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Hello - I'm Reinhard - thx for visiting my homepage *S*

I'm married for 35 years (*smile*, *sigh*, *L*, *grumble*, *G*) to my wife Sigrid. We have 2 sons, Kai (32) and Heiko (29). Heiko works in a restaurant and Kai designs ads on a computer. My wife is a full time housewife. Her most beloved hobby is singing and she is a member of a local choir. They are very good and have already been on radio and TV. I must not forget our pet - cat Arthur. We had the cutie for 10 years.
To pay may bills, I work as a consultant for computer-networks.
My special subjects are backup and storage.

We live in Germany in Lörrach at the southern end of the Black Forest. It's a beautiful region to live in - 500 yards south begins Switzerland and about 10 miles in the west is France. It's a region full of beautiful landscape, interesting culture and different kind of people from 3 countries, which are united by the same dialect.
I'm grown up in Hamburg, North-Germany and since 1988 i live with my family in the south.

I went to school in Hamburg and studied chemistry at the university, also a lot of history of sciences and a bit and byte of informatics. After a short time in the chemical industry, i changed to the computer biz.
During my school time i took twice part in a pupils exchange with England and stayed several weeks in the UK. I have been in Bradford, the Lake District (very beautiful!), York, Liverpool (i nearly saw the Beatles *L*), Blackpool, England's garden Kent and of cos in swinging London.
During university holidays in 1968 i worked for three month on a freight vessel. After some time in Belgium and The Netherlands we left the Old World and crossed the Atlantic, seeing the New World for the first time at Newfoundland in Canada after being 10 days on the water. We went up the St.Lawrence via Montreal, Toronto, and the beautiful land of the 1000 islands. Through the Welland Canal we passed the Niagara Falls, which i visited on the ~rolling home~ tour. The journey went on to Detroit and through the great lakes till Chicago where i stayed for 4 days with relatives of mine and saw a tiny bit of the USA.
Although it all sounds like fun it has been hard work, 10 hours per day, seven days a week.

The picture of me beneath this table of smiles has been made in October 1997 - some min before my first parachute jump. Of cos it has been together with a tandem-master - someone had to take care for me to come down safely. *L* As you can see, he did his job well - or am I already an angel? *WG* It has been a terrific experience and i'll do it anytime again.

I try to keep up with the changing of links
but there are such a lot on this page.
Be gracious to me when you run into a broken one.
The internet is so vivd too. *L*

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Smiles are playful, tricky and they love to hide things - so find out about them.

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Some stuff im interested in

Some places i'm linked to

Bargum the Village where i'm born
Hamburg the Town where i grew up- most interesting City of Germany (sorry for Munich and Berlin *G*)
Lörrach the Town where I live
Freiburg the Town where I worked for three years
Munich the Town where I work now
Basel the Town of Fasnacht
More about the Country on the Rhine

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