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Raoof Khalish is one of the eminent poets of Hyderabad Deccan who went through a sea change during the decade of 1960, generating a wave of modern thought and expression. An Architect by profession, He spent (15) years in Saudi Arabia (1981-1996) following the Petro Dollar boom.

The stay abroad widened his horizon and added new images cropped up in his poetry. Limitless desert, scanty-leafed palm trees, hot and humid days, the distance of seven seas and smells of Middle East contributed a unique angle to his poems.

In nearly 40 years of his literary life just (3) books (collection of poems) have been published as follows:

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Sahra Sahra Ajnabi Nai Ruton ka Safar
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Sahra Sahra Ajnabi
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Raoof Khalish's poetic journey starts from modernism & now he's breathing in post-modernism. The discipline of creativeness has always with him and he hasn't been the target of extremism.

Prof. Mughni Tabassum (Hyderabad)

Raoof Khalish's poem "Pathrao" (Stoning) seems to be a manifesto of Urdu Modern Poetry.

Viqar Ahmed of B.B.C, London

He arises some cruel questions but in spite of knowing its inevitable answers we cannot come face to face with truth and reality.

Zaka Siddiqui (Dhahran)

He is having modern thoughts away from common style and thus makes trend-setting manner.

Prof. Wasil Osmani (Dammam)