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The Silver Depth Story


How did Silver Depth become formed?
Who is/was Silver Depth?
What does "Silver Depth" mean?
When was Silver Depth formed?
Where is Silver Depth from?

-How did Silver Depth become formed? (The Long Version)

Silver Depth came about when Brent Craddock and Kenny Reynolds wanted to make a band, I think it was like 1993. Kenny got some drums for Christmas, and both Kenny and Brent have been playing drums since 4th grade so it wasn't like they didn't know what they were doing. Well in 7th grade, which was 1994 (i think), a kid from Conneaut Lake move to Linesville. He was a real dorky kid who we really didn't pay any attention to until 8th grade (1995) when we found out that this kid, Troy Messerall, played guitar. "Hey Troy, do you want to make a band with us?" Kenny and I asked him. "Yeah, sure!" Troy said. There was also another kid who we wanted in the band named Andy Ritenger(his last name is spelled really wrong, I'll fix it when I find out how to spell it), so after putting it off for awhile (a year) we FINALLY got together and became a band. We played our first show in Espyville as an alternative listening band, meaning we listened to alternative, well Troy and I did, Kenny still listens to rap. Well our early days as alternative sounds, formed into punk when we realized that punk was better than alternative because it had meaning unlike alternative that was brainless music that faded in and out. Our sound was hardcore. Fast, short songs with medicore lyrics. Then our style progressed into emo/punk/pop punk/ska and is now called High School Hardcore. Hardcore songs about high school and teenage politics.

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-Who is/was Silver Depth?

Silver Depth is now Brent Craddock- Sing/Bass/Drums(sometimes), Troy Messerall- Guitar/Oohs and Ahhs, Kenny Reynolds- Drum,Sing(sometimes).

Silver Depth at one point in time was Brent,Kenny,Troy.... then Andy Ritenger- guitar, and Mike Deater-Bass (before Brent played bass), Mat Greeley-Bass (before Mike or Brent).

That's how it is, unless Kenny and Troy kick me out, then they will have to be killed, and they know that, so that won't happen!

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-What does "Silver Depth" mean?

Silver Depth doesn't actually mean anything. It just formed. There is a little story to go along with that(isn't there always one?). It was because shortly after we joined, we played a show in Espyville. Well we hadn't decided on a name and we figured we might as well make one up before people came up to us and asked us who we were. So that day, low and behold, we came up with Silver Depth. We have been talking about changing it, but I don't really think we will unless something drastic happens like if someone quits and we have to get someone new in the band. I don't know. I'll have it posted if it does change(don't count on it!).

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-When was Silver Depth formed?

Let's see. I think it was October 1996. Yeah that's right. There were 5 of us. I missed the first practice, and our old old bass player (Mat Greely) wasn't there until about the 5th practice. Now it's August 1998, so however long that is.

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-Where is Silver Depth from?

Brent and Kenny are both from Linesville PA. That's where we grew up most of our lives. And Troy is from Conneaut Lake, PA. He went to school there until the 7th grade when he moved to Linesville and met us. He still lives in C.L. just in an area where he goes to Linesville.

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