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Welcome to Softball History Photo Section where you'll find many interesting facts and figures of the players that have made softball history what it is today. These photo sections are divided up into four different pages. There are many photos on each page so please be patient while they load, you won't be disappointed.  In addition to the photos, there is a page full of old logos of your favorite teams.


Photo Page 1

This page covers the beginnings of Slow Pitch Softball in the 1950's as seen and experienced by the great players and teams of the Northern Kentucky-Cincinnati area. The 1960's are the next era covered and the players and teams from Pittsburgh and Long Island are chronicled here. You'll then read about Cleveland's own Steve Loya who is always remembered as one of the greatest players ever and an even greater person. Florida is the next stop where the greatest single's hitter of all time, Mike Nye now resides. A couple of guys from the Milton, Florida powerhouse named Jo's House of Pizza are next on the list.  A fellow nobody really talks about, Chester Dungan became the first player to ever hit 8 home runs in a single game. Then there is a player named HT Waller, who is on anybody and everybody's all time team. 


Photo Page 2

The great Bill Gatti is the first player in this section and he is followed by Tennessee's own Home Run slugger Ron Patterson. 1970's home run champions James Boyett and Mike Parrott are then chronicled. We then move to the great softball area of Detroit, Michigan where some of the greatest teams and players in history have called home. We'll talk about the Industrial division of Softball that was at one time almost as powerful as the Open division. Some of history's best played almost exclusively in the Industrial classes. Toward the end of the 1970's, an area that had been quiet exploded on the scene and softball hasn't been the same since. The great players and teams of the western part of the country. Up until then, softball in America had been played mostly in the East, South and the Central portions of the country.


Photo Page 3

This section begins with a tribute to the most recognized team in softball history, Howard's Furniture. They later became Howard's/Western Steer. This team pioneered the way softball is played today. They saw a great player in one part of the country and they went after him. Soon, the best players wanted to play for Howard's and why, they were the best. They may have not won the National Championships every year, but they always had as good a shot as anybody. Bruce Meade and Herman Rathman are the next pair of players chronicled as the Nelson Painting era ended the 1970's. We'll then go into a little detail about five players that reside in the USSSA hall of fame. They may not be household names, but in their era, they were the best of the best. The section concludes with some of the early superstars of the Professional Softball experience.


Photo Page 4

This section doesn't have any big write-ups, only because these players chronicled here are still playing or have retired over the past few years. This page just has many photos of modern day softball marvels who have graced the fields since the early 1990's. It has a who's who of present day softball and even more so of the last 10 years. Many of these players have accomplishments that rival or even surpass the older legends of the game mentioned in the previous three photo pages.


Logo Page

This simple little page displays some of the logos of yesteryear. See how many you can recognize. The collections isn't as big as I hoped it would be, but it's a nice trip down memory lane. 



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