Wa~aiii!! You found us! That's really kakkoi! Oh, yeah. I'm Q no Miko... it's a pleasure to meet cha'! *points off into shadows* See those two? They're Dora-chan and FnM (Farfello no Miko). Wave, you two!
Anyway... This page is devoted to Schwarz, the bad guys of Weiß Kreuz. It contains ("accidental") spoilers, but it's hard to keep little bits and pieces from slipping out. That shouldn't be too much of a problem, though, since if you're here, then you're probably a Weiß Kruez fan. Aaaaaand... the warning. I'm a shonen ai/yaoi fan, plain and simple (and so is Dora-chan; FnM doesn't seem to care either way... although our influence is spreding over her *laughs evilly*). If you want stuff about straight guys, you might wanna just skip over this page, ne? Don't say I didn't tell you!
There isn't... well, much of anything here right now, but we have a couple fics and profiles up and hopefully some other stuff will be up soon.
My final note: I'll always be the one writing in green ^^.

I'm Farfello no Miko (FnM). Pay no attention to the Miko behind the curtains (who? me?!?!?), she tends to be that way . . . Well, at least we could sway her to the Dark Side. Me, I've always been here. Welcome.

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I'm a BIG, BIG, BIG fan of Nagi-sama!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy our page once we get something on here.

You're both so pessimistic! We have stuff, and we'll have more! We just have to work for it!!!
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