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Cincinnati Softball News Article

Written by Mark Linnemann

While doing some research for this month's SOFTBALL NEWS, I stumbled across a softball website that ought to be of interest to virtually every softball fan - young and old, slow pitch or fast pitch, men's or women's. In fact, it appears to fill some sizeable voids even within the websites of the major softball organizations themselves. The site is published by Steve Dimitry, and is called "Steve Dimitry's Slow Pitch Softball History Page." "All the information you ever wanted to know about slow pitch softball is in here," touts the introduction. "Just click on the link to the left to go wherever you want to visit. This site covers all the national championships of all the softball organizations past and present from men's to women's to seniors and every other class imaginable. All the softball hall of fames and all-time teams are listed  along with the yearly team rankings and individual national leaders. Some of the old time tournament classics of yesteryear are documented along with today's major NIT's and some of the more prominent invitational tournaments around the country. Bill Plummer of the ASA offers his official description of softball history for all kids doing school projects on the subject matter. There are some stats of the legends of the game complete with many photos. A complete list of softball links and a message board is available also as is a page of thanks for all the people that have helped and contributed to this site. Thanks for stopping by - Steve." Surfing the "The Softball History" website is comparable to opening a softball encyclopedia. To the best of my knowledge, it is the most comprehensive, all-embracing, all-inclusive and extensive treatment of the game since its inception. There are websites and books and magazines and newspapers that might treat selected subjects more broadly, but I can't imagine one that tackles the game in general more effectively. Some of the softball organizations have vast websites with superior graphics and more bells and whistles. But they are limited to covering their own activities, while the "Softball History" site has no such restrictions. For today's player, there is a "2002 Schedule Page" showing where all the top NIT's and National Champion-ships are scheduled this year for the Men's Super, AA and A World Series. And in case you forgot about what happened last year, click on the "2001 National Softball Review page to refresh your memory" on who won those events last year, along with the final rankings and the national statistic leaders. I'm not a big fan of the upper-most level of the game, but for the handful of people who like to follow this when big time wrestling and NASCAR aren't available, here ya' go!  Want to find the ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA, and SSAA regional, national, world and world series champions from the very first national tournaments all the way to the present day? Just click on the appropriate "National Champs" site. Some even list the runners-up and statistical leaders. ASA's site has their Men's Super Division all the way down to class D, plus the Church and Industrial divisions. Regular season and playoff results from the NSPC (National Slow Pitch Conference) from 1978 through 1987 are available for the "super" program enthusiast, plus a plethora of information on the pro leagues of the late seventies and early eighties. The APSPL (American Professional Slo-Pitch League) and UPSL (United Professional Slow Pitch League) site includes playoff and World Series results, final league standings, All-Pro teams, league statistical leaders, All-Time All-Pro, league MVP pictures and even team logos. In terms of local flavor, the Cincinnati Suds are shown as winning their division twice, once in 1978 with a 40-24 mark, and again in 1981 with the league's best record, 43-15. Both years the Suds went down in the semi-finals, including 1981 in a heartbreaking one run loss in the deciding game to the Kentucky Bourbons. Four of the five games were decided by a run. The Bourbons, who featured ex-Suds Mike LaFever and Mike O'Brien, went on to win the league crown. Cincinnati all-pro selections included outfielder Mike O'Brien in 1978, and pitcher Black Ron Jones, second baseman Tony Salamone, outfielder Hal Ward and utility player Jim Tuttle in 1981. Ward (2nd) and teammate Jim Kuhn (8th) were also among the league batting leaders in 1981, and Tuttle finished second in the league in rbi's. On the "Final National Team Rankings" page, Greater Cincinnati dominated the rankings and "Player of the Year," category. In fact, area teams finished ranked number one nationally nine out of the first eleven years from 1953 through 1963. National "Players of the Year" included Myron Reinhardt  (1953, '54), Walt Wherry (1955, '59), Hal Wiggins (1956), Don Rardin (1958) and Sam Minniti (1961). Greater Cincinnati "ruled" again during the fifties on the "All-Time Teams and Honors" page. Greater Cincinnati "Player of the Century" Myron Reinhardt was named "Player of the Decade," while Tom Imfeld (Lang's Pet Shop '55, '57), Vern Roberts (Gatliff '56 MVP), John Drees (Waldeck's  Tavern '54), Don Heilman (Shield's Contractors '54), Don Rardin (Gatliff '56, 59 and Yorkshire '60), Bo Stuntebeck (Shields '54 and Lang's '55), Bob Trainor (Waldeck's '54, '55), Whitey Brown (Lang's '56, Yorkshire '59, Gatliff '64), Myron Reinhardt (Shields '54, Yorkshire '59, Gatliff '56, '57, '63), Walt Wherry (Keeneland Bar '54, Lang's '55, Boone's Bar '58, Yorkshire '59), Hal Wiggins (Lang's '56, Gatliff '61, '63), Gene Dittoe (Lang's '55) and John Henry (Gatliff '58) were named to the "Team of the Decade." Sam Minniti (Hamilton Tailoring '60, 61), Bob Harrison (Gatliff '64, Wilsman Trucking '66) and Hudson Knock (Gatliff '64, '65) were the only area "All-Decade" picks in the sixties. Other pages of interest to Greater Cincinnati softballers might be "Classic National Invitational Tournaments." Here the "Stroh's/Hudepohl" Springfield NIT and Ohio Valley Classic (Cincinnati) are chronicled, listing past champions and individual award winners, many of whom will be familiar names to area players and fans. A "Women's History" page is steeped in Greater Cincinnati accomplishments, especially during the fifties, sixties and seventies with ASA championships by Dana Gardens ('57, '62, '63 and '66), Dairy Cottage ('61), Escue Pontiac ('68), Rutenschroer Florist ('70), Riverside Ford ('72), Sweeney Chevrolet ('73), and Sorrento's Pizza ('76), and then again in the seventies and eighties with USSSA "A" World Champions Sweeney Chevrolet ('76), Northside K of C ('85) and Empress Chili ('86, '87, '88). There is even a Master's page heralding the achievements of teams and players from eleven organizations and ages 35 all the way to 80 and over, plus a "Fast Pitch," "Origins of Softball" page, and a "Softball Links" page that is an incredible gateway to over 200 links to organizations, information pages, personal pages, message boards, company pages and softball search engines. Steve Dimitry has made an unmatched contribution to the game of softball with his "Softball History" website. It fills a huge void in the preservation of the game's history and traditions, and the legacies of its great players, teams and sponsors.

All I can say is thank you Mark for all the kind words you said about my web site in your article - Steve Dimitry

The Hudepohl Softball Hall of Fame in Cincinnati is loaded with great players. Just take a look at this of members and also their selections for all-decade and all-century players. It reads like a list of who's who in National Softball History:

Men's Slow Pitch
Myron Reinhardt- Shield's, Gatliffs
Don Rardin- Gatliffs, IBM
Walt Wherry- Langs, Gatliffs, Yorkshire
Steve Massong-Hamilton, Century Tire
Al Rinehard- Gatliffs
Frank Harvey- Gatliffs, Century Tire
Ray Whitey Brown- Gatliffs
Hal Wiggins- Langs, Gatliffs
Bill Goedde- Dick Luken, Century Tire
Karl Nageleisen-G.E. Turbine Jets
Tom Taylor- Gatliffs, Century Tire
Barry Norman- Gatliffs, Century Tire
Clyde Soapy Stafford- Gatliffs, Carlisle Const.
Jim Kuhn- Queen City Pattern, Suds
Don Whitford- Gatliffs
Rick Linz- Bushleman's, Suds, GCS
Leo Osterday- Bushleman's, MW Tribble, VIP
Bo Stuntebeck- Langs, Gatliffs
David Ray Penick- Carlisle Const., Gatliffs
Paul Nutley- Hamilton Tailors, Century Tire
Earl Berryman- Langs, Gatliffs
Davey Johnson- GCS, Jay's
Mike O'Brien- Suds, Jay's, Bushleman's, MW Tribble
Bill Schlesinger- Century Tire, Sorrento's
Mike LaFever- Suds, Jay's, Bushleman's, MW Tribble
Lee Sledge- Century Tire, Rolling Hills, Suds, MW Tribble
Mike Burns- Fisher Bros, Bushleman's
Ron Cutter- Hamilton, Schott-Lippert Buick, Jake Sweeney, 
Butch Hays- Rolling Hills, Suds, Universal AC, Fisher Bros.
Tony Salamone- Savannah Café, Suds, GCS, MW Tribble, VIP, Watanabe
Ron Red Jones- Sorrento's, Century Tire, Jay's
Jim Nageleisen- Carlisle Const., Rolling Hills
Mike Sullivan- VIP, Watanabe
Denver Gabbard- Rolling Hills, Sorrento's, Century Tire
Marty Monterosso- Jay's, Bushleman's, MW Tribble
Sonny Rider- Carlisle Const., Gatliffs, Rolling Hills

Women's Slow Pitch
Alberta Kohls Sims, (3x ASA), Dana Gardens
Norma Eschenbrenner Ante, (3x ASA), Dana Gardens
Donna Wolfe, (5x ASA), Dana Gardens
Marsha Repogle, (6x ASA) Rutensh'r-70, R'rside-72, Sweeney-73, Sorrento-76,77,80
Jenny Johnson Kappes, (9x USSSA) Dana, Tri-State, Famous, Sorrento, Empress
Dot Bailey, (4x ASA) Dana Gardens-62,63,64,66
Irma Richardson, (3x ASA), Dana, Escue, Sweeney
Bev Beck, (5x ASA), Dana, Rutenschrorer, Sorrentos, Rebels,
Jan Deters, (7x USSSA), Tri-State, Famous Recipe, Sorrento's, Empress
Anita Gardner Rieskamp, (3x ASA), Dana Gardens
Gloria Hill, (3x ASA), Dana-63,64, Escue-68
Carol Weiss Kiradjieff, (1x ASA), Rutenschorer
Velma Kay (VK) Lehmann, (3x USSSA), Famous Recipe-82, Empress-86,87
Pam Patrus, (4x USSSA), Sweeney, Tri-State, Famous -82,84, Empress-88,90
Sharon Graham, (3x USSSA), Tri-State, Famous Recipe-83, Empress-87,88
Mary Strotman, (2x USSSA), Empress-86,89
Lyn Rose, (3x USSSA), Famous Recipe-87
Sue Malcolm, (2x ASA), Riverside Ford-72, Sorrento's-76
Brenda Ryan, (8x USSSA), Northside Knights of Columbus
Tina May Tuck, (6x USSSA), Famous Recipe, Empress

All-Century Team

Player of the Century - Myron Reinhardt

	First Team		Second Team		Third Team
P-	Walt Wherry		Black Ron Jones		Jim Burbrink
				Dave Penick			
C-	Myron Reinhardt		Randy Lewis		Sonny Rider
1B-	Barry Norman		Hudson Knock		John Earls
							Emery Lucas
2B-	Ray Whitey Brown	Tony Salamone		Galen Kelly
SS-	Rick Linz		Ron Cutter		Tom Kasee
				Karl Nageleisen		
3B-	Jim Kuhn		Mike Sullivan		Steve Roeder
				Lee Sledge			
OF-	Tom Taylor		Mike Burns		Marty Monterosso
OF-	Steve Massong		Paul Nutley		Hal Ward
OF-	Mike O'Brien		Bill Schlesinger	Jerome Youngblood
OF-	Hal Wiggins		Earl Berryman		Randy DeAngelis
OF-	Leo Osterday		Denver Gabbard		Randy Atna
OF-	Mike LaFever							
Utility-Don Rardin		Butch Hays		Homer Ruth
Utility-Bill Goedde		Walt Roeckers		Larry Shircliff
Utility-Red Ron Jones		Mark Huber		Mike Smith
Utility-Don Whitford		Davey Johnson		Terry Childs
Utility-Bo Stuntebeck		Paul McMullen		Greg Sandy
Utility-Clyde Stafford		Billy Jackson			
				John Coorey			
Mgr-	Al Brausch		Bob Fennell
Mgr-	Reed Hughes		Ron Baird
Mgr-	Tommy Rowan		Don Schachleiter
Sponsor-Joe Gatliff		Sorrento's Pizza
Sponsor-Jay Hopkins		Carlise Construction
Sponsor-John Bushleman		Century Tire

Players of the Decades
1970's - Tom Taylor
1980's - Leo Osterday
1990's - John Earls and Randy Lewis
2000's - Jason Roesch

Managers of the Decades
1970's - Reed Hughes
1980's - Ron Baird
1990's - Dave Watanabe
2000's - Dave Watanabe

Player of the Year Winners

	Player of the Year			Runner-up - Player of the Year
1977 	Mike LaFever, Rockcastle Motors 	Jim Kuhn, Hal Manufacturing
1978 	Hal Ward, Greater Cincinnati Sports 	Ron Jones, Strohs
1979 	Rick Linz, Greater Cincinnati Sports 	Jack Robinson, Bushleman's Construction
						Hal Ward, Greater Cincinnati Sports
1980 	Galen Kelly, Bushleman's Construction 	Davey Johnson, Hammers
	Steve Hicks, Bushleman's Construction
1981 	Mike Tolliver, Jay's 			Steve Hicks, Bushleman's Construction
1982 	Mickey McMullen, Bushleman's Const. 	Joe Griffith, Knights
1983 	Leo Osterday, Bushleman's Const. 	Jack Collins, Bushleman's Construction
1984 	Bob Massong, Bushleman's Const. 	Leo Osterday, Bushleman's Construction
1985 	Jack Collins, MW Tribble 		Mike Sullivan, VIP Limousine
						Mike O'Brien, Jay's
1986 	Mike O'Brien, Jay's 			Mike Sullivan, VIP Limousine
						Don Cleaver, VIP Limousine
1987 	Scott Hein, VIP Limousine/ETC 		Mike Sullivan, VIP Limousine/ETC
						Mike Harvey, Jay's
						Bob Cole, F&C Athletic
1988 	Steve Roeder, VIP/ETC 			Larry Shircliff, VIP/ETC
1989 	Billy Jackson, VIP/ETC 			Steve Roeder, VIP/ETC
						Marty Monterosso, Jay's
1990 	Marty Monterosso, Jay's 		Homer Ruth, VIP/ETC
1991 	Tony Salamone, Greg Back/Kipling's 	Doug Riley, Greg Back/Kipling's
						Tim Clemmons, Jay's
1992 	Mike Kinnett, Watanabe/Scarlato's 	Doug Riley, McCluskey Chevrolet-GEO
1993 	Tommy Thompson, Jay's/Worth 		Mike Kinnett, Watanabe/Scarlato's/Easton
1994 	Randy Lewis, Watanabe/Scarlato's 	Mike King, Hosea Worldwide
1995 	Mike Kinnett, Watanabe/Scarlato's 	Joe Penwell, Backstop/Easton
1996 	Jim Kearns, Lovill/Easton 		Joe Penwell, Backstop/Easton
	John Steele, Watanabe/Scarlato/Perkins
1997 	John Steele, Watanabe/Scarlato/Perkins 	Marvin Doyle, Backstop/Easton
1998 	Randy Lewis, Watanabe/Scarlato/Perkins 	Tom Ellis, First American Title
1999 	Mark Smith, Watanabe/ Perkins/TPS 	Tony Sharkins, Perkins Roofing/TPS
2000 	Jack Collins, EMR/Meiner’s Cafe/Worth 	Kevin Atwood, Perkins Roofing/TPS
2001 	Marvin Doyle, EMR/Worth 		Jason Roesch, Cooper/Pohlman/Worth
						Steve Spille, Perkins/TPS
						John Steele, Perkins/TPS
2002 	John Steele, Perkins/Watanabe/TPS 	Marvin Doyle, Cooper/Specialty Vending/Worth
2003 	Brian May, Watanabe/K&G/TPS 		Tom Ellis, Watanabe/K&G/TPS
						Darrell Hall, DLB/Arnold/Superior
						Jon Jamison, Luckey Homes/Rite Rug
2004 	Brian Wegman, Watanabe/New/K&G/Tiny 	Shane Hatfield, Alpine/Easton
						Mike Kinnett, EMR/Worth
						Johnny Miller, EMR/Worth

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