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National Softball Association - NSA

  • NSA Class-AA World Series (1990 - Present)
  • NSA Class-A World Series (1985 - Present)
  • Other NSA World Series Events
NSA Class - AA World Series
Year	Champion				Runner-Up	
	Home Run Leader
	Average Leader
1990	Premier/Century, St. Louis, MO		Dixie Carpets, Houston, TX	
	Freddie Johnson, Premier (17 HRs, 36 RBIs)
	Freddie Johnson, Premier - 17	
1991	Neuse Sand & Gravel, Kinston, NC	?
	MVP - Jimmy Powers, Neuse Sand & Gravel
1992	Worth Astros, Indianapolis, IN		Jock's Nitch, Kansas
	MVP - ?
1993	Charlie's Tuna/PF, Ocean City, MD	CBC/Triangle, Austin, IN
	Greg Harding, Charlie's Tuna (13-19, 10 HRs)
	Ed Berg, Charlie's Tuna - 14 (20-23, .870)
	Doug Kissane, Charlie's Tuna - .913  (21-23)
1994	Southland/TPS, Gainesville, GA		Pace/Worth, Rochester, NY
	Sylvin Little, Southland (.684, 9 HRs, 20 RBIs)
	Jeff Wallace, Pace/TPS (31 RBIs) & Buck Autry, Reece (18 RBIs) - 10
	Dave Kosar, Charlie's Tuna (15-17) - .882
1995	Superior/Southland, Gainesville, GA	Hague/R&D/Ohio Transport/TPS, Columbus, OH
	Dewayne Frizzell, Superior/Southland (23-25, 920, 6 HRs, 24 RBIs)
	Mike Cobb, Hague - 10 (24-35, .686, 25 RBIs)
	Dewayne Frizzell, Superior/Southland - .920
1996	Dan Smith/Easton, San Jose, CA		Sonny's/Liquid Blue/TPS, Boston, MA
	Dennis Mendoza, Dan Smith (31-36, .861)	
	Rod Hughes, Sonny's - 18 (21-33, .636, 38 RBIs)
	Jeff Riner, So Jern/Speciality Tank/TPS - 1.000 (21-21)
1997	Sierra/TPS, Reno, NV			So Jern/Speciality Tank/TPS, Cedarbrook, NJ
	Mike Rodriguez, Sierra (44-50, .880, 8 HRs)	
	Mike Wismer, AJ's (23-25, .920), Derrick Williams (37-47, .749) and
	Glen  Dolezac, Sierra (35-43, .814) - 16
	Mike Wismer, AJ's (23-25) - .920
1998	Herb's/KCS/TPS, San Diego, CA		Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno, Albertville, MN
	Jamie Wisham, Herb's (24-29, .828, 5 HRs)	
	Jacques Millier, Tiger/Chec King/Air Transit (.857) - 17
	Pete Roberts, Central Paving - 1.000 (20-20)
1999	Long Haul/Hendu/TPS, Albertville, MN	Sunnyvale Valve/TPS, Sunnyvale, CA
	Kent Johnson, Long Haul (16-22, .783, 6 HRs, 18 RBIs)
	Derrick Williams, Brian Greer (11-17, .647) & Jeff Ott (10-19, .526), Sunnyvale - 9
	Derrick Williams - .800 (16-20, 9 HRs)
2000	AJA/TPS, Houston, TX			Long Haul/TPS, Albertville, MN
	Sterling Ibrom, AJA/TPS (17-22, .821, 7 HRs, 19 RBIs)
	Sterling Ibrom, AJA/TPS - 7
	Sterling Ibrom, AJA/TPS - .821
2001	KCS/BEP/JDS/TPS, Pasadena, TX		Gasoline Heaven/Worth, Commack, NY
	Jamie Wisham, KCS/BEP/JDS/TPS
	HR Leader - ?
	Batting Leader - ?
2002	Chase/Reece/Roosters, Wilmington, NC	Phonemasters/K&G Sports/TPS, North Vernon, IN
	Dennis Rulli, Chase/Reece  (26-29 .897, 5 HRs)
	Wayne Habbermill, Phonemasters (27-37, .730, 30 RBIs) and
	Ron Wilson, Lighthouse Baptist (25-32, .781) - 14
	Dennis Rulli, Chase/Reece - .897
2003	Benfield Electric/Worth, Fairfield, VA	B&J Logging/Snap-On/Worth, Sandoval, IL
	Chris Chilton, Benefield Electric (22-26, .846, 8 HRs, 27 RBIs)
	Steve Roeder, B&J Logging (18-24, .750) - 14 HRs 
	Chris Chilton, Benefield Electric - .846
2004	B&J Logging/Snap-on, Sandoval, IL	Aubrey's/TPS, Savannah, GA
	Troy Summerfield, B&J Logging/Snap-on/Mizuno
	HR Leader - ?
	J.C.Phelps, B&J Logging/Snap-on/Mizuno (Batting Leader)
2005	AM/Las Vegas/Benfield, Manassas, VA	Quick Roofing/AL Brick/Easton, S. Sioux City, NE
	BJ Fulk, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Shade (.909)
	HR Leader - ?
	BJ Fulk, AM/Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Shade - .909
2006	Benfield/AM Las Vegas, Vienna, VA	Specialty Tank/Creative/K&G/Worth, Columbus, OH
	Brian May, Benfield/Reece/Shade/Easton/AM Las Vegas (21-25 .840 1 HR, 7 RBIs)
	Denny Crine, Benfield/Reece/Shade/Easton/AM Las Vegas (16-20, .800, 22 RBIs) - 8 HRs
	Brian May, Benfield/Reece/Shade/Easton/AM Las Vegas -.840
2007	Team Combat/Benfield, Seattle, WA	Aubrey's/Phone Masters, Savannah, GA
	Andy Purcell, Team Combat/Benfield/Dalsanders
	HR Leader - ?
	John McGraw, Team Combat/Benfield/Dalsanders (Batting leader)
NSA Class - A World Series 
Year	Champion				Runner-Up
	Home Run Leader
	Average Leader		
1985	Maroadi Transfer, Pittsburgh, PA	?
	Foxy Nelson, Maroadi Transfer					
1986	?					?
	MVP - ?				
1987	Pace Electronics, Rochester, NY		Brenda Ezzo's, Brownstown, IN
	Mike Shoniker, Pace (.731)		
1988	South Texas Lightening, Houston, TX	?
	MVP - ?
1989	Burkes/Small Mall Viston, Detroit, MI	Coil's Plus, Longview, TX
	Russ Gartha, Burkes/Small Mall Viston (.737)
	Tony Jackson, Burkes/Small Mall Viston - 13
1990	Neuse Sand & Gravel, Kinston, NC	Wildcat Fence, Louisville, KY
	Jimmy Powers & Greg Harding, Neuse		
1991	Dryden-Georno, Hampton, VA		Cincinati OHK&G Sports-IPC, Cincinnati, OH
	Greg Harding, Dryden		
1992	Four Star, Cleveland, OH		Chicago Kings, Chicago, IL
	Kevin Price, Chicago Kings (21-24, .875, 14 HRs)
1993	W.W. Gay, Gainesville, FL		S&D Sports, Orange Park, FL
	Robbie Ergle, W. W. Gay (18-23, 9 HRs, 21 RBIs)
	Mike Chambliss, S&D Sports (25-37, .676, 28 RBIs) - 14
1994	Leisure Time Marine, Rochester, NY	Chaney Enterprises, Baltimore, MD
	John Cail, Leisure Time Marine
1995	Reece/TPS, Springfield, KY		?
	Bobbie Storie, Reece/TPS		
1996	Commercial Bank, St. Louis, MO		Backstop/Easton, Lawrenceburg, IN
	Fred Shipley, NASTY Boys	
	Joe Penwell, Backstop & Lou Mongelli, Gasoline Heaven - 8
	Mike McCrory, National Golf - .850 (17-20)
1997 East - Gasoline Heaven, Commack, NY	Tron Piping, Braidwood, IL
	East MVP - ?
1997 West - T's 13, Omaha, NE			Fast Eddie, Jackson, MS
	West MVP - ?	
1998	Thomas Bait & Tackle, Sanford, NC	Smokes/ABS/Harrison/TPS, Ellicott, MD
	Scott Grant, Thomas Bait & Tackle		
1999 East - L&L Painting, Montgomery, AL	Beloli/Tailgaters, Pittsburgh, PA
	Richard White, L & L Painting
	Paul Stanley, Beloli/Tailgaters (Batting leader)
1999 West - Aftershock/DTS, Sacramento, CA	PhoneMasters, Wood River, IL
	West MVP - ?
2000	Paramount/TPS, Virginia Beach, VA	K&G Sports/Bike/TPS, North Vernon, IN
	Chris Graves, Paramount Builders/TPS
	HR Leader - ?
	Batting Leader - ?
2001	Mercer's/K&G/TPS, North Vernon, IN	New Construction, Shelbyville, IN
	Rick Baker, Mercer's/K&G/Bike/Miller/ TPS  (22-25, .880, 6 HRs, 16 RBIs)
	Andy Pepper, Rose City Motors/CE/ Kelly's/Worth - 9  (16-20, .800)
	Kevin Rasmussen, T's13/Nike - .893 (25-28, 7 HRs)
2002	WW Gay/Aubrey's, Gainesville, FL	Smokes/ABS/Joe Corbi's/Mizuno, Oakton, VA
	MVP - ?
	HR Leader - ?
	Batting Leader - ?
2003	Benfield Electric/Worth, Fairfield, VA	B&J Logging/Snap-On/Worth, Sandoval, IL
	Chris Johnson, Benfield Electric (17-21, .810, 7 HRs, 15 RBIs)
	Chris Johnson, Benfield Electric - 7
	Jerry Williams, B&J Logging (20-22) - .909
2004	Tacoma Dodge/Easton, Puyallup, WA	Alpine Mortgage/Diamond/Team AH, Middletown, OH
	Kenny Elwood, Tacoma Dodge
	Tim Mattox, Creative Stucco (HR Leader)
	Batting Leader - ?
2005	Team Stucco/TPS, Cincinnati, OH		Quick Roofing/AL Brick/Easton, S. Sioux City, NE
	Brian Blount, Team Stucco/TPS
	Tom Thompson, Watanabe/Alpine/TTP/Kattus/TPS - 11
	Tom Thompson, Watanabe/Alpine/TTP/Kattus/TPS (23-24) - .958
2006	Jean Shoppe/Worth, McKenzie, TN		Aubrey's/MIT/Worth, Savannah, GA
	Shaun Ballard, Jean Shoppe/Worth
	HR Leader - ?
	Batting Leader - ?
	Tom Thompson, Watanabe/Alpine/TTP/Kattus/TPS (23-24) - .958
2007	ABS/Easton, Baltimore, MD		Laser Vision/Easton, Greenfield, MA
	Mike Taylor, ABS/Easton (28-32, .875, 7 HRs)
	Mike Taylor, ABS/Easton (28-32, .875) - .7
	Mike Taylor, ABS/Easton (28-32, 7 HRs) - .875
NSA Class - B Super World Series
Year	Champion				Runner-up
1983	C&L Carpet, Dayton, OH			?
1984	Louisville Diamonds, Louisville, KY	?
1985	Swissvale Shop & Save, Pittsburgh, PA	J.R.'s Lounge/Gregg Associates, Pittsburgh, PA
1986	Brenda's/Ezzo, Brownstown, IN		19th Hole, Port Vue, PA
1987	?					?
1988	?					?
1989	Ground Crew, Fairview Heights, IL	?
1990 East - Stop Smoking, Ft. Lauderdale, FL	Furniture Connection, Greensboro, NC
1990 West - Rumrz, Salt Lake City, UT		E. Towing Bombers, New Orleans, LA
1991	Shoemakers Sports, Mechanicsburg, PA	Foody's, FL
1992	Krupnik Brothers, Glen Burnie, MD	?
1993	Mid-America Concrete, Naperville, IL	AIRVAC/Steele's, Hammond, IN 
1994	Buddy Bi-Rite, Tampa, FL		Smokes/TPS, Ellicott City, MD
1995	Resmondo Bad Dogs, Auburndale, FL	?
1996	Rumrz, Salt Lake City, UT		Charlie Rose, North Island, CA		(From emails)
	Bandits, MI				O.A. Softball, Beaver Creek, OH 	(From NSA North archives)
1997	AQW/Exit 62, Walton, KY			?
1998	Strike Zone, San Antonio, TX		Oswego Drywall, Newberg, OR
1999	Classic Glass/Easton, San Jose, CA	CMC/Dan Smith/Full Throttle, San Jose, CA
2000	DLB Purchasing, Kenosha, WI and TJ Lite, Dunkirk, MD  (Co-Champs)
2001	TJ Lite, Dunkirk, MD			Mid-South, Portage, IN
2002	Benfield Electric/Easton, Fairfax, VA	Accutec Softball, Grand Rapids, MI
2003	Sports Center/Worth, Jackson, MS	Exterminators, Anaheim, CA
2004	Hit n Run/Scene, Deer Park, NY		Robke/Reds Boys/TPS, Verona, KY
2005	Gatorline/Dobbs&Fox/NW/TPS, Kent, WA	Jean Shoppe/Worth, McKenzie, TN
2006	Classic Glass/Easton/DSS, San Jose, CA	B&C/Miken, Edmonton, KY
2007	TCP/Fieldhouse, New London, IA		One Source/Scene/Lotierzo, Scotch Plains, NJ
NSA Class - C Super World Series
Year	Champion				Runner-up
1984	Parrish Lumber, Frankfort, KY		?
1985	?					?
1986	?					?
1987	?					?
1988	?					?
1989	BMS Drilling, Owensville, MO		Steamers, Carol Stream, IL
1990	DT's, St. Louis, MO			Concrete Supply, Baltimore, MD
1991	American Legion #60, Laurel, MD		NASTY Boys, St. Louis, MO
1992	Garafalo & Sons, Smithtown, NY		Mechanicsville A's, Mechanicsville, PA
1993	Metrovision, Prince George, MD		Piedmont Sports Machine, Atlanta, GA
1994	Cappizzi's/North Side Cheese, Pgh, PA	Allied Chiropractic			(From emails)
	Cappizzi's/North Side Cheese, Pgh, PA	Dr. Gremmel's, Birmingham, AL		(From NSA North archives)
1995	Sports Plus, Pompano Beach, FL		Commonwealth, Ft. Lauderdale, FL	(From emails)
	Corwins/Dudley, St. Louis, MO		Power Pit, FL				(From NSA North archives)
1996	Russell Paint & Body, Longwood, FL	StarPro, Ft. Lauderdale, FL		(From emails)
	StarPro, Ft. Lauderdale, FL		Commonwealth, Ft. Lauderdale, FL	(From NSA North archives)
1997	Maximum Softball, Ft. Lauderdale, FL	Dr. Gremmel's, Birmingham, AL 			
1998	Dr. Gremmel's, Birmingham, AL		Supreme Softball, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
1999	TJ Lite, Baltimore, MD			Nutter Mortgage, Lees Summit, MO
2000	Commonwealth Lumber, Mentor, OH		Big Donkey/Paine Webber, Valrico, FL
2001	Trojans/DWSD Outlaws, Glen Burnie, MD	McDonalds, Zanesville, OH
2002	Johnny Blaze, Northridge, CA		So Cal/Easton, Lomita, CA
2003	Royale Comfort Seat, Stony Point, NC	Alternative Air/Jokers/Gamecocks, Toms River, NJ
2004	Medicap Pharmacy, Garner, NC		Coastal Masonary, Virginia Beach, VA
2005	RFC, Derby, KS				Can-Do-Metals/Easton, St. Anne, IL
2006	Blockers Furniture, Immokalee, FL	Microtel/Mizuno, Winston-Salem, NC
2007	T&D/Kinder's/Worth, Antioch, CA		Team EFX/West End, Hackensack, NJ
NSA Class - D Super World Series
Year	Champion				Runner-up
1990	Wilson & Carter, Yadkinville, NC	Ball Bangers, Provo, UT
1991	Prudential Realty Merchants, NC		Rowan Merchants, Salisbury, NC
1992	Beepers, FL				B&B Softball, Clayton, NC
1993	Kibart Consulting, Towson, MD		Dr. Gremmel's, Birmingham, AL
1994	Forest Hills, Rockford, IL		B&G, TN
1995	Mike's Brewers, IL			Shiveley's, IN 
1996	Yankees/Crazy Horse, Hagerstown, MD	Miami Grill, Miami, FL
1997	?		 				?
1998	Lynch Mob				Styxx, Las Vegas, NV
1999	All Star Trophy, Collingwood, NJ	Houston RBI, Houston, TX
2000	Dynamic Marketing, Cranston, RI		DWS/Romano's, Glen Burnie, MD
2001	Al. Exide & Mattress, Birmingham, AL	City Limits Hounds, Baltimore, MD
2002	Louisiana Sports, Shreveport, LA	Team USA, Huntsville, AL
2003	BBQ Lodge, Raleigh, NC			Red Zone, Seattle, WA
2004	Joe Corbi's/Braddock, Frederick, MD	TC Strickland, North Carolina
2005	Caroline Softball, Ruther Glen, VA	Team Nova, Garden Grove, CA
2006	Galaxy Softball, Louisville, KY		Mavericks, Forth Worth, TX
2007	STG/Elite, Jasper, AL			Il Forno Pizzeria, Frederick, MD
NSA Class - E Super World Series
Year	Champion     				Runner-up
1995	Barnes, IL				K&K Bud, IL 
1996	Reese Enterprise, AL 			Marine Corps League, Chambersburg, PA
1997	?					Barcelona Bandits, Palmdale, CA
1998	Eagle Farm, Crofton, MD 		Jags, Marble Falls, TX
1999	Shockwave, Corona, CA			Diamond Cutters, McGaheysville, VA
2000	AAA Checking, Cape Girardeau, MD	Jasper First Nazarene, Jasper, AL
2001	Graham Floors, Frederick, MD		M&M Medical, Summherhill, PA
2002	Inn the Ruff, Pittsburgh, PA		Brewskys, Independence, MO
2003	Sting, Sacramento, CA			Knights, Fayetteville, NC
2004	Potomac Environmental, Annapolis, MD	OCI, Capistrano Beach, CA
2005	Team Softball, Louisville, KY		Morrisville Tavern/Spikes Trophy, Trenton, NJ
2006	Bad Habit, Wichita, KS			B-Boyz, Modesto, CA
2007	BiPolar Softball, Petaluma, CA		Team Miken/Buchanan Stone, Waynesville, NC
NSA Industrial World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1998	Comp.	Flvor Danier
	Rec.	St Louis Stallions, St. Louis, MO
1999	Comp.	Voil's Construction, Indiana
	Rec.	Tequila Cream/Add a Bath, Illinois
2000	Comp.	Polleycraft, Kentucky
	Rec.	Dura Builders, Indianapolis, IN
2001	Comp.	Dura Builders, Indianapolis, IN
	Rec.	Pekin Downtown Auto Sales, Pekin, IL
2002	Comp.	Plumbers & Pipefitters, Lansing, MI
	Rec.	Topy Aluminum, Frankfort, KY
2003	Comp.	Worthington Industries, Columbus, OH
	Rec.	Electro Glo, Whitefish Bay, WI
2004	Comp.	Central Paving, Indianapolis, IN
	Rec.	Flour Fernell, Cincinnati, OH
2005	Comp.	BBBP/Beech Grove Eagles/Easton, Indianapolis, IN
	Rec.	RTC Red Ropers, Great Lakes, IL
2006	Comp.	U.A.W. 863/Veterans/Cooper Sports, Batavia, OH
	Rec.	Jayco, Inc., Middlebury, IN
2007	Comp.	Aisindrivetrain, Crothersville, IN
	Rec.	Garys Lawn Care, Ofallon, IL
NSA Church World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1998	Comp.	Eastside Baptist, Jasper, AL
	Rec.	Jasper First Nazarene, Jasper, AL
1999	Comp.	Mud Creek Baptist Church, Hendersonville, NC
	Rec.	Cocoa Presbyterian, Cocoa, FL
2000	Comp.	Cocoa Presbyterian, Cocoa, FL
	Rec.	?
2001	Comp.	?
	Rec.	?
2002	Comp.	Full Gospel, Hamilton, OH
	Rec.	Crossfire Ministries, Asheville, NC 
2003	Comp.	Mineral Springs Baptist, Oakboard, NC
	Rec.	Summerset Baptist, Gretna, VA
2004	Comp.	Olive Baptist, Pensacola, FL
	Rec.	?
2005	World	Delmar Church of God, Delmar, DE
	Comp.	Faith Baptist, Waterford, MI
	Rec.	Light & Life Free Methodist Church, Avon, IN
2006	World	Eastside Baptist Church, Jasper, AL
2007	Comp.	Abbotts Creek Baptist, High Point, NC
	Rec.	Lexington Community, Lexington, NC
NSA Class A/B - Winter Nationals
Year 	Class	Champion     				Runner-up
2001 	A 	Smith Barney, Sarasota, FL 		Karphone/Easton, Los Angeles, CA
		Carlos Gonzalez, Smith Barney
		Joey Collins, Smith Barney (Batting leader)
2002 	A/B 	Team Mizuno, Fort Pierce, FL 		T&R Stucco, Polk City, FL
		Danny Segui, Team Mizuno
		Chad Crosby, Team Mizuno (Batting leader)
2003 	B 	Korody/Webworks, Hartland, MI 		Southern Pride, Polk City, FL
		MVP- ???
2004 	B 	Gulfcoast/Easton, St. Petersburg, FL	Westshore Pizza/Mizuno, Tampa, FL
		Brian Milstead, Gulf Coast Easton
2005 	B 	T&R Stucco, Polk city, FL		TQI, Muskegon, MI
		Dal Beggs, T&R Stucco
2006 	C	Garber Stingers/Mayhem, Green Cove, FL 	DSC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
		(The Class-C Event was the highest classification from now on)

Masters and Seniors		
NSA Men's 35 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1999	Comp.	Tron Piping, Naperville, IL
	Rec.	JJ's Sports Apparel
2000	Comp.	The Sugar, Detroit, MI
	Rec.	Jeweler's Gallery
2001	Comp.	Warthen Fuel/TPS, Dover, DE
	Rec.	Miller & Son, Indiana
2002	Comp.	Warthen Fuel/Eagle Group/TPS, Dover, DE
	Rec.	Angle Inn, Baltimore, MD
2003	Comp.	Sugar/Neuman Data, Detroit, MI
	Rec. 	Perkins Insurance, Farmington, MI
2004	Comp.	EMR/Worth/Elite, Cincinnati, OH
	Rec. 	Fatties Bar, Essex, MD
2005	Comp.	Sugar/Neuman Data, Detroit, MI
	Rec. 	Iowa Red Hawks, W. Des Moines, IA
2006	Comp.	Big Sonny's, Reynoldsburg, OH
	Rec. 	Tyler Trucking, Charleston, WV
2007	Comp.	DLB/Steve's Drywall, Kenosha, WI
	Rec. 	Perkins Insurance 35+, Waterford, MI
NSA Men's 40 and over
Year	Champions
1998	Maximum Masters, Boca, FL
1999	Flooring Solutions, Oakton, VA
2000	Cocoa Presbyterian/Warren Wooten Ford, Cocoa, FL
2001	Dependable Components 40's, Deerfield Beach, FL
2002	Team Mizuno, Fort Pierce, FL
2003	Team Easton, Fort Pierce, FL
2004	Ken's Beverage, Joliet, IL
2005	EMR/Worth, Cincinnati, OH
2006	Team Worth 40+, Ft Pierce, FL
2007	Team Worth 40+, Ft Pierce, FL
NSA Men's 45 and over
Year	Champions
2004	Ken's Beverage, Joliet, IL
2006	no information available
2007	no information available
NSA Men's 50 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1996	Major	Thomas Engineering, Manassas, VA
1997	Major	Carolina Cobras , Raleigh, NC
1998	Major	Dan Smith Plastering, San Jose, CA
1999	Major +	Dan Smith Plastering, San Jose, CA
	Major	Hendricks Sports Management, Spring, TX
2000	Major	Roseville Gateway, California
2001	Major	Faith Electric, Atlanta, GA
2002	Major +	Pineknob/Team Mizuno, Warren, MI
	Major	Indiana Legends/Merchants, Indiana
	AAA	Sideline Grill, Pensacola, FL
2003	Major + Stafford Sales, Cincinnati, OH
	Major 	JAH Masters, Atlanta, GA
	AAA 	Alabama 50's, Montgomery, AL
2004	Major + Florida Crush, Melbourne, FL
	Major 	Direct Hire, Trafalger, IN
	AAA 	Indiana Classics, Indianapolis, IN
2005	Major + Turn Two/REKCO/County Sports, Wake Forest, NC
	Major 	N/A
	AAA 	Metro Stars/TPS, Bagdad, KY
	AA 	Dayton Legends (Roosters), Dayton, OH
2006	Major + Connecticut Sports Plex, North Branford, CT 
	Major 	Lewis Rental Properties, Boca Raton, FL 
	AAA 	JJ's/Jags, Marble Falls, TX
	AA 	N/A
2007	Major + N/A 
	Major 	Pensacola Merchants, Pensacola, FL 
	AAA 	Indiana Classics, Greensburg, IN
	AA 	N/A
NSA Men's 55 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1997	Major	Pompano Beach Bums, Pompano Beach, FL
1998	Major	Pompano Beach Bums, Pompano Beach, FL
1999	Major +	Sawtre Texas Legends, Garland, TX
	Major	Old A's, Walnut Creek, CA
2000	Major	Thomas Engineering, Manassas, VA
2001	Major	?
2002	Major +	Thomas Engineering, Manassas, VA
	Major	Bale Chevrolet, Little Rock, AR
	AAA	Roof Concepts, Louisville, KY
2003	Major + New York Statesmen, Farmingdale, NY
	Major 	Matador Club 55, Pensacola, FL
	AAA 	Georgia Travelers, Charlotte, NC
2004	Major + Matador Club 55, Pensacola, FL
	Major 	Riverside Paving/TPS, Louisville, KY
	AAA 	Jim & Joe's Ice, Louisville, KY
	AA 	Texas Senior Club, Arlington, TX
2005	Major + Turn Two/REKCO/County Sports, Wake Forest, NC
	Major 	American Marking (AMI), Birmingham, AL
	AAA 	Double LL Roofing, Orlando, FL
	AA 	Birmingham 55s, Birmingham, AL
2006	Major + N/A
	Major 	N/A
	AAA 	Southern Softball, Gardendale, AL
	AA 	N/A
2007	Major + Spicer's/33 1/2 55's, Richmond, VA
	Major 	Kayson Grill 55, Hendersonville, TN
	AAA 	Georgia Alabama Masters, Alpharetta, GA
	AA 	Birmingham 55's, Birmingham, AL
NSA Men's 60 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1996	Major	Emerald City Masters, Seattle, WA
1997	Major	?
1998	Major	Dixie Gas, Florida
1999	Major +	Florida Crush Legends, Melbourne, FL
	Major	Bay Area Merchants, Richmond, CA
2000	Major	?
2001	Major	?
2002	Major +	Georgia USA, Georgia
	Major	Chattanooga Choo Choos, Chichamauauga, TN
	AAA	Tulsa Beeline Express, Tulsa, OK
2003	Major + Florida Legends, Nokomis, FL
	Major 	Huffman Electric 60's, Birmingham, AL
	AAA 	S&H Auto Legends, Arlington, TX
	AA 	Bella Vista Retreads, Bella Vista, AR
2004	Major + Thomas Engineering, Manassas, VA
	Major 	Old South, Atlanta, GA
	AAA 	Texas Legends, Arlington, TX
	AA 	Bella Vista Retreads, Bella Vista, AR
2005	Major + Thomas Engineering/Tanel 360, Manassas, VA 
	Major 	Huffman Electric, Birmingham, AL
	AAA 	Team Toyota, Baton Rouge, LA
	AA 	Da Boomers II, Oklahoma City, OK 
2006	Major + ?
	Major 	Naples Heat, Naples, FL
	AAA 	Mike Pruitt Auto, Massillion, OH
	AA 	N/A 
2007	Major + Boaz Exports/ASI, Longview, TX
	Major 	Tapco, Burlington, NC
	AAA 	Teeters, Maumelle, AR
	AA 	Border States Softball, Pleasant Grove, AL
NSA Men's 65 and over
Year	Class	Champions
1999	Major	R&M Masters
2000	Major	?
2001	Major	?
2002	Major +	Georgia Classics, Norcross, GA
	AAA-Silver	Francis Drilling Fluids, Lafayette, LA
	AAA	Oklahoma Seniors, Oklahoma City, OK
2003	Major	Georgia Classics 65, Norcross, GA
	AAA 	FDF/MMD Contractors, Lafayette, LA
2004	Major	Ed's Aluminum, Pensacola, FL
	AA 	Moose Lodge 500, Indianapolis, IN
2005	Major + Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery, Englewood, FL
	Major 	N/A
	AAA 	Georgia Nuggets, Augusta, GA
	AA 	F&M Bank of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK
2006	Major + N/A
	Major 	N/A
	AA 	Burlington Classics 65's, Mebane, NC
2007	Major + N/A
	Major 	N/A
	AA 	Shelby Seniors, Shelby, AL
NSA Men's 70 and over
Year	Class	Champions
2005	Major	Papa John's Derby City 70's, Louisville, KY
2006	Major 	Southeast Mavericks (Georgia Peaches), Covington, GA
2007	Major + N/A
	Major 	Major 	Joseph Chevrolet 70's, Fort Wright, KY
	AA 	Mid Ga Seniors, Centerville, GA

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