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Songs and Lyrics


All songs below are from the newest Silver Depth Demo:

Cover by Troy Messerall


1)4th Of July*
2)Yuppie Fat Kid*
3)Chicken (Sk8 vs. Car)*
5)No Sleep Summer
6)And Then My Friend
8)Grey Squirrel
9)Wet Envy

*= MP3 available

4th Of July*:

We just wanna watch some fireworks,
and maybe shout out some Oohs and Aahs
But we can't ever escape it,
Because it's got us in it's claws!

Now what has happened,
will effect our lives
What happened on the 4th of July! (2x)

There's no advice,
what can I say?
There's no advice,
but we miss you everyday.

Forever it will effect our lives!
What happened on the 4th of July?
We can't stop it, even with our cries
What happened on the 4th of July!

Song written for Matt Durst and A.J. Pollis

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Yuppie Fat Kid*:

Watchin T.V. 24 hours a day.
Never ever goin out to play.
Sittin all day playin the Nintendo.
Whenever I'd leave I'd be in the family limo!

I wanna be!
(I wanna be!)


Eatin patato chips by the ton.
I won't have to get anything done.
I've got so many expensive toys in my room.
Maybe this weekend we'll fly our hot air balloon!

I wanna be!
(I wanna be!)

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Chicken (Sk8 vs. Car)*:

I toy with death on the street in the front.
By trying to pull off another skateboard stunt.
I step of the road, so i will not die,
and watch all the cars, fly, by!

Skating on the street is not my most favorite thing!
But it's the closest place for me to skate in the spring.
It's the best place to get hit by a car,
especially by a crazy drunk who's up at the bar.

People think it's really neat.
To fly up and down my street.
They say, "Calm down. Don't have a fit."
But tell that to the guy who's already been hit!

I toy with death on the street in the front!
By trying to pull off another skateboard stunt!
I step off the road, so i will not die!
And watch all the cars, FLY, BYE!

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No Sleep Summer:

If you live in a society around the computer!
But what you need to find isn't there!
You can tell me what you think about it!
It's a quest to find something that interests me!

Stay up every night until 3 am!
Sleep in everyday until noon!
Ears busted out by the music,
And eyes glazed over from the screen!

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And Then My Friend:

This always happens at this time of year.
The people go ang go without fear.
They act all good like nothing's wrong.
But that's why I play this song.

The door opens up and you can hear them say,
That the leak in the roof gets bigger each day.
Just when you thought it was at the end,
Another person wants something to lend.

A man comes out the door,
Hangin his head in a pout.
We can hear him sigh...
And then my friend, YOU DIE!

Repeated once more but screaming and soft at "you die"

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You'll wish you never said what you said,
When I'm bashin you in the head.
You must have too much time to spend,
So fuck you and fuck your friend.

Everday your head gets hollower!
Fuck you piece of shit follower! (2x)

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Grey Squirrel:

inspired by Mike Durst, was sung REAL loud on a ski bus! and it's an old camp song.
Grey squirrel,
Grey squirrel,
Swoosh your bushy tail. (2x)

Grey squirrel,
Grey squirrel,

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Wet Envy:

written and sung by Kenny Reynolds

I'll have the lyrics up later when I get em! hoser!

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Written by Brent and Troy
I woke up
In the middle of the night.
Cause I had a dream of you.

It's something that I don't understand,
But recently,
You're the girl of my dreams!


I wait to hear you talk.
And I hope to see you smile.
I hope to be with you!


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