45.jpg" border="1" title="At the races in Calcutta . Close up." ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar41.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan41.jpg" border="1" title="All the King's Men" ></a> <a href="durbar\durbar40.html" target="Durbardisp"><img src="durbar\index\tn_scan40.jpg" border="1" title="Homeward Bound" ></a> </div> </body>