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S A R I L L A   P R A S A D

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Welcome to SarillaPrasad's Personal Page..

Satya Prasad Sarilla
Plot #13, LIC Colony, West Marredpally,
Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
India 500 026
Phone # +91-40-27805074
Mobile # +91-9324226174
Email :

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Personal Information...

    Birth Day   2nd December
    Place of Birth   Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
    Father   Hema Rao   Parents
    Mother   Satya Vathi
    Guru (guide)   ILAYA RAJA Dr. ILAYA RAJA creative music composer Maestro’s presentation of Indian classical ragas in a modern context, and his unique style of orchestration, which is a balance  between the melody in Indian classical music on one hand and the harmony of the Western classical music While some people listen to the Maestro’s music for peace of mind, for happiness, as an anesthetic for their sorrows, and to support a variety of other mental states, some treat his music as a technical journal Maestro Ilayaraja is a legendary Indian music composer and a trendsetter in Indian film music. His is a unique blend of Indian and Western classical music, with a sound palette which has got the power to capture the minds of its listeners
    Girl Friend   Sweety
    Languages   Known   English, Telugu and Hindi
    Strength   My determination to get things done Perfectly
    Weakness   I am soo sensitive
    Hobbies   Painting, Music, Photograph and of course Computer

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    Holiday Spot   Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India
    Perfume   Body Odour
    Subject   Physics and Maths
    Computer   Language   C and Assembly
    Food   Indian and Chinees
    Bike   Hero Honda Splender
    Actor   Kamal Hasan
    Film   Sagara Sangamam ( Kamal Hasan, Jayapradha )
    Film Director   Mani Ratnam
    Music   Composer   ILAYARAJA