1997 Vision X Music/Amiricol Music/New Static Music/Exer Sapien Music Ascap. Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Produced by Josh Abraham and Orgy. Recorded at: Donner Pass Cabin, Truckee, CA; N.R.G. Studios, North Hollywood, CA;Josh's Garage, Hollywood, CA; Westlake Augio, West Hollywood, CA. Engineered by Chad Fridirici. Additional engineering by Josh Abraham and Amir Derakh. Mixed by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie at Scream Studios, Studio City, CA. Except "Stitches" mixed by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie at Scream Studios, Studio City,CA and David Kahne at Record One Studios, Van Nuys, CA, "Fetisha" mixed by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie and David Kahne at Scream Studios, Studio City, CA, "Pantomime" mixed by Jay Baumgardner at LAFX Studios, North Hollywood, CA and "Gender" mixed by Chad Fridirici. Mastered by Tom Baker at Future Disc, Studio City, CA. Assistant engineers: Brian Virtue, Cope Till and Doug Trantow. All programming by Josh Abraham, Jay Gordon an dAnthony "Fu" Valcic. Pro tools editing by Chad Fridirici. Additional vocals on "Revival" be Jonathan "HIV" Davis and Elijah Blue. Additional synthesis by Jay Gordon, Josh Abraham and Elijah Blue. Additional guitars on "Social Enemies" and "Dissention" by Troy Van Leeuwen. Additional drums on "Fiend" by Dieter. Backing vocals by Orgy and Josh Abraham. A&R: Matt Aberle. Art direction and design: Steve Gerdes. Photography: Joseph Cultice. Management: The Firm 9000 Sunset Boulebard Suite 525 Los Angeles, CA 90069. Fan Club information:New Regime P.O. Box 691306 Los Angeles, CA 90069.


My mother "Bobbie" the sergeant, my dad Lou for showing me the ropes enough to not hang myself, and my other mom Teri (thank you so much). Gracia Rothwell (who has helped me more than anyone. Thank you, I love you). The sisterz: Morgan "Morgie", Nancy, Cori and Kristi. nephews: Quinn an ddonovan. Rhiannon my niece. The Gordon family: Charles, Helen, Rick and Steve (both for the huge influence and the start of the musical merry-go-round) and Bill. The Parkers: Aunt Carol "Cawow," Uncle Brad "Splib," Olivia and Amanda. The Horde Family: Andi, Terry and cousins (more like brothers)Joey and Chris (dammit boy.) The Gardners: Aunt Paula, Uncle Gary, (M.C. Scoop), Aunt Jeannie, cousins Beau an dBen Richmond, Aunt Irene, Kelly and jeff, Sally Gibson. Jay Baumgardner (life support and best friend to Orgy), The Rothwells: Dan, Mary (I'm sorry) and Ryan. Shelley Kanos (love you slime), Lori Kanos, Anna-Lee and Phil (R.I.P.) Josh Abraham (finally you're the shit, slave driver.) Erick Levy (my boy forever). Abraham family: Carmi, Eva, Joe and Aliza Klapper, Nathan cox (my dread fag.) Rick Joseph (attorney, and my friend, thanks for everything), Chad "Madwalk" Fridirici for engineering it so good. John Getty (the executive producer and good friend.) The Dudes: Torry(stank-ass)Morgan, Boom-Boom Kaluna and the Kaluna family, Marc McGrath, MCG, Berkelye (Lazer), Stacey Plotkin, Stan an dCessie, Murphy, Craig, Rodney, Donny an Chris Campion, Fabio Fernandez, Danny "Boy" O'Conner, Leor "Lethal" Dimant, Eric "Everlast" Schroedy formerly of H.O.P. for helping Josh and I get started. Wylie Biechler (the most talented fucker ever), Dave Kushner and family, Joey (my dawg) Castillo an dhis family, love you guys. Keith (I.O.U.) French, Doug "Fresh" White (thank you), Lazy, Ronnie, Paul Rossi, "Big Daddy" Carlos, Polo, Kenny Pierce, Chino and The Deftones, Joey bad O'D-Nuts, Antho "Sonic" Mangiamelli and Tammy, James (Teef) Spiegal, Brett "Epicito" Mazur, Seth Brooks and Bernard, Daymon Moses, Pele, D-Boy, Bill Kennedy, Jimmy "Country" Sandman, Frank X and Scarecrow John Magness Meegs, Dez, Rayniac and Mikey of Coal Chamber. Dave "Rave" Ogilvie (thanks.) My other sisterz: Gina Rapp, Tiffany (and their mother Patricia) Guiterrez. Sharise (Race-E-Rise) Ruddell, Shanae (Nae-Nae, where are you?) Ruddell and Wolfie, Bobbie (Foxy-Pants) Brown, Adam Brown and Tay Tay. Laura Passaglia (for always bailing me out) and my god daughter Brianna, Heather ("Leather") McMillan, Michelle Baney, Carin, Sheri Grubb and baby Madison, Lara Kaaman, Stella Simpson, Cassie, Bud and mom. Mr. and Mrs. Ruddell, Lando an dGary Ruddell, Nicole Lorenzo and son Max and the Lorenzo's. the Fuhries: P Exeter, Blue & Herr, meri, The Mansonites: Zim, Pogo, Twig and Brian. Ross Robinson, Diane, Wade, Kit, Derrick, Mike, john, Lisa at N.R.G. Studios. Klaus at hugo. Jenn, Astrid, Sasch, Mary, Gary, Fino Martika, Joy, all at Crazy G's, and anyone that was forgotten, sorry. Oh yeah, and those other faggots in the band, Ry, Mir, Bob, Paige. You're all on restriction.


God, Star Wars, The X-Files, my family, Christa Hall and family, Donnie Wade, Julio Hernandez and family, David and Shannon Silviera and David JR., David File and Cradle of Thorns, Jeff Jones, Mark Langkilde and Al Galindo and Naked Al's Tattoo, Larry O'Rourke and family, Joey Bag-O-Donuts, Menace (Dennis Shinn), Donn Shinn and family, everyone at the Crew Salon, Josh Abraham and Gina Rapp, Bobby Brown and family, Elijah Blue and Renn Hawkey, Dave Deroo, Ray Solis, Richard Morril and J.W.T. and to anyone I've forgotten, you know who you are...Thank you.


My parents Ed and Nancy Davidson for the never ending support and belief in me, my son Michael Melody-Davidson, Jay "Amigo" Baumgardner, Steve "Wanda's?" Fazio, Guido Diodati, Monet "Stresser" conner, Kevin Estrada, Jay "I luv ya bro" Gordon, Ryan, Bob & Paige, Jim Kinney, Cathi Palatella, Matt Thorne, paul Shortino, Mike "The Chief" Johnson, Ron Kramer, Brad Strikland, Ken parker, mark Newman, David Malekpour, Stephenie Sparling, Christa Hall, Wendy Griffiths, Rebecca "Wriglish"Waltz, Amir Marandi, Marcie Acosta, Stella Cassie & Bud Simpson, The Eels, Coal Chamber, Spineshank, Santeria and all my friends and family.


My loving mother, Rosalia. Without her support I would have never made it this far. To my beautiful, bery understanding, and ohh so sexy wife, Shannon, I love you. My brother, Fab (my best friend). Thank you for always being there. My sister Patty and hubby Tom and my two lovely nieces, Emily and Sally. My new families Rick, Jeanette and Chuck Hewitt. Barbara, IRV, Becky and Chelsea and my new grandparents. My great friend, Bryan Garst, for helping us all one way or another. T-Bone, for all the wild and crazy, and I do mean "Crazy" adventures you took me on. Pamela and the kids, Brandon and Dylan. Matt Sorum. Donny and Chris Campion, Dave and "The Freak." Amy Cohen, justin Walden, Rich Mangicaro and the whole Paiste family, DW and Rick Grossman at Easton. This record is dedicated in memory of my father. I know you're watching...


Wanda Armstrong for understanding and being there my whole life, I love you. My little bro, Jeff Armstrong & my family, Vicky Blevins, Michelle Miller, paula Rogover "Forever", the other Mutt Lance V. and the Darlings, Kristen Burgun, Dave Rininger "you know," Rick Ratto, Michael Galena, Victor Victoria, Rotty Morgan, Bretty Boy, Sabra Saber, Robbie Black, Michael Thomas, Cristian Allen, Mandie and Alley, Little "D," Nikki, Crack, Berzerkly, Doug White, Jen mary an dLateef for being so cool, and everyone else who's been there along the way and especially everyone who made this happen...dreams come true.


My family (thanks for the garage), my love Gina Rapp (thanks for all of the support), Jay Gordon (thanks "get some sleep and see you at 1:00"), Jeffrey Light, Jay Baumgardner at N.R.G., Chad Fridirici, everyone at the Firm, Reprise, Korn, Deadsy, Leor Dimant and Michelle Baney, Greg Tease at Emagic (thanks for Logic Audio), Digidesign, Eric Mayron, Tiffany and Patricia Guttierez, Rave and Fu, Troy Van Leeuwen, and everyone in Orgy.


Thank you Elementree Records: Johathan "HIV" (boyfriend), David, James "Munky", Reggie "Fieldy" and Brian "Head" of Korn (this is because of you, thanks to all of you) and all your families, Nae-Nae, and Baby Nathan, Shannon, Shela, Baby David and Baby Sarina, Rebekkah and Baby Jennea. The Korn Crew and techs: Karebear, Caco, Judd, Ham Cam, and Steve Thompson and Toby Wright. The firm management: Jeff "Q" Kwatinetz, Peter Katsis, Gayle Boulware, Michael Green an dout girl Kristi. Reprise records: howie Klein, David Kahne, Matt Aberle, Linnea Nan, Darin Harmon, Steve Gerdes, Melanie Nissen and Linda Bracero. Eric "It's da bomb" Levy, John Getty, Taylor and Alex, Rick Joseph ESQ. Warner Chappell Music: Greg Sowders. The coolest guy ever Jay Baumgardner, Wade Norton and N.R.G. Studio's Josh "Cookie bed" Abraham, Chad "Madwalk" Fridirici, Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, Anthony "Fu" BAlcic, Mark Lahey at G.G., Ole Ostergard and Adidas. Very special thanks to Monte Conner and Roadrunner Records for being the first, Elijah & Renn from Deadsy, Dori, Roxanne, heidi, Rebekka and all at the Men's Club in Reno, our girlfriends at Crazy Girls in Hollywood, Fab Fernandez, Donnie Campion, Brian Garst, Shane "Shane's World" Hewitt, Troy Van Leeuwen, Dieter Hartman, Bobbi "Tay" and Adam Brown, Tarie B., Brian Virtue, Doug White, Eva Mueller, paul Levy, Brent Bolthouse and Jennifer from Bolthouse Productions, Josh Richman and Rick Calamaro. Thanks to these bands: Korn, Deadsy, Sugar Ray, Deftones, Marilyn Manson, Coal Chamber, Limp Bizkit, Tura Satana, Human Waste Project, Purple Kush and Spineshank.