Someshwar Das

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  • Member of the sub-group on Land Slide Early Warning System (LS-EWS), NDMA (2016-Present)
  • Member of International Programme Committee of SAARC STORM Programme (2008-2016)
  • Member of the CAIPEEX (Cloud Aerosol Interaction & Precipitation Enhancement Experiment) team (2014-16)
  • Representative of IMD for the Monsoon Mission programme (2014-2016).
  • Member of expert committee on STORM field experiment of India, 2004-2016.
  • Member of Regional Climate Modeling (RCM) project under Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) – Geosphere Biosphere Program (GBP), 2004-2008
  • Member of working group on cloud physics & dynamics of Continental Tropical Convergence Zone (CTCZ) field experiment under Indian climate Research Program (ICRP), 2005-2007.
  • Member of working group on model & diagnostics of Extended Range Monsoon Prediction (ERMP), 2004
  • Member of task force for development of real-time nuclear emergency response system, 2004-.
  • Nominee of NCMRWF/ DST for the Mountain Meteorology project of DRDO, 2002-2005; played key role to start Mesoscale modeling (MM5) for mountain weather forecasting at NCMRWF.
  • Management of Arabian Sea Monsoon Experiment (ARMEX) data center, 2002-2007.
  • Participated in the planning of ARMEX (2001-2002) & Bay of Bengal Monsoon Experiment (BOBMEX), 1999
  • Played key role in signing a MOU for collaborative research between NCMRWF and NCAR, USA, 2002.
  • Convener of workshop on ‘Mesoscale Modeling …’, (29-30 July, 2002) at NCMRWF.





    Weather Adventure


  • Member of Editorial board, Open Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, Vayumandal (Journal of Indian Meteorological Society), Co-Guest editor of CURRENT SCIENCE, Vol. 88, No. 6, 2005.



    Currently I work at the Central University of Rajasthan, which is in the good ol' India on the Planet Earth.


    I like quiet walk in nature's serene environment, mountains, beaches. I like to watch crashing of waves across the sea shore and reflection of moon light from the calm surface of water. Though I would like to frequent them very much, I can't afford them so much due to academic responsibilities. I have a quest for doing something great for the society and this Planet Earth at large.

    Owing to my profession, some of my interests and hobby include watching the clouds, the lightning, and chasing storms. If you like to join me in watching some of the nature's most spectacular phenomena (its display of fire works), click there to see the Lightning.

    I like music, both Western (Jazz and classic) as well as Indian (movie songs and classical). Among the Western classical, I like Mozart, Beethoven while, among the Indian classical, my favorite is "Rag Malkaus" in any form (both instrumental and vocal).

    I have a firm believe that the essence of all religions is same.

    I am not a poet, but I like poetry, specially those which describe the nature, are romantic and touching the heart. Here is a poem entitled Grinning written by my friend Karl Zielinski.

    I do enjoy humor sometimes though, am not so good in making one myself. If you like to see MMM [Me Minus Mustache] just Click Here.

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    Work address:

    Prof. Someshwar Das
    Department of Atmospheric Science
    Central University of Rajasthan
    Bandar-Sindri, Kishangarh, District-Ajmer, PIN: 305817, INDIA