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By Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake, 1994

This pretty much your standard Circle casting, the purpose of which is two-fold: first, to keep the energies you are raising contained until you are ready to release them, and second, to keep out any unwanted energies and/or entities that may be attracted to your magical workings.

The items you will need are:

1) A wand, athame, staff, sword, or just the index finger* of your dominant hand (I prefer a wand myself, if I'm going to use a tool, as it is easy to make one yourself, we all have memories of finding a "Magic Wand" as a child, and few "authority types" will have a problem with a nicely decorated "stick"); *Note: unless you have consecrated all of your tools already, use your finger to direct the energies

2) Incense -- stick, cone, powdered, or loose herb; incense holder; incense-specific charcoal (for loose incense); matches or lighter (preferred);

3) Dish of clean water

4) Dish of salt (sea salt preferred, which can usually be found in the "ethnic foods" and/or baking section of your local grocery store but regular table salt is just as good);

5) Quarter candles and holders in the following colors: East, South, West, North

6) A special candle, or a nice figurine, or picture to represent your Dragon friends (Other rituals and/or spells may require additional tools, but the above list are the basics used in tool-based ritual workings.)

The Casting:

Step 1: Begin in the East, if possible, using the tool of your choice move around the circle South, West, North and back to East visualize red/orange Dragon fire erupting from the tool to form a flaming perimeter around the circle and say: By Dragon Fire and the power of my will let the circle be sealed! Repeat 4 times or until your return to the East. "Tie" the circle off using the symbol for infinity.

Step 2: Light the incense and again move from the East. As you move "see" the smoke driving all unwanted energies from the circle to be consumed by the Dragon Fire and say:

By Dragon's Breath and the combined powers of fire and air, let the circle be purified and sealed. Repeat 4 times or until you return to the East. "Tie" the circle off using the symbol for infinity.

Step 3: Stir sea salt into the water dish and visualize the salt destroying any unwanted energies in the water. Project the Dragon energy into the water until you "know" the water is pure and say:

The sacred salt now destroys all harmful and unwanted energies from this water. By Dragon magic I call you purified. Beginning in the east, liberally sprinkle the circle while visualizing the combined powers of earth and water destroying any remaining unwanted energy within the circle. As you traverse the Circle,

say: By Dragon Tears and the combined powers of earth and water, let the circle be consecrated and sealed! Repeat 4 times until you return to the East. "Tie" the circle off using the symbol for infinity.

Step 4: Return to the altar and say out loud:

Now is the circle sealed and the boundary made. By Dragon Magic and the power of my will, let nothing but beneficial energy enter in and nothing but beneficial energy emerge for the betterment of myself and my Clan. So Mote It Be!

The circle is now cast and you are ready for the next step: Calling the Guardians of the Quarters