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Draconic Consecration Ritual

(Adapted From Traditional Sources)

The purpose of "consecrating" an object is to transform it from an everyday item into a magical tool. This is accomplished by cleansing the item of all external energies and influences that attached themselves to the item as a result of being handled or whatnot. Once done, the new tool should be guarded against random handling by those who don't share your beliefs... within reason of course. Should inappropriate handling occur and/or you feel a need to... simply cleanse and re-consecrate the item. Consecrations should be done as close to the full moon as possible, but anytime you need to do so is fine.

Needed items: 1) Normal altar equipment 2) Consecration oil (or Kerowyn's All-Purpose oil) 3) Consecration incense (or Frankincense & Myrrh) 4) Item(s) to be consecrated

(Note: while it is okay to do more than one item at a time, don't go overboard and try to do *everything* in one sitting) Perform Draconic Circle Casting Invoke Deity Invite Companion Dragons

Step 1: Lift the item high in salute to your deity and your Dragon friends and say:

Behold this (item) I present for Your approval. From the materials of the Earth it has come into my possession in the form You now see. From this day forward it is my desire that is serve me as a magical tool that with it I may better serve You, and I ask Your blessings upon it.

Step 2: Dip you fingers into the salt water and lightly sprinkle the item (if the water may damage the item, lightly touch it in a hidden place with damp fingers), then pass the item through the incense smoke and say:

By the powers of the Holy Incense and the Sacred Water, the combined powers of Fire and Air, Earth and Water, all impure or unwanted influences are driven out of this (item). It is now purified and cleansed, ready to serve me in all that I do.

Step 3: Anoint the item lightly with the oil (if the oil might stain, follow same procedure as with the water) while asking your Companions to join their energies with yours as you charge the item by chanting:

Dragons of Power, Dragons of Light, Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might, Lend me your magic, lend me your aid, Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!

As you chant, visualize the multi-colored energies flowing into you from all directions and then into the item. "See" this energy thoroughly mixing with yours until it is impossible to tell one from the other. Continue the chanting until you feel the flow of energy from your guests stop.

Step 4: When the charging is complete, address the Gods and say:

(Name(s) of deity), I have filled this (item) with my own power mixed with that of my Dragon Companion(s). I now ask that You give it Your blessings and tough it with Your power.

Visualize the power of the Gods pouring in from the cosmos, causing it to glow with power. When the brightness peaks, it will vanish into the item with flash (don't be surprised if you hear an audible "snap" at this point, but also don't worry if you don't hear one). Lower the item and say:

Morrigan and Herne, I thank You for Your blessing and Your assistance. I vow to always use this (item) in Your service. With it may I bring honor and glory to Your names, and to my Clan. So mote it be!

Lower the item and say:

Great Ones, I thank you for your blessings and your energies. I vow to always use this item in accordance with my Oath and the Code.

Close Circle as usual