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this is me

hi my name is kate.i am 18 and an aries.i am a senior in high school. i have brown hair and eyes; i am also 5'7". i have a humble little life well what others would call boring. as you can tell i have made this page, hence all my free time does not go to waste and trust me i have a lot of it. my favorite bands are metallica and oasis i know that is a wierd combo but hey it works for me.i work part time at a a diner i finally moved up i'm a waitress. i love to read, hanging out with friends, online,playing videogames, and other weird shit. i am in drama and i love being in it..if you know me come see our plays. i am a drama geek(sorry nicki i stole that), and i am a geek and a loser what can i say? i enjoy it. oh and supposedly i'm nuts.
ok that is all take care.

visit my livejournal my screen name is pezcandydoll go back