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*******Ralph Waldo Emerson*******

~~things that make me smile~~
~hiding behind flounder
~hot chocolate
~the forth of july
~wild flowers
~cute guys hehe
~getting an A on a test
~someone telling me they love me
~a hug
~reading a good book
~having a great phone convorsation
~being invited to places with me friends
~watching my favorite movies
~playing hacky-sack with a piece of dough
~saftey danceing
~dancing at work
~flour fights
~chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven
~being asked to dance
~goofing off at frischs
~trick or treating
~bubble bobble
~throwing parties
~my bubbles powerpuff girl watch
~spending time with my family
~rubber chickens
~my bass
~hockey games
~chillen at the mall
~finding out that the guy i like likes me also
~meeting hott guys at the mall
~racing around on the giant snow heap behing target
~hiding from nicki in stores
~a broken windshield wiper and red lights
~chicken fucka
~it's all gravy or it's all cheddar
~you got beef? i'll pipe you!
~okie dokie silly dilly okieo i'm an idiot! Yea that's true!
~this bike seat is making my crotch numb!
~i'm happy at you
~it opens my tutu
~antenena sex
~why am i calling you? you're sitting right next to me. i know why is this so funny?
~my heterosexual life partner
~seepsacking from my work
~being visited at work
~reece's peanut butter cups
~crowd surfing
~others smiling
~being loved in return
~"get busy" by sean paul
~my UGP shirt
~we're your three big brothers any one hurts you we'll kick their ass, thank you tim ingraham and brian.
~hey georgous how've you been?(brian)
~rule ball