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"The 21st Century... ...Mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on Earth...
The oceans.
As Captain of the seaQuest and her crew, we are its guardians...
For beneath the surface ...
Lies the Future."

-Nathan Hale Bridger

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10/08/03      - Here is a link to download a video clip I made for a farscape video commercial contest, keep in mind it is 

                      not complete.

                    - Right Click Here and save as whatever the frell you want.

                    - I hate real media files, but it is smaller than a divx file or a mpeg file so easier for everyone to download.

                    - SeaQuest Never had a chance of coming back. Farscape does. Visit now!

                    - I really shoud trash this site and start a Farscape one. But that requires more time than I am willing to give

                    - I hope noone was depending on me to get the seaquest epiosdes converted to vcd. It takes about 6 hours 

                       just to make it watchable. That doesn't include recording it (real time from vcr to tvcard). I do have a 

                       couple done though.

                    - Frellin ay! The angelfire version of this website is still up! Second site when searching google! Impressive, 

                       huh? Too bad I never update it.

                    - I have added alot of stuff today, for me anyway. Well here is the other video that I am working on for the farscape contest.

                       This one is in Divx 5.02.     

2/26/03        - I hope to have SeaQuest episodes available to download within one year of today. With luck, I should be 

                       able to begin converting them from vhs to vcd this summer (2003). Also, you can download my 

                       (incomplete) collection of the SeaQuest scripts here.    


Season 1 Intro

Pictures and Sounds


Technical Information

Below is a list of main crew members throughout the 3 seaQuest seasons.

Captain Starkbeginning of series premier
Captain Bridgerfirst and second seasons
Captain Hudsonthird season
Lt. Commander Fordall seasons
Lt. Commander Hitchcockseason 1
Chief Crockerchief of securityseason 1
Chief ShanI'm not sure what his role was.season 1
Miguel OritizWSKRS operatorseasons 1 & 2
Lt. Brodychief of security, subfighter pilotseasons 2&3
Lt. Kriegsupply and morale officerseason 1
Lt. Hendersonengineeringseasons 2&3
Lt. O'Neilcommunicationsall seasons
Lt. Fredrickssubfighter pilotseason 3
Picolloseamanseasons 2&3
Lucascomputer analyst, science officerall seasons
Dr. WestphalenMD,head of science dept.season 1
Dr. SmithM.D., psychicseason 2
Dr. Levinparanormalseason 1
Dr. PerryM.D.season 3
Dagwoodjanitorseasons 2&3
Darwindolphin ensignall seasons

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