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my friends

last updated~jan 24, 2003
hey chick thank you soo much for understanding me when on one would. i can't thank you enough for being there for me whenever i needed it. you are such a strong individual. remember the windshield wiper incidents. thank you for teaching me soo much about life and people. i love ya.

my sista. hey it's been a great two years. you've helped me through some hard times. and done some stupid stuff with me in the process. take care sweetie i love ya

nicki what can i say you've helped me become the person i am thank you! and know you are a stong person don't let the man get you down.

you are a great person inside and out i know that wherever you are you can take care of yourself and you are a proud and straght-fowarded person,i know i can always get your opinion and it is the truth in whatever it is you are buttercup all the way.

you are a trusted friend of mine and we can talk about anything that we need to get out thank you for being there for me when i needed it and roller bladeing isnt' the same without the marathon route!

you are a cool person and i like hanging out with you! you kick!remember that.

you are cool i remeber that summer we hung out and it was great don't forget it!font>

you are a sweet girl and i will never forget dublin with the dsylixic cow and the game fo speed stay you forever and good luck with boys in general dear!

i bet you are a little surprised i put you here but you are one of my friends. you are a great guitar player and songwriter i hope you will make it in the music business because i know you want it.

i bet you are just as surprised as rob that i put you on here but i wanted to say that what we had as friends was great and i hope we can have it again someday.stay a metallica fan they are a great band and keep rocking to them. i hope you and your drum set make it big. cause it would just be cool. take care and stay out of trouble!

you are a wonderful kind-hearted person.i wish i had your kind spirit.keep doing what you do in guatamala in the summer. i am glad to have you as a friend

you have been my friend since i moved here and i am happy that we are still friends even though we don't hang out as much stay cool and good luck with jordan!

you rock i can't believe you and i hated each other at one time im glad we are friends now. keep being the euchre queen lol stay sweet theny!

you are a spiffy person i am glad to call you a friend. STOP hunting the penguins!get better at eughre eheh j/k take care!

you are a good person dont change

walsh, liz, hope, enny, and ernie
you guys are the best there is never a dull moment with all of you. i am happy to be friends with such down-to-earth seniors who are harilious as billy or when we had a popcorn contest you guys are great stay that way ok?

i only knwo you from online and nicki but you seem really cool and a great friends to her you are awesome.

you are a good person even stay cool don't eat anymore spices ok?

you are a great person to work with....metallica is a great band keep rockin....keep up the flour fight. umm don't change keep the cool person you are k?

jimmy and chuck
i think you guys are purdy cool. you have some purdy funny jokes and you gave em a new nick name i feel special

you're a great guy good luck in whatever you do. i'm glad to call you a friend.

you are soo awesome. you are my biggest copmetion in slaps, good luck in the future hope to see you soon!

you are so cool. you taught me alot. i love slaps since you taught it to me. fire is also an interesting game. take care

you are an awesome guy. i hope to keep in touch with you, in the future. good luck in whatever you do.

you are a cool guy, i love the noises you make, they are soo funny! take care and good luck with your future. stop wearing the kiss hat. lol take care

you are a great guy. it's been my pleasure getting to know you. it's all cheddar. never lose the energy you seem to contain at all times. it's fun to have someone to be hyper with. good luck with you and biking.

although i don't know you well enough yet, you're a friend of mine and i know we'll get to know one another and chill. okie-dokie-silly-dilly-okie-o i'm an idiot! yea that's true!