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Whisps of Clouds

they say poetry is a window into your soul.

The Wheels Keep Turning

First kiss shared,
lips parted,
hearts racing.
First heartbreak shared,
hearts open,
her tears streaming.
First graduation,
faces smiling,
parents beaming.
College freshman with her
eyes wide,
and her future open.
Car comes too fast,
her back is turned,
she turns too late.
The driver stumbles out,
half drunk half sober.
The drunk man falls to the ground.
The cops come and go.
She left her hopes
and dreams
On that cold
November morning.
November 1, 2001


The light burns softly
flickering back and forth
twisting and turning
tumbling and twisting
it dances for us
laying on the blanket on
this cold hard ground
caught up in each others arms
this moment is encased
in eternity
forever embedded in time
the light begins to dim
as you whisper sweet nothings in my ear
i fell asleep in those arms
dreaming of wildflowers and clear blue lakes
walking on clouds and your face
morning comes to find us
encased in each others arms


How does it feel?

walk through a life
see how it feels
have someone walk through your life
see how it feels
how does it feel?
trust in someone
have it broken
how does it feel?
fall for someone
hit the ground
how does it feel?
live your life
have your friends
how does it feel?
try your hardest
get knocked down
how does it feel?
live life easy
get everything handed to you
how does it feel?
live your life
as you
how does it feel?
live my life
how does it feel?
feel for others
how does it feel?
have others feel
for you
how does it feel?
well how does it?
how does it feel?


Eternal Hell

trapped in the eternal hell
struggleing to breathe
i dont' care if i make it out
i just want to breathe
the flames are chokeing me
filling my throat as if there is no flesh barrier
i can't escape
i am stuck here
trying to save my own soul
from this eternal hell
who cares for the flesh barrier?
not i
i just want my soul to be free
from this eternal hell
i can see others struggleing
their's are worse than mine
maybe even more terrible
but all i can feel are the flames
buring at the flesh barrier to my soul

she sleeps

under the stars
in a dream
of flowers
lakes and unicorns
only hearing
the calling of the
faeries and the
moon. whispering
softly to her like
leaves in the wind
pulling her into their
world of dream
they cry out to her
when she returns to
reality only to visit
this tiny city
in the stars
in her dreams

Reaching Into the Darkness

reaching into the dark
searching for that something she
the dark soothes
form the pain
of looking into her
own eyes
full of despair
and sadness
without the
light she can't see
of feel anything
she can almost
trust the dark
until she stumbles
over something
she must turn on the
only to look into her
despaired and saddened
once again

A Shooting Star

a shooting star missed
a wish delayed
now thinking back
you want what
others have
you covet it
you stare into the clouds
just to get a glimpse
of their face
to remember what it
was like to hold them
you moved on
and so have they
but there was always
a shooting star missed
and a wish delayed
from time to time
you both think back
you both miss
so you have moved on so what?
you remember that shoooting star missed
and your wish delayed.

Sullen Eyes

sullen eyes
and tearstained cheeks
a quiet girl
who no one speaks
she cries in anger
she cries in pain
wimpering softly
but it's all in vain
no one cares
no one misses
when she doesn't
come home for
she feels empty
so she cries
sullen eyes
and tearstained cheeks

into cupped hands

a girl crying in the corner
another soul lost along the way
her eyes wet
and her head confused
she took a wrong turn here
and was left behind unnoticed
she made a wrong decision there
and the tears came a running
like a waterfall
she sits by herself
crying into cupped hands
wondering why she was left
why she wasn't noticed
and why she was just a face
in the crowd
she has no one to answer
her questions
no one to care
so she just cries in a corner
into cupped hands

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