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# 1 Psychic's Hotline

"A friendly psychic is waiting your call. So call today !"

Have you ever had your fortune read by a psychic? Do you want to know what your future holds with :

If so the live psychic's can help . At least it will be entertaining and fun . Psychics can help you answer questions you have: Will you be successful? What the future can hold for you . They can let you know if you are working toward the right goals. Are you going to find that special someone? They can help you spot that person. Celebrities and presidents are using fortune-tellers to keep them informed of what lies ahead so why don't you? Remember, a psychic can help you change the future by helping you discover what to change!

When you call our psychic line you will be connected to one of our professional psychics immediately.  They are friendly and understanding and can be reached all day, every day.  We have many callers that use our services on a regular basis, some even use one psychic that they are familiar with and are comfortable with.

Your personal psychic is friendly and waiting for your call.
Pick up your phone now and call 24 hours a day.
1-900-454-7888 Ext. 8150

only $3.99 per min.
must be 18 years old
Serv-U (619) 645-8434

"The psychic I talked with knew so much and gave me great advise. Thank you !"
anonymous .T.R. Wisconsin

E-mail: with testimonials on this hotline .
I would love to hear them and if you want I can post them here .
Tell me in the e-mail if you wish to remain anonymous .
The city and state of your residence would be helpful in the testimonials .
Any information you give me in E-mail will in no way be solicited to other places .