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life's lessons to me

~you may never get someone to see your side of the story
~your real friends help you thru the hard times in you live
~life is not fair
~sometimes your friends keep secrets from you
~alot of people are two-faced
~some people can't keep secrets
~things are never lost just misplaced
~there are some things you never understand
~patience is a virture
~some of the greatest things in life can slip thru your fingers
~some people you should never lose no matter what
~what you think of yourself comes acrossed to others
~never take life too seriously
~work can to be fun
~people in general are stupid
~no matter what someone loves you
~no matter what someone hates you
~other people's opinions shouldn't matter only your own should
~if you are beautiful on the outside it doesn't mean you are beautiful on the inside
~what goes around comes around
~trust can take years to earn but only seconds to destroy
~just because one person hates you it isn't the end of the world
~everything that happens has an effect on your life
~fate can only take you so far
~don't regret what you say because that was what you were feeling
~just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you have to
~some people never change
~you can never make somone fall for you
~ if they weren't called crushes they wouldn't hurt
~sticks and stones may break your bones but words do hurt
~don't ever forget who you are
~what you see isn't always what you get
~don't judge a book by it's cover
~on little thing can destroy a friendship
~some things are worth fighting for
~and somethings aren't
~once you are real you are never ugly unless you don't understand
~once you get out of high school it won't matter if you were homecoming king or queen, what you wore, or who you were friends with because there is a much bigger world outside of it
~live life as if there is no tomorrow
~pretty isn't beautiful, pretty changes... beautiful is what the mind arranges.
~if everything is going well, you don't know what the hell is going on.
~when things go wrong - don't go with them.
~the only thing you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything.
~some people are hypocrites
~ once you found that person you will always like, they never leave your life.
~people may talk to you in private but that doesnt' mean they will do it in public
~life kicks you when your down
~be good to your parents they will return the favor
~putting your neck out sometimes involves getting it chopped off
~love comes when you least expect it
~even friends can become strangers
~never change who you are to fit what someone else wants it always ends up bad
~friends with benefits are not good because once the benefits stop the friendship is short to follow
~smile it can light up someone's day
~don't put everything on you're shoulders it only makes everything heavier.
~beauty really only counts if it's on the inside
~jealousy can tear apart everything
~if you tell the truth and do not lie, everything will be ok
~not everyone can be trusted
~first impressions are not always correct
~love cannot be defined
~some people are not cut out to be parents, and some aren't cut out to be married. it's not your fault
~sometimes it is just better if you keep your mouth shut, it makes everything go smoother
~sometimes asking for help, even though you hate it is the smartest thing to do
~drama sucks ass!!!
~when someone wants something of yours fight, even if you lose fight for it
~sometimes things happen you can't control, get a grip and move on
~even though you feel like dying life will go on
~there are always two sides to every story, make sure you find out both
~it sucks to be me most of the time
~ love isn't always enough
~ love isnt' like the movies, adn you are naive to think it can be
~everyone has faults, at least try to adjust to them without making them feel like shit because they are NOT perfect
i am not perfect and i dont' want to be
~love is undefineable
~not everyone can change, as quick as you would like them to