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~what ya see is what ya get~

thought for yesterday..... NEVER!... use YOUR search engines when looking for shaved!!! damn!!!

thought for today? keep it clean buddy... just keep IT clean!

JUST A LITTLE attention! Getter!

ya know...for some reason the handle shaved! snatch brings about...a lot of emotion?? seems to anyway. And I wonder just WHY! Some will get it...some just won't! Ironically, women tend to be far more critical, and that really blows my mind! Especially the younger ones! Those 90's women? But then i suppose ...they don't have their confident little self esteem packages fine tuned yet.
Sometimes i sense a lot of hostility! That usually just makes me laugh...and prompts me to get a little devious because i really can't understand HOW! this handle can have such power.
Those women who banter back and just enjoy the ludicrous nature of this are those who just plain KNOW who they are...and what ~life's~ all about. Ya just can't be serious..all the damn time! How much fun would that be?

The men? Oh this makes giggle...because there are so many reactions....and NOT! what you might expect. Oh! i get *those* PM's! but usually they are just fact finding questions..wish i had a penny for every time THAT question was asked!
For some reason, men just tend to be more tolerant ...guess it's that little fantasy they have in their head...*L*...that shaved! is something a little beyond what's considered normal in the physical imagery department. Guys...*S* for what it's worth...I may not look like your next door neighbor...but HELL! i AM somebodies next door neighbor!


Fuzzy Wuzzy...
was NO Bear!
Fuzzy Wuzzy...
*twat* happened to all that hair?!

NOW don't get all ugly in the face!..

...It's all in quit twistin' yer thing man

IF ya come looking for THAT! well...

The American Heritage Dictionary...thinks a little differently than YOU do! IS THIS WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR?...
snatch (snach) v. snatched, snatch0ing, snatch0es. –tr. 1.a. To grasp or seize hastily, eagerly, or suddenly. b. Sports. To raise (a weight) in one quick, uninterrupted motion from the floor to a position over the lifter's head. 2. To grasp or seize illicitly. –intr. 1. To make grasping or seizing motions. snatch n. 1. The act of snatching; a quick grasp or grab. 2. A brief period of time. 3. A small amount; a bit or fragment. 4. Slang. A kidnapping. 5. Sports. A lift in weightlifting in which the weight is raised in one uninterrupted motion from the floor to a position over the lifter's head. –snatch2er n.

hey..I just don't see IT in here!!!

OH! and if ya don't like my page?...well...!


What's? shaved working on now? heh heh...comin' soon!

NO ONE would let me join one of these DAMN! things! SO! got my own!...Try! to join! *W* and read the rules! before you enter. Save yourself some ego!

natch Diva! ...unprejudiced!...certifiable!.... natch Diva!

A really S natchy Woman!
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Shaved! snatch herself!

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