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Dragon Rune Definitions - Isedon Goldwing Rune

Ratanen - Fog Dream. Represents the mists of all that was, is, or will be, and made of raw chaotic energies, Ratanen is the substance of dreams and can be called upon and shaped by those with the knowledge to do so to create or destroy anything. These are the fogs between times, and the underlaying force that keeps a time from stagnating and fading away.Phonetic value "k"

Drakani - Dragon Queen. Rune of Tiamat, goddess whose body creates the sky and the earth and ruler of dragons. By shaping the chaos by knowledge of will, she creates times and those who inhabit the times. Drakani is useful for taping into Ratanen and glimpsing into the chaos for answers, or to request an audience with Tiamat. Phonetic value "d"

Sh'oren - Flowing Knowledge. Rune of the Akasha, holding all knowledge. Understanding this rune comes over time, but is only pure knowledge and on its own can be dangerous to use without wisdom. Best used in conjunction with Drakani or Shoren to understand the Chaos in the mists. Meditate on this rune with a question in mind to assist access to the Akasha. Phonetic value "s"

Ihanen - Dream Dancing. Guidance through the chaos and the rune to weave existance from dream material. Rune of creation and calling the first dragons called from the mists. The next nine runes are of the more common dragons that were formed. Phonetic value "i" [Note: the following dragon types listed, are not all that exist, but are listed to portray a developmental cycle with base elements as dragons. Most of the ideas associated are basic ideas, meditation on the individual runes is suggested for best understanding]

Ma'erhen - Free Storm. Rune of the Spirit and Astral Dragons that exist on the higher planes. Phonetic value "f"

Ra - Water. Rune of Ocean Deep clan of dragons. Healing and deep understanding through curiosity. Phonetic value "w"

Liwaen - Cold Fire. Rune of Darkness Dragons. Contemplation and protection. Phonetic value "m" Li - Fire. Rune of Red Chasm clan of dragons. Passion, fury, and loyalty. Phonetic value "h"

Li'aan - Great Fire. Rune of Light Dragons. Illumination of secrets, and justice. Phonetic value "t"

Mah - Storm. Rune of Rolling Thunder clan of dragons. Swiftness and social interaction. Phonetic value "r"

Ninathan - Earth Kin. Rune of Forest Dragons. Growth and living things. Phonetic value "n"

Thaan - Mountain. Rune of White Mountain clan of dragons. Knowledge forged through the many. Phonetic value "th"

Waethan - Frozen Stones. Rune of Crystal Dragons. Ideas and thoughts manifesting with guidance. Phonetic value "p"

Ta'kaya - Cloud Cycle. The year rune. Time created as a byproduct of conciousness is represented in this rune. Ta'kaya represents the cycles in nature, the way things operate from year to year and repeat themselves. Phonetic value "o"

Shaan - Great Knowledge. Still in times where chaos is very prominant, the "Mage" rune is that of beings just learning to understand the ways of magic, and attempting to shape it to thier will. Energies are strong, but often lack precision control. Phonetic value "sh"

Deigomah - Tainted Storm. The increase in the use of magic in a chaotic environment attracts yet more chaos, twisting and warping the minds of those who come in contact with its energies. Deigomah is necessary for the development of the fresh existance, bringing with it change and creativity. Phonetic value "ng"

Athinan - Dance of Blades. Filled with newfound knowledge, Deigomah leads the beings in existance to Athinan. Athinan is the rune of wars and conflicts neccessary to carve and shape the populace so that balance might finally take hold. Phonetic value "a"

Kaegos - Purity and Taint. Kaegos is the balance that rises from the ashes of the conflicts in Athinan. Chaos and Order are equal here, and the existance can thrive. Phonetic value "b"

Thaenrathi - Strong Leader/King. The rune of the champion. A product of balance, the champion of Thaenrathi governs justly and the presence of this leader makes room for the time of order to take place. Phonetic value "z"

Athanen - Dream Forge. The once chaotic mists are deeply forged into the stiffness of law and order. Many thrive in times of peace and justice, but little new is discovered, created, or found.

Shoren - Flowing Wisdom. The quiet brought by Athanen gives time for many to reflect and ponder on the vast knowledges and experiences that have gone before them. Wisdom develops quickly and many are enlightened through these events. Phonetic value "y"

Nanen - Hearts Dream. Many of the enlightened find others along a similar path, and they pair together with each other as companions during thier walk through life. Those dragons joined during Nanen often find thier way back to each other over many incarnations time and again. Phonetic value "l"

Ionali - Powerful Heart Fire. Those that still retain a spark of the chaos within themselves may yet experince passion tempered by wisdom. The passion of Ionali often comes to those that did not pair during Nanen, and grant the dragon insight to find and experience the purpose in thier lives that they were meant for, yeilding a fullness of life, and a reason to remain on thier current plane of existance. Phonetic value "ei"

Drakaneal - Dragon Beauty. All who have experienced Nanen or Ionali, share a bond with each other, and many work and live together in unity, each providing as they can to the community. Despite the tiny amounts of chaos still around, the dragons co-existing during Drakaneal achieve much creativity in that which they do. The remaining sparks of chaos are shared and nurtured by all united in the state of bliss and relaxation while they can, for many are begining to prepare for the coming times of transition. Phonetic value "v"

Zhukaya - Cycles of Action. Zhukaya, the rune of justice manifests strongly during this time, cleaning up many of the unresolved issues, for good or ill. The results of the lives of all return to them, lessons are dealt, rewards enjoyed, some will carry over to the next incarnation, but much is resolved here. Phonetic value "j"

Abanen - Sky Dream. The progression to the astral plane, and eventually the next incarnation, or direct manifestion on a seperate plane than the current one. A time of nostalgia, many who experienced Nanen will meet again, others will contemplate this life on the astral for a time, until they are ready to incarnate once more. Phonetic value "g"

Satihan - Hurricanes Dance. The long subdued chaos begins to seep out, and roils forth to consume the order it finds so distasteful, once more making it part of the timeless fogs. The plane is wiped clear, and ready for the next being to shape it to thier will. Phonetic value "u"