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Dragons can be very difficult to deal with at times. They can be very arrogant, stubborn, and all mighty, and at other times very nice, co-operative, and respectful. It will all depend on how you approach a Dragon how they will react to you. Since they have come to be very cautious of humans, earning their trust and respect are the first things you need to do. By doing so, you will end up with a great relationship with them. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with them.

1. Don't ever call a Dragon into your circle and start ordering them around. Treat them like you like to be treated. Give them the respect as equals and not servants, and they will work with you.

2. Don't show them that you fear them. They have very heightened sense and can actually smell fear. If they detect any fear whatsoever they wont respect you as an equal and consider anything you do a waist of time and energy on their part.

3. Don't ever attack a Dragon you have called. You called them; they didn't call you.

4. Dragons are very intelligent. Don't try and pull a fast one over on them.

5. Dragons tend to speak in riddles and symbolism. At least until you have worked with them for a while.

6. The only tool a Dragon respects (not fears) is the Athame/Sword, but only when wielded by a confident practitioner who is prepared to stand his ground.

7. If you feel uncomfortable with a certain Dragons presence, carefully and politely explain your wishes and desires concerning them. They will understand you and either work along with you or leave you be.

8. Before rejecting a Dragons help or presence, firstly find out what they have to show or teach you. They wont hang around where they are not wanted.

9. Always give them an offering. They wont do something for nothing.

10. Most Dragons tend to be subtle in their first few contacts with you. Be sensitive and extra aware of what is occurring around you for if there is anything that would endanger them they wont make their presence known.

11. Watch what you ask for, they take things literally and without mercy. Don't leave any loopholes in any petition you present to them.